Waking Up To Green

After a 7 hour flight, a 4 hour layover and another 1 hour flight to Bilbao airport, I flag down a cab and say “Astei por favor”.

Winding through the darkness I realize that the as flat as Dubai is, is how hilly the Basque is. Up, down, around, over and around again cutting through whats seems to be an endless wall of trees. After a near case of car sickness and 2 phone calls later at half past 11 pm I finally arrive.

Stepping out of the taxi, a woman in the later half of her years exclaims, “Tala! You have reached!” while throwing open her arms for a hug. What feels like the warmth of a long lost aunt I fall into her arms and say “Finally”, a perfect end to my journey and welcome to may stay.

“Come, come, I show you to your cabin…”

Rolling my oversized bag over to my cabin and between the darkness I see balls of fur scurrying through the grass.  With my slight hesitation my aunt responds “It’s rabbits, don worry.”

Reaching my cabin I’m handed the keys and given a tour of my space, thanking Mertxe I ask how to lock the door before I dive into bed.

“Tala! you are in the Caauntry, there’s no thief here… no need to lock”

Rabbits, country…. where the hell am I? I wonder as a burry myself into bed.

At the first sign of dawn, my eyes open, I frantically rush to my door, swing it wide open and before me, nothing but green, actually bunnies and green.

Hmmm… beautiful…

It’s a green you not only see, but smell, taste and feel.

With 4 hours before everyone meets, we hop on the train back to the city to visit the Guggenheim. I only accept to go along with 1 touristy plan per vacation and the below is this vacation’s.


Would I go back, would I recommend it, probably not. Schedules, tours and plans are never my thing when I’m exploring a new place. All I want to do is rome around the streets and pop into every hole in the wall I can find.

On our return, the whole group has arrived and dinner is well under way. Simple, fresh food is prepared as we get to know each other a little more.

The tomatoes…. Olla! They make me smile the whole way back to my cabin.

And look who I found to greet me at my doorstep after a light drizzle….

Speak soon!



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    1. Thanks Tala for your nice words !!! yes, in the houses of Las casas de EA ASTEI you can see the green , smell the grass and hear the wind and touch and touch the dew drops in the morning . MERTXE

    2. Looks amazing. Would love to know more details.