Tom and Serg

There has been a tremendous outbreak of new restaurants throughout Dubai. And rightfully so, it’s ‘fall’ in the city after all, the couple of months that make the blazing summer heat all worthwhile.

I use the word restaurant loosely because the majority of openings go to the multipurpose lounge/bar/restaurant/live band/ international award winner/slash/slash/slash larger then life venues.

That’s lovely and hurrah to the owners for raising big money to accommodate their grandiose nature, but I’m a simple girl, who yearns for the simple yet perfect things. I just want a restaurant, tables and chairs and that’s it.

My eyebrow arches when I read that Tom and Serg has opening in Al Quoz. I have to admit, a hint of jealousy ran through my heart because it was always a location at the back of my mind for a café, if I’d ever open one. I remember asking my cousin if she would go to Al Quoz if I opened something there, she responded with Really?, which made me think so contrary to the norm and hence so perfect. Chapeau bas for the choice of location.

Stepping into Tom and Serg the word exposed comes to mind, exposed kitchen, exposed walls and exposed ceiling, everything is stripped bare and what lies beneath is something rare, a real space.

Manning the kitchen Mr. Tom himself and managing the floor Mr. Serg him self, all hands on deck. I like that, if your name is on the door then you should be.

Parking my behind on the table next to the door for the sole unashamed purpose of people watching, gazing rather, proves to be fruitful. For the people who stroll in and out of Tom & Serge are your city hipsters, my favorite type of people.  Creative, grungy and a tall drink of OJ.

Sipping my flat white, coffee I have just been introduced to, may prove to be my segway into the world of coffee from one of tea. Extra milk mind you, the strength of their baristas, are made clear.

My broad shouldered rye bread and butter arrives. I slather on some butter and then some more, me like butter, and have a bite. Beautiful bread but the butter is too subtle for my taste. Have my taste buds been calibrated to French butter? Perhaps…

My confident poached eggs, plump and firm are placed on my table. Running my fork through the first, the yolk dribbles through and paints my plate a sunny yellow. Eggs, avocado, dressed beans and rye bread in one bite proves to be sublime. So much action in one dish I would recommend it to kick start your day. I have issues with beef bacon, is never like bacon and its more to the leathery then crispy side.

The clock strikes 12 pm and I am blessed with the option of ordering lunch. But you just had the eggs you say, but the roast chicken has been on my mind since I held the menu I say, love at first sight.

Roasted leg of chicken on a bed of corn infused mash, roasted fennel and slices of fresh celery. Taking a bite of the chicken, it’s uncharacteristically soft, the sweet corn and peppery celery make for beautiful compliments.

And to end, dessert is a must, banana éclair and chocolate tart. I believe bananas should stay on banana trees, end of discussion. And I believe the chocolate, citrusy and caramel infused tart should continuously stay within reach of me!

Walking up the stairs to the mezzanine level, I do feel that the ceiling is a touch low, which by default will always make my seat selection down stairs aka the table next to the door.

To end, I love Tom and Serg, in one meal it has shot itself to my favorites list. It does everything that I have preached so how can I not. Independent, home grown, stand alone, creative, service oriented and delicious clean food. The pair have really set the bar high for all independent restaurants to come and for that I am grateful for.

PS: Please stay open later then 4:00 pm.

PSS: They have Wifi!


LOCATION Al Quoz Nxt to Ace

OPENING HRS. 8 am to 4 pm

CUISINE Australian


TELEPHONE # 04 338 8934


A Love At First Site Restaurant

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    5. beautiful photos. i just love this place, i keep going back again and again for those perfect lattes!

    6. Cool post, love the photos! I’ve been intrigued about this place since it opened but never managed to make it. Hope to get over there sometime this month.

    7. Tom and Serg is on my mind after reading your post. I love the exposed and raw feel, a little piece of home for me! Will definitely make a stop by next weekend :) beautiful photos too! I would love to work on a project with you, check out my blog x

    8. Serena

      Everything looks beautiful from decor to the owners themselves. Must visit.

    9. Jocelyn

      I was there for the first time yesterday, absolutely loved everything. Well almost because the 1600 closing time is not ideal for our local knitting group which plan to meet there next Friday, and we love our food and our coffee as much as we love our knitting. Shamew e have to leave just as we are settling in.

    10. Wow! I think I may have been at Tom&Serg the same day as you, as I saw a photographer taking a few pictures, but wow, they look incredible! I love the post, and your blog!! :) Looking forward to seeing more posts!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey Rayan! Thanks for your kind words, I was there on Friday, if you saw someone standing on a chair that was me :D
        Thanks again! x

    11. Shy

      Looks like a nice new place for lunch with the girls…All though the family too wants to check it out this weekend…Great review Tala and looking forward to visiting.

    12. Wow! This looks so good. I have been hearing great things about the place. Must visit soon. Loving the decor:)