The Farm

To reach The Farm I would suggest Google Maps. Actually make that Google Maps + someone who knows how to use Google Maps.

Within 3 seconds of holding my iPhone and giving out directions, I wideyed-edly begin to see the blue dot (which is us) move further and further away from our intended corse.

After a quick passing off of the Iphone to one of my ladies, and a route reconfiguration, we were back on track.

Entering into the Barari Villas is like viewing a very poorly executed scene change in a movie.

One second we are in the dusty bowls of Emirates Road and another we’re in a lush, green “where did this come from” Oasis.

Wow and Oh My are repeated over and over as we drive along the compound.

After two wrong turns and a question to a security guard we finally park outside the Farm, emerge from our car and enjoy the sign – take a look a it, its worth a 5 second pause! (Loving the Arabic Translation)

Entering the Farm I see sunlight, while linen, greenery, windows and a space I would like to call my own. Kudos to the designer – they hit the sprit of fresh design on the mark.

As we don’t have a reservation, which they previously said we didn’t need, we are told the only tables available are outside, which is made acceptable by desert coolers and mist dispensers attached to the ceiling.

Our beautifully colored complementary dried veggies are put on the table for us to nimble on while we select our meals from an iPad. The pink beetroots are your best pick.

Initially we are excited about our iPads because they provide us with  pictures and extended descriptions of the dishes they offer, although when we realize we can’t take our orders on them, we felt the idea fell short of its true potential. And as a friend poignantly noted, there is nothing like the tactile-ness of a paper menu.

We then sinfully enjoy one of the best bread baskets to be offered in Dubai.  An assortment of full bodied breads that don’t assault the roof of your mouth because they are actually, wait for it… edibly soft – a rarity in Dubai.

Our starters of tomato tart tatin, arugula fennel feta cheese salad, grilled eggplant rolls and lemon grass strip salad arrive.

I start with the arugula and fennel salad because its the prettiest one! The mix of the spicy fennel, sweet pomegranate and citrusy grapefruit is one to celebrate.

Though the tomato tart tatin came highly recommended, it was quickly forgotten after completing a full lap around the starters we ordered such as the thinly sliced, smoky eggplant rolls loving wrapping itself around the white tangy cheese.

My new favorite combination of flavors for the past couple of weeks has been shrimps and lemongrass whether grilled, backed or sauteed, therefore the lemon grass and shrimp salad is very welcomed by my tastebuds. The fresh greens and oranges of the the salad complement the refreshingly zesty salad.

Pleased with our starters we inform our waiter that we’re ready and looking forward to our mains. Its a friday afternoon and I’m surrounded by my favorite girls so you should know that conversation keep flowing, work, family, summer plans, boyfriends and more… 40 minutes into our conversation we realize that our mains are no where to be found.

After a complaint to the waiter and an apology from another our mains of chicken galantine, hamour and rib eye steak arrive.

Galantine is a French dish of deboned stuffed meat. In this case it is deboned cornfed chicken, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in puff pastry with a side of truffle risotto sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. Though a beautiful dish, the highlight was the truffle risotto, the too soft texture of the chicken and its strong flavor doesn’t sit too well with me.

My ribeye steak on a bed of baby carrots is exactly what I expect it to be. My bites go something this, well cooked meat, drizzled with sauce, baby carrots, onions and spectacular roasted sweet potatoes – also the highlight of my dish.

Interesting how the sides are the true highlights of our dishes.

The grilled hamour is the star of our mains, fresh white fish with a side of citrusy wheat matched the style of the location the most – light and fresh.

Our dessert of cheesecake, ice cream and a brownie arrive at full speed – I guess to make up for the lack of speed of our mains.  My favorite, the brownie that most resembled a fudge dark chocolate brownie – mm mm mmmmm I lovingly confess to the brownie “I’ll come back just for a bite of you.”

Closing my eyes and reflecting on our meal I clearly remember our starters and desserts while the mains seem to disappear from my memory.

The most priceless and profound item on the menu is clearly the location of the Farm. The the lush, beautiful setting is the major pull factor for its customers. Their food offerings are fresh, organic, competitively priced and a convenient complement to the location.

Will I be back? Yes – I promise my fudge brownie that I would be!


LOCATION Barari Villas

OPENING HRS. 7:30 am – 11 pm

CUISINE Contemporary


TELEPHONE # 04 329 5660


A Destination Restaurant


















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    1. What a great sounding place – and I’ve never heard about it. I’ll definitely be seeking this out.

    2. oh wow..who would have thought we have that kind of place here in Dubai..All the greenery look so refreshing and the interiors so cozy.