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The Best Breakfast in Dubai

Coined as the most important meal of the day, Breakfast, contrary to its coinage, gets as much attention as the “Terms and Conditions” on any new BB application people download. Fork It Over Dubai is taking on a new initiative to Brining Breakfast Back to Dubai! Go beyond the hum drum coffee shops that are the default Breakfast settings and into the breakfasts that make you want to sing It’s a Beautiful Day. All About the Bagel – Circle on Jumeira Beach Road One of my fondest memories of New York City is having a perfectly toasted, poppy seed, Philly cream filled bagel early in the morning while watching the city come alive. With a bit of research I discover that Circle on Jumeirah Beach Road offers Dubai’s first H&H bagels (Famous New York Bagels).
  • The Must Have:  A toasted bagel and cream cheese of your choice. You can order a more complicated bagel i.e. with salmon, but to me something as perfect as a cream cheese bagel need not be messed with.
  • The Do Not Have: Half way through my scrambled eggs, I think to myself, why am I paying for this? It is an under spiced, not worth my 27 Drihams, I can make eggs at home ten times better than this type of dish.
  • Nice Surprise: My brown/whole grain waffle is delicious and even bordering on healthy – sans the maple syrup that is.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
Girls Moring Out – Forty Carrots in Dubai Mall I was a little standoffish about recommending a breakfast place in a mall, why? Cause there is something about malls in the morning that doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get me wrong I am a big mall person, MOE was my second home when I lived in Barsha and DXB Mall is now my second home as I live in Old Town. But, for a girls morning out occasion I will make an exception for Forty Carrots. It’s a joyful (the pick says it all) outlet in Dubai Mall that has a light and healthy selection of offerings. And to top it all off, the tipping point for which to accept a mall in the morning, the one and only Bloomingdales is opened/part owner/ stuck to the café. Part breakfast, part retail therapy and part girls morning out.
  • The Must Have: One of the best yogurt offerings in Dubai. Yes I have tasted all the rest, trust me this is one of the leaders.
  • Nice Surprise: Interesting omelet offerings such as the Greek omelet bursting with flavors such as olives, feta cheese, mushrooms and more.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
The Splurge – Olivio in The Royal Mirage Everyone and I mean EVERYONE deserves a splurge every once in a while. It’s actually scientifically proven to increase a person’s health – where I get my health facts is beyond the scope of this blog, but it’s all true stuff. Why would I pick The Royal Mirage out of all the hotels in Dubai? Because I don’t want to have breakfast in a lobby or a hall on the X millionth floor of a hotel – there is no added value in that. I want a place that I can escape to, something resort-like where I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh beach breeze.
  • The Must Have:  There are two breakfast halls in the Royal Mirage, you must east at Olivio because it has the open outside seating. As for the menu, pancakes, fresh fruits, tailored omelets, sausages and many more are all fair game.
  • Nice Surprise:  A peacock may stroll by your table.
  • Timings: 7:30 am t0 11:00 am.
The Business Breakfast – Florian in DIFC Need a place to impress your clients/boss/have a business meeting/ go to breakfast before work? Florian is the perfect place that offers exceptional breakfasts choices. It was the breakfast the pleasantly surprised me the most.
  • The Must Have: The oh so fluffy pancakes with straw berries on the side. Tip: ask for extra maple syrup there’s nothing more beautiful than plunging a fork full of packages into a bowl full of maple syrup. The poached eggs and turkey dish is also a must have. Though the hollandaise sauce could use some minor tweaking the eggs and sautéed turkey cold cuts put a smile on my face.
  • Nice Surprise: The Chocolate Croissant. Easily one of the best chocolate croissants I have tasted in Dubai. The menu it stated freshly made which was doubted by my mind until my mouth tasted the incredibly light, crispy feather puff pastry countered by the warm, creamy dark chocolate on the inside.
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday 7:30 am to 11:00 am
When in the Middle East – Al Reef Lebanese Bakery on Al Wasel Road There’s nothing like a zatar manousheh on the go. Refer to my Al Reef blog post for more details about the experience.
  • The Must Have: Zatar manousheh with tomoatoes.
  • Timing: 24/7.
My Readers Suggestions “Try Eric Kayser in Dubai mall! Apart from being health-conscious, it actually tastes good. And for the bread…soooo très Bon!” Johanna

The Best French Fries in Dubai

I consider myself a pretty strong willed person. There are only a handful of people/things that I have a hard time resisting and one of them is French Fries! I know it’s the start of a New Year, and everyone is focusing on healthy food, but at the end of the day, I just wanna make you smile. And yes, French fries make me smile, so I’m guessing / hopping that they do the same for you. If you’re going to indulge in something naughty, I want you to indulge in the best type of naughty there is out there. Characteristic to most of my Best of the Best Posts, such as the Best Pizza in Dubai, one category can never suffice. Squeezing the different types of fries into one mold is like saying there is only one type of a beautiful woman or a gorgeous man out – which couldn’t be further from the truth.


