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When I get the call that Richy’s has finally opened, after several months of waiting, I am out the door and in my car in less that a minute to make the journey to JLT. As a side note, I’m starting to enjoy the experience of searching for restaurants. For anyoneone planning on opening a restaurant, don’t be afraid of location – if your food offerngs are inspiring, customers will come. Entering Richy’s, a ‘revolutionary’ salad concept, I can feel a man’s influence.  Akin to a dapper man wearing a pink shirt and owning it, Richy’s is confidently expressing their concept and stating “I am man and yes I eat Salad”. As I make my way over to the counter, I can see the owners of Richy's having a discussion which puts a smile on my face. Finally, this is something I want to see, owners physically living, breathing and supporting their concept at first hand. The throw back to the 80s diner space is small as the majority of orders are deliveries to JLT, TeCom, Dubai Marina, the Palm and the surrounding areas. As easy as 1 2 3 4 the process of creating your own salad is presented in front of you. I begin with selecting my salad bed, Asian mix, fusilli, iceberg, romaine or soba noodles – I go for fusilli. Next I choose my 6, you heard me 6 ingredients. I go for artichoke heart, baby spinach beetroot, heart of palm, mushrooms and olives.  Alas, no sundried tomatoes, my favorite salad ingredient, I guess you cant have it all in life. For my add ons I go for salami and cheddar cheese and I finish it off with a blue cheese dressing. Taking a step back from the counter I have a realization: What a perfect work lunch option! And I think the rest of Dubai had this realization as the phones are ringing off the hook for orders, it is lunchtime after all. Before paying my bill I order a selection of 2 soups lentil and tomato. Diving my fork into my rich salad I get the sharp flavor of the blue cheese dressing contrasting the sweetness of the beetroot. No to toot my own horn but Daym, I created a tasty salad. Suggestion: a customer inspired salad of the month. Need some inspiration or too lazy to construct your own salad, you can pick from a selection of signature or classic salads such as the Charcuterie salad: Asian mix, pepperoni, salami, turkey ham, sausage, parmesan, apple, peppers, with pommery dressing – who said salads can’t make you full? Sipping my lentil soup I am pleased that it’s not the standard ground lentil soup that most restaurants have on their menu but a traditional Lebanese lentil soup in a broth with green leaves. Having a taste of my tomato soup I realize that cream has been added to the recipe, which I don't particularly fancy.  Let your tomatoes shine through I say, with the holy trinity of carrots, onions and celery some seasoning and vegetable stock your as good as gold – skip the cream please. I end my meal with a watermelon feta dessert a fresh combination that I always welcome. Forget everything you know. Start over, is pasted on the wall meaning forget everything you know about salads because this is a new generation of salads:
Salad Before Richy’s Salad After Richy’s
Salad Bed = 60% Salad Bed = 20%
Salad = Feminine Salad = Unisex
Limited Options Limitless Options
Can’t get full by salad Salad makes you full
Protein = 5% Protein = 40%
My verdict – Richy’s is a great solution for a work lunch order. If they can master the efficient delivery of their salads they have got it. Currently orders are taken over the phone but online ordering is soon to follow.
LOCATION JLT OPENING HRS. 11am to 10 pm CUISINE Salad, Soup and Wraps PRICE PER COUPLE AED 70 TELEPHONE # 800 742497 WEBSITE pwww.richys.ae
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My hair is starting to slightly misbehave while enjoying a rooftop night. The tip of my nose and my shoulders are starting to get a darker Valentine ’s Day red on the beach. And the walk from my office to the nearest grocery store is starting to get harder and harder. What does this all mean? Ladies and gentlemen, the Dubai summer is officially around the corner. Grasping on to the short lived “spring season” in Dubai, like woman dangling off a ten storey building, everything excessively fruit and vegetable based is on the menu in my house. What could be more springy and fresh than a large bowl of salad? And more specifically, a fatoush salad. Other than its beautiful colors and fresh appeal what draws me to fatoush is the use of lightly toasted bread in the salad. At first it packs a crunchy punch and a contrasting texture to the Fatoush. Towards the end of the fatoush life span the bread bits absorb all the juices of the sauce and vegetables to deliver a heavily drenched bite of salad broth – my favorite part! On a culinary perspective what sets fatoush apart from other salads is the use of Sumac. Sumac is a beetroot color, dried Lebanese spice that delivers a lemony flavor.  You can leave any ingredient out and the salad would still be considered fatoush if Sumac is part of the mix. There is a simple variation to the fatoush salad which is not traditional in my house but very well loved by everyone. It’s the introduction of pomegranate molasses to the salad. The royal, deep rich flavors of the pomegranate molasses elevates the intensity of the fatoush I leave you with this fun and simple recipe that would transform any a salad meal into an enjoyment. Recipe Ingredients:
  1. 4 Tomatoes
  2. 2 Cumbers
  3. ¼ cup fresh parsley leaves
  4. ¼ cup fresh mint leaves
  5. 1/8  cup sliced radish
  6. 1 juice of a lemon
  7. ¼ cup Lebanese olive oil
  8. 2 small Peeta bread
  9. 2 tsp salt
  10. 2 table spoons sumac
  11. 2 table spoons pomegranate syrup
Place the Peeta bread in the oven and bake it until it becomes toasted, around 5 minutes. Chop the tomatoes and cucumbers and add them into a large bowl. Add the parsley and mint leaves and radish. Add the lemon, oil, salt and sumac and toss everything together. Before serving break the toasted Peeta Bread into pieces and sprinkle over the top of the Fatoush. Drizzle some pomegranate syrup over the salad and enjoy. Sahtain!