The Best French Fries in Dubai

I consider myself a pretty strong willed person. There are only a handful of people/things that I have a hard time resisting and one of them is French Fries!

I know it’s the start of a New Year, and everyone is focusing on healthy food, but at the end of the day, I just wanna make you smile. And yes, French fries make me smile, so I’m guessing / hopping that they do the same for you.

If you’re going to indulge in something naughty, I want you to indulge in the best type of naughty there is out there.

Characteristic to most of my Best of the Best Posts, such as the Best Pizza in Dubai, one category can never suffice.

Squeezing the different types of fries into one mold is like saying there is only one type of a beautiful woman or a gorgeous man out – which couldn’t be further from the truth.


KFC Fries

I want to start off with the category that may cause the most out roar / controversy – Finger Liking Good Fries. They are fries you get from the big four; McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Hardees. (Not to be confused with the financial big four – I couldn’t resist that joke – sorry)

After completing my mini market research i.e. harassing my friends, I got several votes for Burger King and a handful for McDonalds.

I find Burger Kings fries too crispy and lack certain creaminess. As for McDonalds fries, they were (past tense) my favorite, but lately I taste an old, need to change the deep fryer taste in their fries.

This leads me to my top pick, KFC Fries.  Crispy on the outside, oh so creamy on the inside, no Ketchup needed and leaves you with a sweet after – I don’t know how or why. And coincidently, as per Colonel Sanders, are officially Finger Liking Good!

Price: AED 5.


New York Fries

All I have to say is Woah Nelly!

According to the ever accurate Urban Dictionary, Woah Nelly is loosely defined by the following:

“In modern English it’s used to refer to anything or a person, who has become out of control…”

I think those fires are out of control and constitute a meal and a half!

Just as an interesting note, the ball of cream you see in the picture is actually Labneh (a Lebanese cream), not sour cream. Excellent choice and excellent adaptation to the culture – extra French Fry points to you NY Fries.

Price: AED 15 Small. AED 18 Large.



Hardees’ signature spiced, crunchy mix coating every inch of their fluffy fries make them a clear winner.

My favorite part is finding a fry tightly coiled up as if it were scared to be found for fear of being devoured.

Sympathetically, I place the coil around my ring finger while channeling The Police and say contrary to reality, you (the fry) in fact have me Wrapped Around Your Finger.

Price: AED  6.


Shake Shack

The picture says it all. If you go the extra mile and cut your fires in a creative way I will take notice!

Price: AED 12.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Initially, I had set out to have two categories, the Best Gourmet Fries and the Best Chunky Monkey (Thick) fries. Although after having Ruth’s Chris’s steak fries which coincidently were chunky, I thought ah ha! In this current market, with the gloomy 2012 outlook and the declining Euro, any form of consolidation is welcomed in my books! Therefore, the two categories have now become one grand category of the Best Chunky Gourmet Fries.

What brings the dish to a completely different level is the introduction of sundried tomatoes – which I absolutely adore. The sundried tomatoes add a depth and surge of sweet and rustic flavors to the salty chunky fries.

Price: AED 29.


The Gramercy

My love for Plain Jane fries resembles my love for a friend that’s always there and goes beyond the basic satisfying my taste buds level.

To me, Plain Jane fries:

  • Make a lousy date worth while
  • Make an extremely late friend more forgivable
  • Make an orally fixated, whether it be a serial kisser or biter, more at ease
  • Make a never ending conversation possibly interesting
  • Are the perfect dessert to a peer pressured 5th round of shots
  • Are sunshine to me

The Gramercy’s Plain Jane fries are one of the best in Dubai. Extra crispy and extra creamy!

Price: AED 24.


Did I miss a category?

Do you agree with my top picks?

Let me know what you think!

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    1. I would recommed the fries at Nandos too.

    2. mohamed

      I think you should consider zattar wa zait’s french fries , cooked 2.5 minutes.