KFC Fries

I want to start off with the category that may cause the most out roar / controversy - Finger Liking Good Fries. They are fries you get from the big four; McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Hardees. (Not to be confused with the financial big four – I couldn’t resist that joke – sorry) After completing my mini market research i.e. harassing my friends, I got several votes for Burger King and a handful for McDonalds. I find Burger Kings fries too crispy and lack certain creaminess. As for McDonalds fries, they were (past tense) my favorite, but lately I taste an old, need to change the deep fryer taste in their fries. This leads me to my top pick, KFC Fries.  Crispy on the outside, oh so creamy on the inside, no Ketchup needed and leaves you with a sweet after – I don’t know how or why. And coincidently, as per Colonel Sanders, are officially Finger Liking Good! Price: AED 5.


New York Fries

All I have to say is Woah Nelly! According to the ever accurate Urban Dictionary, Woah Nelly is loosely defined by the following: “In modern English it's used to refer to anything or a person, who has become out of control…” I think those fires are out of control and constitute a meal and a half! Just as an interesting note, the ball of cream you see in the picture is actually Labneh (a Lebanese cream), not sour cream. Excellent choice and excellent adaptation to the culture – extra French Fry points to you NY Fries. Price: AED 15 Small. AED 18 Large.



Hardees’ signature spiced, crunchy mix coating every inch of their fluffy fries make them a clear winner. My favorite part is finding a fry tightly coiled up as if it were scared to be found for fear of being devoured. Sympathetically, I place the coil around my ring finger while channeling The Police and say contrary to reality, you (the fry) in fact have me Wrapped Around Your Finger. Price: AED  6.


Shake Shack

The picture says it all. If you go the extra mile and cut your fires in a creative way I will take notice! Price: AED 12.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Initially, I had set out to have two categories, the Best Gourmet Fries and the Best Chunky Monkey (Thick) fries. Although after having Ruth’s Chris’s steak fries which coincidently were chunky, I thought ah ha! In this current market, with the gloomy 2012 outlook and the declining Euro, any form of consolidation is welcomed in my books! Therefore, the two categories have now become one grand category of the Best Chunky Gourmet Fries. What brings the dish to a completely different level is the introduction of sundried tomatoes – which I absolutely adore. The sundried tomatoes add a depth and surge of sweet and rustic flavors to the salty chunky fries. Price: AED 29.


The Gramercy

My love for Plain Jane fries resembles my love for a friend that’s always there and goes beyond the basic satisfying my taste buds level. To me, Plain Jane fries:
  • Make a lousy date worth while
  • Make an extremely late friend more forgivable
  • Make an orally fixated, whether it be a serial kisser or biter, more at ease
  • Make a never ending conversation possibly interesting
  • Are the perfect dessert to a peer pressured 5th round of shots
  • Are sunshine to me
The Gramercy’s Plain Jane fries are one of the best in Dubai. Extra crispy and extra creamy! Price: AED 24. ____________________________________________

Did I miss a category?

Do you agree with my top picks?

Let me know what you think!

