Taqado Mexican Kitchen

Taqado opened several months ago and had always been on my mind to try. But I could never allow myself to set aside a meal to be consumed in a Mall, let alone MOE food court.

Months following, when it opened in DIFC, my doorstep, I thought it was time to give it a taste.

Walking into the land of men in Suits (DIFC) is constantly a pleasure. Although as I’m currently not dressed to greet any man in a suit and have 4 hungry friends waiting for me in the park I think a swift pick-up is in order.

Greeted by the friendly staff, I place by broad stroking order of almost one of everything on the menu – I love doing that. And with each order a customization of rice, beans, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese.

Paying the bill, I most importantly collect my Snapp Points and with a team 2 Taqado staff, lug my order over to my car.

Windows down and listening to Wicked Games by Para (my new play on repeated tune), I wonder why we don’t have more picnics in Dubai. With the weather nearing perfection, I make a pact to take advantage of the outdoor culture in Dubai. And with an entrance fee of AED 3, nothing could be sweeter then Safa Park.

Throwing open my picnic rug, my friends arrive one by one hungry for some Mexican grub under the sun.

Laying on the grass my hand reaches for the bean burrito, a meal I constantly had during my after school days. A bite into my burrito and memories of my girlfriends and I laughing come rushing through.

Naively content with by bean burrito I take a bite of a special creation burrito, made of barbacoa Pulled beef, red Spanish rice, cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole and all other dishes fade to the background as I enjoy the flavors of Mexico.

The nachos, salad, fajita and tacos all deliver on what they promise, although as a personal choice, nothing compares to a burrito.

And for those crazy people who don’t eat carbs, you can get everything in a box, meaning no shell or wrapper, just the fillings in a box.

A spoon full of soup in all its chunky glory and despite the 30-degree weather is a touch on the salty side but none-the-less satisfactory.

Slipping out churros from its cone like a sword from its case, I drive it into the chocolate sauce and then into my mouth. Crunchy, yes, sweet, yes but after having a Maya churros my loyal taste buts don’t accept any other.

With my tummy full, shades on, book in hand and toes on the grass, content is exactly the mood.

Taqado does many things right, it’s a homegrown concept that offers casual and tasty Mexican food at a price that we can all enjoy. Their current locations of MOE and DIFC were a smart choice to build awareness for their brand, but for their next location, I would ask for something more inviting like Jumeirah so we can enjoy their dine-in experience.



OPENING HRS. Sun-Thur 7-7 Fri-Sat 9-6



TELEPHONE # 04 351 5210

WEBSITE www.taqado.com

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