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Latest Recipe

Latest Recipe
I would love to meet the person responsible for naming  Latest Recipe. Per the unofficial pole I have taken, based on inviting guests to dinner, it takes everone an average of 3 takes to understand that Latest Recipe is in fact the name of the restaurant. Is it too obscure? Does it lack a sense of cohesion or continuity for a restaurant? In any case, it never fails to offer pleasant chit chat. Guest: "Is that really the name of the restaurant?" Me: "Yes it is." Guest: "Interesting, I've never heard something like that before." Me: "That's true, me either...." Le Meridien Mina Seyahi has recently undergone a 10 month refurbishment to contemporaries the interior while keeping the exterior intact.  Similar to a well maintained vintage car, the body is vintage while the engine is shinny new. We glided through the French inspired menu as my favorites included the beetroot salad and roast chicken which was extremely juicy and comforting to have. Unfortunately the desserts didn't live up to the starters and mains, the icing on the eclair was thick and a touch grainy while the cream filling in the tart wasn't my favorite. Beautifully presented a la sharing style I did have a good meal. Would I go out of my way to come back to Latest Recipe (yes that is the name of the restaurant) I'm not so sure. If you are staying at the hotel or have a business meeting in the area I would recommend a lunch on the terrace. Their ambiance needs a touch of work, which is unfortunately something you can't create. But I do commend them on the attentive service. Powered by Restronaut.
LOCATION Le Meridien MS OPENING HRS. All Day Dining  CUISINE French European PRICE PER COUPLE AED 250 TELEPHONE # 04 399 3333 WEBSITE Click Me
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