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A photo journal of Ravi and then some... Walking around the lively streets of Satwa is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is perfect in Dubai. We began with a glorious meal at Ravis, continued with Chai Karak and ended with Knefeh. In terms of ordering, I would recommend telling the waiting exactly what you enjoy and he can work around that.

The Best Street Shawerma in Dubai

The Purpose To end the age old feud of who has the best Shawerma in town Break Down of the CCC The Conditions:
  1. Has to be under AED 10
  2. Proper restaurants are not included
  3. Easy and quick service
The Contenders:
  1. Al Ijaza – AED 4
  2. Al Farooj – AED 6
  3. Al Mallah – AED 6
  4. Al Safadeh – AED 7
The Criterion:
  1. Fillings
  2. Chicken
  3. Other
Al Ijaza -2/5 That’s minus 2 out of 5. Fillings included hot lettuce, tomato, tahina and others. It was a vegetarian bonanza + chicken. Completely unlike a traditional chicken Shawerma. No. No. No.
Al Farooj 3/5 Good garlic content but there were no fries.
Al Mallah 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Safadeh 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Ijaza 1/5 I couldn’t taste the chicken from mess that was inside the Shawerma.
Al Farooj 5/5 The best taste and quality chicken.
Al Mallah 3/5 Average.
Al Safadeh 3/5 Average.
Al Ijaza 3/5 Great size and service. With just a honk of my horn the Shawerma was delivered to mar car step.
Al Farooj 2/5 It was too clean and lacked the street Shawerma spunk. It reminded me of Hardees with an Arabic twist.
Al Mallah 5/5 Epitome of a street Shawerma, grunge, car exhaust and all.
Al Safadeh 1/5 Size of the Shawerma was too big. Street Shawermas should fit in the palm of your hand. I would rather have two small ones then one big one.
  The Results
  1. Al Mallah with 13 points
  2. Al Farooj with 10 points
  3. Al Safedeh with 9 points
  4. Al Ijaza with 0 points
Further Breakdown
Fillings + Chicken Others Total
Al Mallah 8 points 2 13
Al Farooj 8 points 5 10
I am trying to demonstrate that Al Mallah won because it was characteristic of a true street Shawerma. If you’re going for the cleanest out of the four go for Al Farooj. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? I already know two people that would disagree. Bring on the comments.