The D Bar and Grill

It’s been quite a while since I‘ve written something creative and I can see its effects in my financial reports for my banking job.

No longer is it a simple dip in company revenues by 10% but now its an extended explanation of how the rising price of steal and blossoming tulips in Holland had an effect on the company’s sales figures.

To put an end to my ever-growing reports, I sat down this evening stretched out my fingers and said “Yalla go play” as I laid them down on my keyboard.

Walking into McGettigans on Sheikh Zayed road I’m greeted with the hustle and bustle of an Irish Pub, glasses cheers-ing, a live band and roaring conversation.

Climbing the steps, I reach the glass gates of the D Bar and Grill.

Stepping in to the D, its shhhh quiet, calm and cool. The manager Gabriel, angelically glides over and welcomes me to the restaurant.

“A tour my child?”

“Yes please.” I respond.

Escorted around the restaurant I’m told that the wood used for the fit out was sourced from an old train station in the UK and the bar, made of bricks, was also sourced from a church in the UK. Adorning the walls are colorful quirky paintings that give a much-needed contrast to the heavy fit out.

Taking my seat I wait for my guests, its just four of us tonight, which is expected, it takes hard work and dedication climbing up the steps and reach the gates of the D Bar.

On their arrival, our orders are taken, a cheers is made and our dinner begins.

To start a beetroot Beetroot & Dill, Horseradish, watercress & Irish soda bread arrives.

Stunning colors is what I take in first. Bright green, with deep Bordeaux against a white canvas. I adore beetroot but it was a sudden enlightenment. I remember hating it as a child and suddenly loving one bright Sunday morning. The trick to a successful beetroot dish is the right amount of dressing, which the D has nailed. The earthy beetroot, fresh watercress and mellow creamy cheese are perfect.

I’m never pulled towards duck. Is it a question of habit, or non-habit? Or is it a question of flavor? Either way, no one at the table selected the duck, therefore by default, a rare hazard of my job, I select the duck.

My duck breast spiced red cabbage, endive, turnips & fig jam arrives beautifully presented and not as fatty as I remember, the fig jam makes all the difference. I happily finish my plate, but have I converted? I still think duck is a sitting duck kind of selection for me.

And on to dessert. My favorite cake from my childhood is not birthday cake or a cup cake or even an ice cream cake, no it’s an Opera Cake the only kind of cake I used to eat.

Sliding my fork down the cake, memories of pointing out the cake to the vendor come to my mind. Having a taste of the bite, I smile but believe there should be more cream. I move on to a delicious cheese platter to end a heavenly meal.

Finishing off our lovely meal we do notice that we still are one of the few people at the D which made me remember Mark Twain, who loosely mentioned Go to D Bar for the climate and McGettigans for the company.

I have returned since and had another impressive meal at the D although this time in the company of one more table, slow progress I guess. D offers good food, at an interesting venue but lacks in terms of ambiance. Maybe it’s a question of time before more people to start walking through their doors. Either way, I’m counting my blessings that the D is right next to my house.

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LOCATION Trade Center

OPENING HRS. 12-3 7-11 

CUISINE International


TELEPHONE # 056 6038846

WEBSITE DBarandGrill

A Craving Quencher Restaurant



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    1. I wish i coild kidnap you for all my food journies… Then i too would have good pics on my blog! Or do you actually have to go to pretty places to get pretty pics? Hmmm

    2. Ann Morgan

      We have eaten in D bar and Grill a number of times, for dinner and Brunch. We have never been disappointed. The food in consistently wonderful as is the service. We always feel there is a good ambiance even when the restaurant is not very busy. Well worth a visit.

    3. GA

      I loved this place, thought the food was brilliant. The do a really good lunchtime special as well :)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Agreed on the food and they are consistent, a rarity in Dubai!

        Hopefully it will start filling up soon!