The Gramercy

The Gramercy
Having heard a new restaurant/bar outlet had opened in DIFC that could give both Caramel and Zuma some competition, I was intrigued. Although following that delectable piece of news, I learnt that it was a sports bar; a sports bar I thought to myself, competition to Zuma and Caramel - hmmm? Images of sports bars in Dubai flashed through my head such as Fibber Magee’s and Loca. Pushing open the doors of the Gramercy I asked my friend “Is this the right place?” I was welcomed by glorious high ceilings, a beautiful chic/contemporary interior and a feeling of nice!!! Looking through their strategically concise menu (my biggest bet peeve are menus that are nothing short of novels) my eyes pleasantly run though offerings that were far from your typical bar food such as salmon, risotto, entrecote, calamari, cordon bleu, chocolate tart; an underlying French brasserie tone to their offerings is evident. At this point my mind was confused, all signs pointed to sports bar with black and white photos of sports figures, sports memorabilia and out of this world large TV screens, while all signs also pointed to not a sports bar with high ceilings, intelligent food offerings and a beautiful decor. As my mind quickly tried to categorize what the Gramercy was, by comparing it to the existing restaurants in Dubai, I came to the realization that it doesn’t currently exist! I am sitting in one of Dubai’s rare but original one of a kind restaurant outlets. Gone are the days when watching any type of sporting event had to come with a side order of inedible bar food, lack of oxygen due to smoke inhalation and sports bar grunge. Finally! My French onion soup arrives; which is typically my favourite comfort food. Sipping my spoonfuls of the broth and feeling the warmth as it goes down my throat I have to say I am greatly comforted! My next courses arrive in frenzy; goat cheese salad, entrecote and two simple yet vital sides of ratatouille and broccoli. My goat cheese salad has an interesting contrast with the soft honey-like dressing compared to the sharp goat cheese. The entrecote is beautifully presented and accompanied by golden/ideal/crispy fries – my Achilles heel. The sauce is creamy, well seasoned and an absolute must with each bite. My cheese cake and crème brulee arrive; although I expected the cheese cake to be less firm than it was my crème brulee was a delight. Next dessert pick is definitely the chocolate tart. The Gramercy also has Tuesday’s Ladies nights, Jazz Nights and Game nights. More than just your typical Zuma/Caramel swanky after work destination, The Gramercy proves to be something different. It’s that third place; not your house or your work but that third place you go to to hang out, enjoy and be yourself. And this one comes with a side order of great food, drinks and beautiful people. Location: DIFC. Price per Couple: AED 400. Opening Time: 12 pm to 2 am. Tel: 04 4437 7511. Licensed.

PF Chang

When I hear PF Chang opened in Dubai I think to myself hmm… Chine restaurant that’s a big red X, large chain that’s another big red X. Having just watched America’s Got Talent I reflect and conclude ok that’s two big red Xs and not 3 which means – let’s get this review on the Fork-O-Meter. We enter PF Chang, which is in the new extension of Mall of the Emirates, and the first thing I notice is the amount of people dining in the restaurant that instantly gave off a lively vibe which I value. The design of PF Chang can be characterized as warm; with dark wood, low lighting and earth toned colored art. Opening the menu my eyes quickly catch onto Chinese staples that everyone loves and my ordering beings: vegetable spring rolls, lettuce wrap, sweet and sour chicken, steamed white rice and vanilla ice cream. The spring rolls arrive and are scrumptious. They are exceptionally crispy, stuffed to the brim with the correct spring vegetables and accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce that finishes in an instant. I have a total of 4 rolls all to myself! Next are my chicken lettuce wraps. Having been bombarded by comments from a colleague that the warps are nothing short of ideal my anticipation is sky high. I roll up my wrap take a bit and wait. 1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi ok… am I missing something? I take another bite and all I get is chicken with crispy lettuce – nothing to write home about. My sweet and sour chicken was made entirely with chicken breast something I always look for. The large chunky pieces of chicken are immersed in thick, gooey sweet and sour sauce, the sauce is so rich that even a block of cement would taste good in it. Accompanying my main is steamed fluffy white rice. I end with a scoop of classic Baskin Robbinsy/ Haagen-Dazsy vanilla ice cream. On my way out I spot a piece of dessert cake waiting to be served that literally stops me in my tracks. With no exaggeration the slice could have easily been one kilo in weight; so just a warning if you do plan on ordering a cake be ready to share or loosen your belt. I can’t say that I have any major complaints about PF Chang but at the same time I can’t say that it made me throw my hands up in that and say lord I just don’t care I want PF Chang every day! If I am in the mood for well priced Chinese, which would be once a year, actually let’s make that every other year, I would be sliding back into one of their booths. Although if asked will be successful in Dubai I would say yes.
A Since we are in the Mall Restaurant

