The Day Before My Class Starts

I officially start class on Wednesday the 27th of June – tomorrow!

So I decided, I have to take full advantage of my Tuesday.

11:00 Am

I’m out the door and ready for breakfast and as usual, strawberries are involved.

11:30 Am

Time for some downtown Saint Germain! I would equate downtown Saint Germain to downtown Soho in New York.

Walking towards Saint Germain, I promise myself that only window shopping is to take place, because at the end of the day, I want to keep as much funds as I have possible for wining and dining in Paris rather than shopping, which I could easily do in Dubai.

I have to mention how stunning the window displays are in Paris. Each more luxurious and more inviting than the next. I do pretty well, with regards to my pact, until I reach Ralf Lauren – gorgeous is all I have to say. Passing by that sore without walking in is next to IMPOSSIBLE.

So yes I do go in and yes I do purchase something, but something small, just to quench my shopping hunger. Sunglasses, which I am in love with.

Walking out of the store I notice a Ralf cafe decked with Ralf Lauren furniture so I say why not a juice in the sunshine?

1:00 pm

Just out of curiosity, I begin to investigate how much it would cost me to hire someone to clean my apartment once a week. After discovering the hourly rate usually charged in Paris and a quick contemplation of making a career change right then and there, I am off to supermarket for some cleaning supplies.

Usually at home in the food section of a supermarket, I am now left standing in uncharted territory, i.e. in front of the cleaning supplies. How many liters is my garbage can? Should I get powder, gel or capsules for my washing machine? And what type of broom should I get? In the end I purchase what sounds the strongest but also what smells the best.

Walking back to my apartment, I have a Ralf Lauren retail bag elegantly draped on one shoulder and a bright orange broom lopped over the other shoulder.

I do receive some smiles walking home with my orange broom up in the air, which I respond with the most elegant Bonjour I can muster up.

4:00 pm

It’s Champs Elysees time. Walking up and down the Champs is an energetic experience. Seeing all the different types of people, enjoying the restaurants and most importantly taking in the view. I wouldn’t particularly do my shopping on the main strip of the Champs, getting down into the different avenues is where things get interesting.

Roaming around one of the allies I stumble accord Hediard. As a huge fan of teas, it is a must see for me. Smelling the different types of teas and wondering how each flavor would taste with each dessert is a pleasure. In the end, I leave with a box of tea and a box of chocolate coated wafers to keep me satisfied until the usual dinner opening time of 7:00 pm.

I find a lovely bench under a tree and open my Hediard bag. I usually don’t crave food that is packaged but these are one of my favorites. Chocolate covering the thinnest wafer you can imagine. Edible in less than a second!

Putin! I have to admit I am clumsy sometimes. If the streets of Paris weren’t covered in dog number 1′s and number 2′s I swear I would have picked each one of these up and ate them. Alas back to Hediard for box number 2.

6:50 pm 

When on the Champs and looking for something really comforting to eat I would recommend Relais de l’Entrecote. Yes, we do have one in Dubai, but alcohol is used to make the traditional sauce which is not present in the Dubai mix.

At 6:50 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm) there is already a queue, filled not only with tourists but also locals mind you. As I stood nearly a block away from the door, I start to worry if I would get a place in the 7:00 pm seating. And I swear to you, I was the last one they let in. I park myself on the microscopic “two-seater” (more like half a seater) table outside and enjoy the weather, the meal and the view.

Leaving – the line is still around the block.

10:00 pm

Finally home. Some tea, chocolate wafers, blogging and some Mr. Propre.

Tomorrow, class – Finally.




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    1. I am loving this series from Paris. I’d love to hear about your day, course, the schedule, etc at Le Cordon Blue, if possible. Have fun and enjoy!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Thanks Priscilla, your comment means a lot to me.

        I will be posting something tonight about my first day at Le Cordon Bleu and intend to keep doing so…. I hope you enjoy them :)