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Fraiche – #WatchThisSpace

This is strictly a #WatchThisSpace kind of post. Fraiche recently opened (Soft Opening) in JLT in early July. Stepping into Fraiche I notice the beautiful brickwork that surrounds the space which instantly gives it a warm vibe. Setting my eyes on the extra large communal table I smile, turn to the owner and say "I'll be pack on Tuesday... with some of my friends." I usually like posting reviews only after official openings, but I couldn't help it. Here's a couple of snaps of the evening, full review to come as soon as they officially open - September I think. #FIODT Powered by Restronaut. Love, Tala  


I have to admit, JLT is a grey area to me. If you ask me where to eat in JBR, Downtown, DIFC or Madinat Jumeirah I would be able to recommend something to suit your occasion. If you ask me where to eat in JLT, I would be at a loss for recommendations - quelle horreur! So when a friend tipped me off to Cavendish in the Bonnington Hotel, JLT, I said yes please table for 12! Walking down the staircase towards Cavendish I am greeted by a dining room with high ceilings, something I like. The welcome party also included velvet dressed lime green chairs, double cloth covered tables and Garden Center houseplants. Talking a stroll around the dining area I come across a beautiful piano played by the ghost of Mr. Cavendish himself maybe. Were those stairs I walked down or a time machine that warped me back to a hotel in the 90s? Taking my seat at my 12-seater table I’m pleased that the restaurant can accommodate large groups, something I always keep in mind when occasions come around. My dinner guests arrive in bulks of 2 or 3 and before I know it, all hands on deck. As it is the first Tuesday of the month, Cavendish offers a mushroom inspired three course wine paired menu. Consciously seating myself next to a die hard foodie, strategizing ensues. The menu offers either or choices for starters and mains and accordingly a pact is made to order each other’s opposite to insure everything on the menu gets sampled. Our amuse bouche arrives via a cappuccino inspired cup filled with a mushroom soup and truffle foam. Dipping my spoon into the soup and tasting its warm earthy flavors, I set my spoon aside and continue with gulps sips (must maintain lady-like demeanor) to finish it off. The soup proves to be a true amuse bouche that prepares me for the flavors to come. My salad of pigeon, beetroot and candied walnuts arrives next. Beetroot is one of my new found loves, so it’s a sensitive subject when on a plate. Pairing my sweet beetroot with the citrus of the salad, meat of pigeon and candied walnuts is sublime.  Luckily this dish is served to me before my foodie companion, so I have to selfishly admit, I do finish more than half of it before letting him have his share. Wine selection is a pinot noir from Argentina. A dish of lamb sweetbreads is placed in front of me, aka lamb glands. As it’s a first for me, I do my 5 sense rundown, light in color, soft to the touch, smells like butter scotch meat, biting into it I hear nothing and finally it tastes like rich sweet, butter bread, but its meat. The sweetbreads are served with peas and asparagus which are a much-needed fresh flavor to contrast the rich meat and dense gnocchi.  The dish exposed me to a new and beautiful flavor, and I thank it for that, but I would have been satisfied with half of its quantity only because of it’s intense flavors. The wine selection is a Zenfendale from USA. My veal tenderloin with mushrooms and artichoke arrives. Though overly presented, I prefer dishes that are neat yet still organically plated, doesn’t disappoint. The beef is cooked to medium and the drizzled Madeira sauce (similar to a dry cherry) brings it all together.  The wine selection is Chianti Classico form Italy. I take a bite of the trout served with bacon, which is good, but I decide to continue with the fillet. Pre dessert to our dessert is presented. Cute, small, honeycomb parfait, more please! And finally, dark cherry soufflé served with a sweet Monte wine from Chile.  Only a handful of restaurants have soufflé on their menu because it needs to be served on the spot and is not easy to master, so bravo to Cavendish for taking on that challenge, all the ramekins are wiped clean. Laying my head to rest that evening I think about the beetroot salad, the sweetbreads, the parfait, the sweet wine, a sign that the food did make an impact on me. I would request from the bottom of my heart a design change, not that it’s the only thing that matters, but it does matter. Get rid of the plants, the piano that plays songs on repeat, the lime green and red colors, replace it with all white have some live music and Cavendish would flourish. For now they fall under the Bring-Your-Own-Ambiance category, but know that they will Bring-the-Food better than a lot of restaurants in Dubai at a price you would also enjoy. Powered by Restronaut.
LOCATION Bonnington Hotel JLT OPENING HRS. 12:30-6, 7-11 pm CUISINE British PRICE PER COUPLE AED 590 TELEPHONE # 04 356 0533 WEBSITE Click Here
Ur Well Priced Wine Pairing Spot