The Best Street Shawerma in Dubai

The Purpose To end the age old feud of who has the best Shawerma in town Break Down of the CCC The Conditions:
  1. Has to be under AED 10
  2. Proper restaurants are not included
  3. Easy and quick service
The Contenders:
  1. Al Ijaza – AED 4
  2. Al Farooj – AED 6
  3. Al Mallah – AED 6
  4. Al Safadeh – AED 7
The Criterion:
  1. Fillings
  2. Chicken
  3. Other
Al Ijaza -2/5 That’s minus 2 out of 5. Fillings included hot lettuce, tomato, tahina and others. It was a vegetarian bonanza + chicken. Completely unlike a traditional chicken Shawerma. No. No. No.
Al Farooj 3/5 Good garlic content but there were no fries.
Al Mallah 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Safadeh 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Ijaza 1/5 I couldn’t taste the chicken from mess that was inside the Shawerma.
Al Farooj 5/5 The best taste and quality chicken.
Al Mallah 3/5 Average.
Al Safadeh 3/5 Average.
Al Ijaza 3/5 Great size and service. With just a honk of my horn the Shawerma was delivered to mar car step.
Al Farooj 2/5 It was too clean and lacked the street Shawerma spunk. It reminded me of Hardees with an Arabic twist.
Al Mallah 5/5 Epitome of a street Shawerma, grunge, car exhaust and all.
Al Safadeh 1/5 Size of the Shawerma was too big. Street Shawermas should fit in the palm of your hand. I would rather have two small ones then one big one.
  The Results
  1. Al Mallah with 13 points
  2. Al Farooj with 10 points
  3. Al Safedeh with 9 points
  4. Al Ijaza with 0 points
Further Breakdown
Fillings + Chicken Others Total
Al Mallah 8 points 2 13
Al Farooj 8 points 5 10
I am trying to demonstrate that Al Mallah won because it was characteristic of a true street Shawerma. If you’re going for the cleanest out of the four go for Al Farooj. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? I already know two people that would disagree. Bring on the comments.

The Exchange Grill

5 Steps to One of Those Epic Dinner Dates
  1. Reserve a table at the Exchange Grill
  2. Request the best seat in the house – the table next to the window
  3. First date? Special occasion? Let them know and they’ll take care of the rest, you’ll look like a superstar without moving an inch
  4. Ask the chef to tailor a special menu depending on what you both enjoy
  5. Relax, be yourself and please… no sleazy lines, we’re already impressed we accepted the date
The Exchange Grill  The Exchange Grill doors transport you to a meat lover’s heaven, complete with the best steaks in town, upscale chic interior and beautiful leather ‘thrones’. It is the land where “yes” is the law and “no” ceases to exist. Taking our seats, white napkins are placed on our laps. Have a darker shade of pants on? You have the option of a black napkin—interesting right? Granted I’m not coming back just for that black napkin, but to me, details make a difference. My Carpaccio starter arrives, and I’m hungry, but my fork doesn’t move, I can’t ,it’s too pretty, but I want to, but it’s too pretty but I’m hungry!… eventually I do. My dish is so delicately prepared that chewing is completely unnecessary and replaced by the process of pure melting in your mouth. My date’s Caesar’s Salad doesn’t offer the same enjoyment. Partly because it is in fact, a Caesar’s Salad (I personally don’t see their point in life) and partly because its design compensates the ease of eating it. At the Exchange Grill I like to go for the fillet steak— you may say boring, but nothing compares to a flawless piece of meat; how cavewoman like of me, but it’s true. My date orders a T-bone steak with his addition of grilled baby onions; ask and you shall receive here, “yes of course,” says the waiter. Our cuts of meat arrive and are cooked exactly as we requested. The tender meat glistens with juice and each bite is packed with an exquisite, rich meat flavor. The inside of my fillet is the most beautiful color that reminds me of a fresh pink rose. The steaks come with five delicious sauces including horseradish, my favorite; it gives each bite an extra kick. My favorite side dish is the onion rings which I must dwell on. They're not your typical soggy, oil dripping through the paper bag Hardees onion rings, rather they remind me of crispy, feather like puffs of perfection... must try, must have, must stop dreaming about. (A steak at the exchange grill is like a BMW X6 (your steak) with Hamann customization (your sides and sauces). Both are excellent on their own but put together—Spectacular.) We order the chocolate fondant for dessert and is perfectly cooked, a slight touch by our forks triggers a bobsled like rush of molten chocolate that swirls around our dessert plate and engulfs it warm chocolate. (Check out the water glasses, the one and only Riedel – amazing) I would definitely say: “Fork It Over; every last bite of it!”
LOCATION: Fairmont, Dubai OPENING HRS: 12:30-3,  7 - 12 pm CUISINE: Steak House PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 700 - 900 TELEPHONE #: 04 332 55 55
A Love At First Site Restaurant


