I love celebrations – all types of them!

Whether their origins are religions, country or culture specific or whether they relate to me or not.

Why? Because to me, a celebration translates into getting family and friends together and having a damn good time with some damn good food!

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving – a night specifically dedicated to food and giving thanks.

I just wanted to share a couple of snap shots from my Thanksgiving this past week – I hope you enjoy them.

The making of our home made cranberry sauce

Pumpkin Pie

Brussels sprouts with turkey bacon

Double baked sweet potatoes

Rosanne on a bed of celeries and onions (We name our Turkey every year)

My cat waiting patiently for the food to be served

Fresh Burrata

A selection of cheeses

Round one

Rosanne with a beautiful tan and rice cooked in the celery and onion juice

I also wanted to take some time to give out my heartfelt Thank yous.

Thank you to:

-       You! For taking time out of your busy schedules to read my blog

-       Those who leave comments for me to enjoy

-       Those who subscribed to my blog

-       Those who just pass by

-       Those who suggest places I should review

-       My friends who join me on reviews

-       My friends who put up with my obsessive picture taking during our dinners

-       And I will always be grateful to my friends and family who pushed me to start Fork It Over Dubai

Thank you again.

I hope you enjoy all your holidays to come!

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    1. wow I would love some of that pumpkin pie!!