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Strawberries and the Beach

I enjoy the experience of creating, whether it’s creating a blog post, pictures, an almond tart or even dinner experiences. If I have created something, then it is a day well spent. Idleness is my biggest pet peeve, and I’m strictly stubborn about being un-idle.  I don’t go to the movies, I don’t watch TV and I don’t just do nothing. But there’s something about spending the whole day lying on the beach that’s so satisfying. At sunset with my hair curled from the sea water and my shoulders rosé from the sun, I always have a feeling of contentment. Is it being close to nature? Or maybe it’s being close to a body that is full of power and energy, two things I’m constantly attracted to. Rather than a spot to get away, the beach is a place that reenergizes me. With my book in hand, I always find myself drifting off to the sea. Staring at its endless horizon, it’s crashing waves and admiring the unknown of what it holds in its deepest blue. So it’s not surprising that every Friday, regardless of weather, you’ll find me on the beach! Leaning into my fridge, I see beautiful strawberries my mother purchased a few days ago and remember Jamie. Opening my drawer full of One of These Days Recipes I find Jamie’s Charred Eggy Bread With Strawberries and Honey and think this is the perfect pre beach breakfast, fresh yet filling. Getting my mise en place in order, I take out a must have in everyone’s kitchen, a cast iron stove top grill. Living 60 something floors up, I may not have the luxury of a barbeque but I have something that comes close. Cooking on a cast iron grill makes everything crispier rather than soggier which I get from everyday pans. Dipping my bread into the organic egg and milk mixture, I dust it with sugar and place it on the bottom half of the hot grill and it welcomes it with a sizzle. I then throw my sliced and sugar dusted strawberries on the top half. Waiting for everything to caramelized, I have a sip of coffee and flip through my summer plans. A few minutes later I plate my toast, top it with a spoonful of ricotta, grilled strawberries then honey and finally lemon zest. The warm bread forms a crispy crust from the caramelized sugar while the ricotta cools the almost soft strawberries with a sprinkle of lemon zest for freshness. Casually enjoying my last slice of strawberry and smudge of honey, I never rush food, I put on my swimming suit, kaftan, hat, sunglass, and towel in hand, off I go. And yes, I did ‘borrow’ the towel from Jumeirah Beach Hotel, but with the amount I pay for a single day entrance, on the rare occasion I don’t go to a public beach, I should be taking home the beach chair as well. A beautiful day at the beach makes everything colorful again! For the link to the full recipe, click here. Love, Tala