5 Reasons to Eat at Tawasol
  1. An all guy, down and dirty dinner binge
  2. A we're incredibly hungry we can eat a couple of chickens and why not a lamb dinner
  3. A back to basics caveman/woman like eating on the floor with your hands dinner
  4. An eating like a king for under AED 100 dinner
  5. The  option of eating your meal and passing out in the same area
  Toast Two things are an absolute MUST when eating at Tawasol:
  1. Eating in the private rooms: Fitted with an authentic design, floor seating and cushions.
  2. Eating with your hands: As my friend best describes it - when you eat sans the utensils there is a “chemical reaction” between the food and your hands that makes every bite taste incredible.
With the whip of the plastic sheet, our authentic Yemeni dining experience begins. Our eating area is set in a blink of an eye with what can be described as a Frisbee like (although very accurate) action of setting the plates. Our starters are green leaves, bell peppers and cucumbers accompanied by a heavenly sauce. The sauce can be compared to a type of salsa. It’s an extremely fresh and light tomato based sauce that possess a spicy undertone. There is a variety of dishes to choose from at Tawasol but I would recommend the chicken, lamb or a mix of both all served on a bed of rice. Within ten minutes of ordering, our main dishes arrive - 2 chickens and 3 lambs. My tender, juicy, golden red half chicken is so comfortably placed on a bed of rice that for a split of a second I am hesitant to disturb it. My eating experience goes something like this: With a green leaf, I pull apart a section of my tender chicken, scoop up some rise and finally dunk my cocoon of a bite into the salsa and absolutely marvel at the taste. And repeat, repeat, repeat until it’s all gone. The perfect drink to accompany your meal – definitely a 7 UP. A must have experience if you live in Dubai.
LOCATION: Deira OPENING HRS: 12 pm - 12 am CUISINE: Yemeni PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 50 TELEPHONE #: 04 295 97 97  
A Craving Quencher Restaurant

Does the Best Tabouleh Exist in Dubai?

As the self professed QUEEN of Tabouleh (I have had Tabouleh every night of my life for as long as I could remember) I thought it would be my duty to uncover Dubai’s best Tabouleh. Nominees:
  1. Khan Murjan – In Waffi Mall
  2. Waffi Gourmet – In Dubai Mall
  3. Burj Al Hamam- On Jumeirah Beach Road
Three Tests to Pass to be the Best Tabouleh -        Bowl Tip Test: Tip the bowl to one side and you should see some sauce at the bottom of the bowl. -        The Secret: No not the book, but the overly generous amount of ripe juicy red tomatoes. -        Spice Up Your Life: Seasoning of salt and sweet pepper is a must. Khan Murjan
Bowl Tip Test PASSED
The Secret FAILED
Spice Up Your Life FAILED
The Tabouleh did have sauce, but it was just lemon. It tasted like lemon parsley salad. My taste buds had to question if it was freshly squeezed lemon or bottled lemon juice. Bottled/fake anything is my worst nightmare. Waffi Gourmet
Bowl Tip Test FAILED
The Secret FAILED
Spice Up Your Life FAILED
I was the most disappointed with Waffi Gourmet. I actually thought it would be the top contender, but from what I tasted I would say Fork It Over to the trash. It was so dry I felt like a goat eating a wad of parsley grass. Burj Al Hamam
Bowl Tip Test PASSED
The Secret FAILED
Spice Up Your Life ½ PASSED
Even though Burj Al Hamam did not pass the Secret test and half passed the Spice Up Your Life Test, I think it is one of the better restaurant Tabouleh’s in Dubai. ____________ Entering my house I had an uneasy feeling of recommending something that I value so much that is not 100%, while knowing exactly where you can get a Tabouleh that is beyond 100%. Where you ask? My House! As my house is not big enough to feed all of you, I’m going to teach you how to make the best Tabouleh in Dubai. A ‘recipe’ that has been passed down from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mother and then to me and now to you. What you Will Need (Feeds 4)
  1. 2 Bundles of Parsley
  2. ½ a Bundle of Mint
  3. 3 Large Ripe Red Tomatoes
  4. ½ a Cucumber
  5. 1 Spring Onion
  6. 2 Table Spoons of Burgul (Cracked Wheat)
  7. 2 ½ Teaspoon Salt
  8. 2 ½ Teaspoon Sweet Pepper
  9. 5 Table Spoons Olive Oil
  10. 2 Large Lemons
-        Parsley and Mint: First, pick the leaves off the parsley and mint stems. Roll the leaves up like a cigar and chop them into thin slices as seen in the picture. Wash the leaves AFTER you cute them not before! Once you’re done this part everything else is a synch. -        Tomatoes: Cut the tomatoes into thin slices then dice them as seen in the picture. -        Onion and Cucumber: Finley dice. -        Burgul: Soak the burgul in water for 1-2 minutes. -        Lemon: Squeeze the two lemons. -        Add all the ingredients together vegetables, salt, pepper, burgul, olive oil and lemon in a bowl and serve immediately. Do Not -        Substitute sweet pepper with black pepper. -        Substitute olive oil with vegetable oil. -        Substitute red onions instead of spring onions. Do -        Have some lettuce or petta bread with the Tabouleh. -        Go the extra mile by pealing the tomoatoes and buying organic parsley. The Result
Bowl Tip Test PASSED Plenty of juicy sauce.
The Secret PASSED Equal to more red than green.
Spice Up Your Life PASSED The sauce is a darker shade from the pepper.
It may seem like a lot of work but trust me it is WORTH every second. If you do end up making it, I hope it would give you as much Taste Joy that it gives me every evening.


