The Softer Side of Lebanon

It’s always a joy letting people know that I’m from Lebanon. Their eyes light up as they respond with “Oh, I have heard great things and I really would love to visit.” Or “Oh, I was just there and it was fabulous.”

Although, I’ve noticed on more then one occasion that both responses are followed by a reference to the party scene in Lebanon. Though I have never seen a culture more geared, willing and resilient to having a good time, no matter the circumstance, that’s not my Lebanon.

When I’m on vacation, in a country I’ve never been to, it’s never too relaxing and my days are consumed with running around and taking advantage of every second I have.

When I vacation in Lebanon on the other hand, its a vacation I can truly relax in. At home, visiting my family and my home land.

I give you the softer side of Lebanon in the below pictures, from the sea side, to the valley to the snow capped mountain tops… sit back, relax and enjoy.



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    1. Beautiful, atmospheric photographs…you could almost hear the waves lapping against that boat. Gorgeous!

    2. Hiba

      Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!

    3. Oof, Tala these pictures are just stunning! I have not been to Lebanon yet but it’s on my to-do list for this year :)

    4. Breathtaking and beautiful pictures Tala… You’ve made me homesick! I love your Lebanon, you capture a wonderful perspective and your pictures speak thousands of words! :)

      Lots of love x

    5. It is so lovely to read this post. Beautiful pictures Tala – your love for your country shines through. You know that I had won the Taste of Lebanon trip with Bethany Kanhy last year? It got cancelled last year due to political problems and is scheduled to take place this year in April. I know you are emotional about Lebanon, but the trip entails travelling through the countryside. Would you recommend it?

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hello Ishita!

        Thanks for your comment. I have heard so much about Bethany’s food tours and I my self can’t wait to try it. To be honest I wouldn’t be able to comment on how the situation is in April as it changes on a daily basis… Being in the country side will remove you from all the action so that’s a plus. Lets speak about this closer to the date! :)


    6. Tala, your photography is awesome! Despite many years in the UAE, I haven’t yet visited Lebanon, although it has always been ‘on the list’ … I think it just moved into top three :)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey Kath!

        Thanks for your comment, I would love for you to visit! That made me smile! I will definitely come down with you and show you around..


    7. Hello Tala,
      I loved the idea of sharing a quieten side to Lebanon, especially coming from someone who lives in Dubai (the conception of it being a blowout/party destination is huge here).
      Beautiful pictures as always! :)