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April FIODTuesdays Line up Powered by Restronaut

April FIODTuesdays Line UP
Hello Gorgeous People, True to what April stands for, spring and the excitement of new beginnings, I wanted to share a concept that embodies everything that I love and everything that gets me excited, the exploration of food and good company i.e Restronaut. Restronaut is a homegrown social dining concept that brings like-minded people together over dinner at the city's best restaurants. How does Restronaut work? Restronaut creates and hosts dinners where tables are set up around a theme or shared interest such as fashion, food, art etc. You can join dinners by booking your seat via their website based on what you enjoy. Added perks include checking the profile of other dinner guests who have joined the table, potentially stalking someone of interest and also creating your own table for a celebration. Payment for dinner is made through the Restronaut website and a menu boasting the restaurant's best is already chosen, so all you have to do is show up and focus on the social. Take a look around their super simple and extremely handsome website. (Yes, I was told websites can in fact be handsome) FIODTuesdays and Restronaut If you haven't already noticed, the synergy between FIODTuesdays and Restronaut is magical. FIODTuesdays explores the cities most exciting restaurants while Restronaut gives me the perfect platform to mange my tables and more importantly, makes joining one of my Tuesday dinner tables so easy for you. With out further ado here is the Run Down for Aprils FIODTuesdays dinners: If you're interested in any of the above restaurants click here and book your seat on my table on the Restronaut website. Have a look around and check out who else is joining. Hope to see you then! Love, Tala

March FIOD Tuesdays Line Up

I had a beautiful experience exploring the Dubai Hamburger scene and I know I have countless more burgers to try! My top pick is Elevation Burger for its price, location, taste and ability to customize. But I do have to say, if I don't have another burger for the next couple of months, I wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind at all. I had a case of Burger Overload, yes it does exist, for me it does. So for the month of March, a specific theme was out of the question. Actual come to think of it, the theme is mutually exclusive restaurants that have noting in common except for their involvement in FIOD Tuesdays. : ) The Run Down: If you’re not a fan of any of the above restaurants no worries, there is an endless amount of Tuesdays and FIOD Dinners to come. If your in, post a comment or send me a direct email so I can manage the reservation. Hope to see you there! Love, Tala  

February FIOD Tuesdays Line Up

For the month of February, the month of love, I wanted to do something special for FIOD Tuesdays. I want to focus on something you love most. Something that I haven’t experienced any other city obsess over more than Dubai. What is this thing, this love, this obsession?


As we all know, burgers are not created equally. There are different categories that make each type of burger stand in a league of its own. Therefore, with 4 Tuesdays in February, we are going to try 4 different types of burgers. The category rundown is as follows:





I have completed my thorough research by reading every burger article in Dubai, asking countless people what their favorites are and consulting the expert foodies.

The schedule is as follows:

You may be wondering, “Hey where are the classics that we all know and love?” I intentionally left them out of my choices because I always want to expose you to restaurants and tastes that are new and unique. You don’t need me to tell you how Johnny Rockets, Shake Sack or the IVY burgers measure up because I know you’ve been there and done that. If you’re not a fan of any of the above restaurants no worries, there is an endless amount of Tuesdays and FIOD Dinners to come. If your in, post a comment or send me a direct email so I can manage the reservation. Love, Tala  

January FIOD Tuesdays Line Up

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 10.02.46 PM
Hello 2013! January is a beautiful month filled with new beginnings. We have all been blessed with an additional year to enjoy. Tell everyone you love them, live your days like their your last and most importantly, Dine Well! Check out the below restaurants I will be visiting each Tuesday of this month. Join me and we'll kick start this year with a bang!!