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Meet the Blogger BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food
I introduce to you my Friday beach read: BBC Good Food was kind enough to complete a Meet the Blogger spread about me! Check out what my ultimate meal is and what my top picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner are! Click the link below or pick up a copy of BBC Good Food near you. Pg112 Meet the blogger Oct12

Grazia – Grazia Loves the Ivy – July 6, 2011

Grazia Ivy Quote
"As a lover of soup, and a less than lover of the hot/sticky/humid summers of Dubai, the Iced Tomato Soup is a pleasant remedy to my catch 22." Read the full article on: http://www.theivy.ae/_img/pics/pdf_1315984193.pdf

Aquaris – Give Your Culinary Skills A Polish – October 1, 2010

Give your Culinary Skills a Polish
First-hand feedback: Food blogger Tala Soubra (www.forkitoverdubai.wordpress.com), has tried out several classes at L'atelier Des Chefs: "I have a real passion for cooking - I love good food, learning new cuisines and trying new things. So, I find these classes very entertaining and useful - plus, you get to meet lots of new people. Along with teaching the recipes, the chefs also teach you techniques for cooking that aren't just specific to certain dishes. Also, the recipes are usually practical, so they are applicable to your everyday life. And when I try them at home, they always work out." Read the full article on: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/food/give-your-culinary-skills-a-polish-1.685788

The National – Organic Market’s Growing Pains – August 7, 2010

The National
Tala Soubra, 25, of Dubai, who blogs at the twitter site Fork It Over Dubai, said: "I would go there every week and it was one of the few places where the goods go directly from the farm to the shop. That was the nicest thing about it. People really want organic food grown in the UAE because once you pick something off the vine it begins to lose its nutrients quickly. If it comes from a long way away, by the time it arrives here it has nothing left in terms of nutrients." Read the full artcile on: http://www.thenational.ae/news/organic-markets-growing-pains