U Fork It Over With Serene Touma

My Favorite Memory of Serene

Way back when, approximately 4 years ago which is a lifetime in Dubai, Serene was the only friend I knew who had a blog. A first mover in all respects.

When it came time for me to start Fork It Over Dubai, I knew exactly who to turn to.

I still remember that evening like it was yesterday. Sitting in Caribou, sipping our coffee and tea, Serene explains the ins and outs of blogging to me.

Half way through our drinks we decide to create my blog through WordPress, a popular blogging platform.

And right then and there, Fork It Over Dubai was born. I the mother and Serene the midwife. A delivery I wouldn’t have been able to complete without her.

Looking at my new baby, Serene commented “Its not an easy thing to raise a blog you know, they need lots of dedication, attention and most importantly love.”

Smiling, I responded with “I already feel the love.”

And the rest is history.

A Bit About Serene 

I can describe Serene as a true sweetheart. A friend thats always there for support and kindness. As a natural born speaker and I as a natural born listener, we do make a good pair. : )

Serene along with her partner Rama have started one of Dubai’s best boutique PR companies, Purple PR. In a span of a short year Purple PR has represented some of the cities most popular brands.

Check out their website here.

Whenever I have a media related question, Serene is always on speed dial and I’ve already booked her to do PR for my future business endeavors.

Serene and her One Thing


As for the risotto – earthy mushrooms, creamy rice with the salt of the parmesan and a kick of the white wine make it a luxurious treat.

For the full recipe click the link: Four Mushroom Risotto.

Thank you Serene for a lovely dinner. I can really get used to everyone cooking for me – it makes me feel too special!




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