When I get the call that Richy’s has finally opened, after several months of waiting, I am out the door and in my car in less that a minute to make the journey to JLT. As a side note, I’m starting to enjoy the experience of searching for restaurants. For anyoneone planning on opening a restaurant, don’t be afraid of location – if your food offerngs are inspiring, customers will come. Entering Richy’s, a ‘revolutionary’ salad concept, I can feel a man’s influence.  Akin to a dapper man wearing a pink shirt and owning it, Richy’s is confidently expressing their concept and stating “I am man and yes I eat Salad”. As I make my way over to the counter, I can see the owners of Richy's having a discussion which puts a smile on my face. Finally, this is something I want to see, owners physically living, breathing and supporting their concept at first hand. The throw back to the 80s diner space is small as the majority of orders are deliveries to JLT, TeCom, Dubai Marina, the Palm and the surrounding areas. As easy as 1 2 3 4 the process of creating your own salad is presented in front of you. I begin with selecting my salad bed, Asian mix, fusilli, iceberg, romaine or soba noodles – I go for fusilli. Next I choose my 6, you heard me 6 ingredients. I go for artichoke heart, baby spinach beetroot, heart of palm, mushrooms and olives.  Alas, no sundried tomatoes, my favorite salad ingredient, I guess you cant have it all in life. For my add ons I go for salami and cheddar cheese and I finish it off with a blue cheese dressing. Taking a step back from the counter I have a realization: What a perfect work lunch option! And I think the rest of Dubai had this realization as the phones are ringing off the hook for orders, it is lunchtime after all. Before paying my bill I order a selection of 2 soups lentil and tomato. Diving my fork into my rich salad I get the sharp flavor of the blue cheese dressing contrasting the sweetness of the beetroot. No to toot my own horn but Daym, I created a tasty salad. Suggestion: a customer inspired salad of the month. Need some inspiration or too lazy to construct your own salad, you can pick from a selection of signature or classic salads such as the Charcuterie salad: Asian mix, pepperoni, salami, turkey ham, sausage, parmesan, apple, peppers, with pommery dressing – who said salads can’t make you full? Sipping my lentil soup I am pleased that it’s not the standard ground lentil soup that most restaurants have on their menu but a traditional Lebanese lentil soup in a broth with green leaves. Having a taste of my tomato soup I realize that cream has been added to the recipe, which I don't particularly fancy.  Let your tomatoes shine through I say, with the holy trinity of carrots, onions and celery some seasoning and vegetable stock your as good as gold – skip the cream please. I end my meal with a watermelon feta dessert a fresh combination that I always welcome. Forget everything you know. Start over, is pasted on the wall meaning forget everything you know about salads because this is a new generation of salads:
Salad Before Richy’s Salad After Richy’s
Salad Bed = 60% Salad Bed = 20%
Salad = Feminine Salad = Unisex
Limited Options Limitless Options
Can’t get full by salad Salad makes you full
Protein = 5% Protein = 40%
My verdict – Richy’s is a great solution for a work lunch order. If they can master the efficient delivery of their salads they have got it. Currently orders are taken over the phone but online ordering is soon to follow.
LOCATION JLT OPENING HRS. 11am to 10 pm CUISINE Salad, Soup and Wraps PRICE PER COUPLE AED 70 TELEPHONE # 800 742497 WEBSITE pwww.richys.ae
Your Work Lunch Fix