The Seine, Birth of Dinner in the City, Food Rage and The Seine Again

With a dinner date with my ladies at 8:30pm, I arrive at the Seine at 7:00pm for some one on one time avec La Seine.

With my back to the Seine, I can see the hustle and bustle of Paris city life, cars whizzing by, street performers showing off their talents and ever so fast pedestrians making their way from one side of Paris to the other. And with a 180 degree turn I see this:

There is something about the Seine River that mesmerizes me – the true romance of Paris shines through.

Is it lonely by myself? Not at all. Quality time by yourself in a beautiful location that allows you to get lost in your thoughts is something I would recommend to everyone.

This may be one of my favorite spots in Pairs.

With ten minutes to spare until dinner, I peel myself away from the Seine and run off to Jaja Restaurant in the 4th. (3 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie)

My ladies arrive one by one and our orders are placed.

The atmosphere at Jaja’s is brilliant. Fresh is the word, large windows to let the sun in (remember it gets dark around 11pm), light-colored brick walls and greenery scattered throughout the restaurant.

Our dishes arrive, visually speaking, they match the colorful and sunny atmosphere of the restaurant.

Our starters, though not mind-blowing, are acceptable and playfully lead us to our main courses. Unfortunately this is where things take a turn for the worst.

The rice in the muscle risotto is not cook properly and the freshness of the muscles are questionable. My grilled langoustine dish scarcely has four bites of meat to it and the remainder is greenery. Value for money, one my main criterion for a successful restaurant, is not met by a long shot.

With my napkin carefully laid over the corps of my unsuccessful dish, we request that all our plates be taken away to free the table from any negative energy.

So here we are, 4 women left with nothing but an unfinished bottle of wine and good atmosphere. What does that spell? Conversation, some laughs more conversation and some more laughs all around.

With more than 5 restaurants visited together from the start of my stay in Paris, we realize that its time to make things official – we are women with traditional values at the end of the day.

And so Dinner in the City is born!

A group of four foodies dedicated to search high and low, near and far, utensils no utensils, luxurious to street food, good to even better, for Paris’s best restaurants!

I officially introduce to you my Dinner in the City Ladies (from left to right):

Ruba, My Palestinian Princess aka Samantha for her free-spirited outlook on life. A passionate foodie who completed the Cuisine diploma at Le Cordon Bleu, is currently taking the Basic Patisserie Class with me and has a job lined up with a restaurant in Paris starting this fall. Ultimate dream: to own a restaurant which I CANNOT wait to dine at!

Me aka Charlotte for constantly being in dresses (the flowy-er the better) and for being a hopeless romantic. Also a foodie with an ultimate dream of having my own bakery.

Ghazaleh, the American Dream, aka Carrey for her unmatched story telling skills and beautiful curly hair. A second career foodie who completed the Cuisine Diploma in Cordon Bleu and who is currently working at one of Paris’s most ‘trendy’ restaurants! I am obsessed with all her kitchen stories and random Asian related stories. Due to leave France in August to be with her hubby and continue her food career in the catering world.

Thalita, the Brazilian Bombshell, aka Miranda for her words of reason. Also a second career foodie who completed her Cuisine diploma at Cordon Blue and is taking the Basic Patisserie class with me. Goal in life – a stress free quality life with food involved!

With our wine bottle completely dried out and our tummies still half empty, we decided to take a stroll through the streets of Paris.

While reflecting on our dinner, we officially coin Dinner in the City’s first phrase, Food Rage.

Food Rage (adjective): The feeling you get when you have an unsatisfying dinner and are left hungry.

To combat Food Rage, you first need breath-taking scenery and something sinfully tasty that you can turn to at desperate times and in this case desperate hours (when most restaurants are closed).

So back to the Seine we go, although this time I’m not empty-handed and I’m with the best company in Paris.

Et voila picture perfect to end the night.



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    1. TJ

      Love the blog!

      The pictures are incredible! Sorry to hear you had a crappy dinner, but you followed it by KFC! Is it yummier in Paris?

      Congrats to Ruba on her new job and hope you will get one similar since you are the next in line for a beautiful new gastronomical successful enterprise, whatever you end up doing!

      Post moreeee! I am living vicariously in Paris throughout my readings of your super blog!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hayeteh Munchkin,

        Thank you for your beautiful comment! It put a big smile on my face.

        Thanks to your bday I met Ruba in DXB… Yes congrats to her for her job!

        Hahah you know you are always welcome to come visit me!! Turkey isn’t so far…. Can’t wait to see you back in DXB when I am back!

        Love you Macarronnnnnnn Jabs @