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MAKE Business Hub

Make Business Hub
Walking into MAKE at 10:00 am one morning, Monty, my favorite person working at MAKE, approaches me with a bewildered look and says,  “Seeing you made me think it was already evening time, its unusual to see you here in the morning.” I laugh and think to myself, hmm that’s actually quite true. MAKE is an urban café designed with the entrepreneur in mind, beautiful workstations, an environment that fosters strategic connections and hub for everything Start Up. Pushing down on the period key for the sentence I just wrote above, I couldn’t have described MAKE any better, Dubai’s Silicone Valley in JBR. Countless businesses have already started out of MAKE’s young walls. But… and yes there is a but, that’s not My Make. #MyMAKE.

Jones the Grocer

When someone asks me “I wanna go out for a really nice dinner – where do I go?” a symphony of restaurants pours out of my lips. When someone asks me “I wanna go out for a light lunch – where do I go?” A symphony of crickets plays in the background. Yes its true, dare I say, at times, I am at a slight loss of restaurant recommendations. Enter Jones the Grocer and my symphony of crickets is shewed away and replaced by, “Why don’t you try Jones the Grocer”. Walking up to Jones the Grocer I feel the beginnings of a standalone restaurant renaissance. The days of casual restaurants only opening in malls is gently declining – and for that I am thankful. The engulfing humid heat is banished as the sliding doors shut behind us and we are welcomed into a foodie’s playground. Retail goods, dining tables, open kitchens and a buzz of a new restaurant. We take our seats and our orders and I gracefully excuse myself to embark on a shameless spending spree in their retail section. My willpower is absolutely too weak to resist any form of cookbooks or kitchenware. I end up walking away with a mini butter board. Can’t continue living without one of those… Looking at the dips and fresh bread, I have an instant flash of postpartum ordering depression. The sauces, including an eggplant dip and two other forgettable flavors, are not juicy enough to counter the thick slices of dry bread. The pumpkin and feta salad acts as a handsome gentleman redeeming all that has been disappointing by gently kissing the top of my hand – and magically, all is forgiven. The fresh citrus sauce, crunchy rocket leaves, smoked pumpkin chunks and sharp feta cheese make up a stimulating summer salad. Our risotto is a gooey mess (in a good way) of rice, broth, juicy mushrooms and herbs. On the side, is an example of one of Dubai’s best garlic bread, fluffy yet crispy and fully doused in a garlic herbed sauce. The ultimate bite: dunking the garlic bread in the risotto – I don’t know how it works but it does. I’m always scared of ordering sandwiches in Dubai. Actually to be more specific the “roof” of my mouth is always scared. The usually hard and rough bread in Dubai is no match for me. Biting into my sandwich I hear a delicious crunch and surprisingly suffer no internal bruising from the bread. The horseradish paste in the pastrami & gruyere cheese sandwich makes all the difference. The char grilled chicken – good – my biggest pet peeve is using the word good – but somehow it’s perfectly applicable in this situation – enjoyable dish, but wouldn’t order it again. Sliding my fork down through the cheese cake, I hear my friend saying that they are known for cheese cake. Swirling the bite in my mouth, I can taste an overly sweet and borderline box like cheese cake. I can understand its general appeal but to me - not the most appealing. Would I be back? Yes. I would have a risotto, salad and sandwich – a perfect Friday restaurant. They also serve breakfast until 3 pm.
LOCATION: SZ Road OPENING HRS: 10 am - 10 pm CUISINE: International PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 260  
Ur Casual Friday Lunch Spot