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Fork It Over Dubai Business Cards

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a fetish for business cards. Business cards are the initial means of transferring information, therefore I believe they should make an impact on what you or your company represent. And so, I'm really excited to announce that my business cards have finally been printed! Over the past couple of months my designer / brand creative and I have been working hard to come up with something that represents Fork It Over Dubai and Tala Soubra. Big shout out to Lewis Adams, my designer, who has been exceptionally patient with my endless demands regarding my business cards. And here they are: The Front: I will never underestimate the importance of pictures to Fork It Over Dubai. My readers respond to and love photography, so that's exactly what I'm going to give them. I can even say my blog is 50% content and 50% pictures, therefore naturally, so are my business cards. The pictures that I chose represent not only food but the experience of dining. I only printed 350 cards so every couple of months I can select new photos to be featured. I debosed a boarder on the photos to frame the pictures and again emphasize the importance of photos. The Back: Because the front of my business cards are quite detailed, I wanted keep the back simple. I give you the official new branding of Fork It Over Dubai: I know Fork It Over Dubai is quite a mouthful, but Lewis was able to transform it into something elegant and simple. The beautiful quote is an ode to one of the greatest female writers of the twentieth century, Virginia Wolf, which I couldn't agree more with. Paper: If you look close enough you can see the tweeded texture in the thick paper I chose. Holding one of my cards I want you to feel its character. Shape: My cards are the exact same size and shape as a credit card so they fit perfectly in your wallet, and you can take them everywhere you go. : ) * * * It was a long process but it was worth it because I will only accept the best for my Fork It Over Dubai readers. I hope you like them! Love, Tala If  you ever need any creative work done, Mr. Lewis Adams is your man. You can contact him on la@lewisadams.co.

Im Back to Dubai!

I actually got back 2 weeks ago but that was just the physical part of me. But now, two weeks in, I can officially say that I’m back physically, mentally and I’m ready to go! Words cannot describe my experience in Paris. I was living my dream. By day I would be baking and by night I would be exploring restaurants – what more can a girl ask for. Paris is a stunning city that opened its heart to me and made me feel at home, as if I had lived there for as long as I could remember. Contrary to what people say the French were actually very kind and welcoming… at least they were to me. One of my favorite memories of my trip was walking back home from Le Cordon Bleu with my baked goodies between my hands. Everyone who would pass me by on the street would smile at me and sometime lend a beautiful bonjour to me. It’s the best affirmation that I’m getting myself into exactly what I want. Pastries and sweets put a smile one everyone’s face and I want to put a smile on all of Dubai’s faces! Traveling to Paris and knowing not a soul, did I feel alone during my trip? On the contrary, I made so many beautiful friendships in and out of my class that I know will last for years to come. I made it a point not to purchase a local line and strictly not to activate my data roaming services so I wouldn’t be distracted while out and about in the streets of Paris. The only place I had access to Internet was in my house. Every evening when I would return home and before my key had fully turned the lock on my door my phone would start beeping with all of your msgs, comments, emails, Whats apps, twitter mentions and instagram likes. It was the most beautiful thing to experience. It was similar to coming home to a house full of family and friends asking how my day went and encouraging me to keep going. I know I couldn’t have done Paris with out all of your support. What’s Next? That’s the biggest question right now – a lot! Because it took me so long to plan my trip to Paris I don’t want it to become just a fading memory or vacation that I enjoyed. I want it to be something great that changed my life – which it did. Inspiration The biggest takeaway from my trip to Paris, in a word, is Inspiration – something I wish I could have captured in a bottle and brought back with me. The closest way I could capture the inspiration I felt during my stay in Paris was to compile all my food photography into a book. Whenever I need a kick of food inspiration I can leaf through the book and hopefully get my fix. Fork It Over Dubai The food offerings were on another level in Paris. In part due to the high quality of produce in France and mostly due to the creativity and heart of the restaurant brands. My love for restaurants is leaning more towards boutique, home-grown, one off restaurants that truly make their creativity shine through. I am going to make it  point to do best in supporting such restaurants in Dubai. My admiration for chefs and everyone who works in the kitchen has grown exponentially. In Europe working in a kitchen is something honorable and is something I don’t see in Dubai. I want to bring awareness to how important and how difficult working in a successful kitchen is. I have decided to start a new series of posts called The Chefs corner on Fork It Over Dubai. It will be focused on chef interviews of your favorite restaurants in Dubai. And I’m not talking about celebrity chefs that come for a restaurant opening and leave; I’m talking about the chefs that are serving us day in and day out! Bringing the chefs out of the kitchen and into our hearts. And Finally Baking There’s definitely something baking in the oven… stay tuned for details. Love, Tala

Grazia – Grazia Loves the Ivy – July 6, 2011

Grazia Ivy Quote
"As a lover of soup, and a less than lover of the hot/sticky/humid summers of Dubai, the Iced Tomato Soup is a pleasant remedy to my catch 22." Read the full article on: http://www.theivy.ae/_img/pics/pdf_1315984193.pdf

Aquaris – Give Your Culinary Skills A Polish – October 1, 2010

Give your Culinary Skills a Polish
First-hand feedback: Food blogger Tala Soubra (www.forkitoverdubai.wordpress.com), has tried out several classes at L'atelier Des Chefs: "I have a real passion for cooking - I love good food, learning new cuisines and trying new things. So, I find these classes very entertaining and useful - plus, you get to meet lots of new people. Along with teaching the recipes, the chefs also teach you techniques for cooking that aren't just specific to certain dishes. Also, the recipes are usually practical, so they are applicable to your everyday life. And when I try them at home, they always work out." Read the full article on: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/food/give-your-culinary-skills-a-polish-1.685788

The National – Organic Market’s Growing Pains – August 7, 2010

The National
Tala Soubra, 25, of Dubai, who blogs at the twitter site Fork It Over Dubai, said: "I would go there every week and it was one of the few places where the goods go directly from the farm to the shop. That was the nicest thing about it. People really want organic food grown in the UAE because once you pick something off the vine it begins to lose its nutrients quickly. If it comes from a long way away, by the time it arrives here it has nothing left in terms of nutrients." Read the full artcile on: http://www.thenational.ae/news/organic-markets-growing-pains