In the spirit of Ramadan I wanted to share a recipe of one of my favorite Arabic sweets; Knefeh. The following is as easy and 1, 2, 3 and as healthy as a Knefeh can actually be. (If that’s possible.) Enjoy! What you will need: Knefeh
  1. 1 and ½ loafs of white bread.
  2. 250g of  unsalted butter
  3. ¾ cup Samolina
  4. 2 cups of powdered milk
  5. 1 and ½ cup sugar
  6. 1 packet mozzarella cheese
  7. 2 table spoons of  rose water
  1. 1 cup water
  2. 1 cup sugar
  3. 2 table spoons Rose water
  4. Half a lemon
The Knefeh Preheat your over to 350 degrees. Remove the crusts off the sliced bread and cut the white sections into cubes as seen in the picture. In an electric food processer add the bread cubes and butter and process until grainy. Place the bread and butter mixture into a large round pan and pat down evenly. Place it into the oven for 30 minutes. This will form the brown crust of the kenafeh. In a pot, add the samoliona, water and powdered milk stirring constantly making sure to get the bottom of the pot. When the mixture starts to become thick, add the sugar and rose water and keep stirring until it starts to slightly boil. Take it off the heat. When the crust is done place the mozzarella shavings along the crust. Add the milk mixture and place it back into the over for 35 min. After the pan is out of the oven run a spatula along the edges of the knefeh. Place a large serving plate over the pan, this part needs some muscle, and flip the knefeh over onto the serving plate. If you have time, purchase fresh mozzarella instead of the packet; soak it in water for 20 minutes before use then shave it into threads. The Syrup Place the water and sugar into a saucepan and turn the heat on high. Continuously stir the mixture until it starts to vigorously boil. Add the lemon and rose water and you’re done. To Eat Cut out a pizza like slice drizzle some sauce over the top and Fork It Over.

The Best Iftar in Dubai

There is something about the Royal Mirage that mesmerizes me; I’m not sure if it’s the memories I have, the romantic mystery of the hotel or the feeling of stepping out of Dubai. Any chance I get to visit – revisit rather, I take in a heartbeat. I find out that the Rotisserie at the Royal Mirage is offering an Iftar special; 4 phone calls latter I have a reservation and couple of friends to go with. Entering the Rotisserie we are escorted to our table – always ask for a table next to the window. With dusk views like the below I think "If these aren’t the gates to heaven, I’d like to see what are?" When the prayer calls we breakout fast with water and dates set on our table and proceed to the buffet area. Everything was presented beautifully and ready for us to consume. Eating Arabic food outside my house is usually a chore/duty because it’s never inspiring. But I have to say several of the dishes that the Rotisserie offered inspired me. Expecting a monotonic blablabla I get a colorful string quartette melody taste. Harmonious dishes include kibbeh bi labban, kaftah, babghanouj, fatoush and many others. What I would stay away from is the Moroccan soup. The exact name slipped my mind, but it has a red based sauce with vegetables. I can usually translate what I taste into words quite easily but this soup put me at a loss of words. After over 6 trips to the buffet area - each, we were all overly satisfied and indulged. Have a walk around the forest that is the Royal Mirage after your Iftar including the hotel’s beach front. Sitting on the more than comfy beach chairs with good food in my tummy, the sound of the beach and skyline of Dubai I wonder if this is an Iftar or a spa treatment – I come to the conclusion that is a Spatar; both rolled into one. With Iftars the larger the group, always the better!
LOCATION: The Royal Mirage  OPENING HRS: 6pm to 11 pm CUISINE: International PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 340 TELEPHONE #: 04 3999 999  
A Craving Quencher Restaurant