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The Best Farmer’s Market in Dubai

Veggies again 007
Waking up at 6 am on Friday the 27th of January for the Dubai Marathon was an accomplishment. Finishing the 10 K run exactly at my goal time was even a greater one. The biggest realization that I have taken from the Dubai Marathon is how much I enjoy and miss early mornings. How much of my beautiful Friday weekends I waste lying around in bed and in doors! No more are the days when I pull myself out of bed at half past noon - from now on,  half past nine, I’m up, out of bed and ready to go! My first Friday Morning Initiative couldn’t have been more appropriately chosen – a trip to the Farmer’s Market at Souk al Bahar with my Dad. The Farmer’s Market is organized by Baker and Spice, supplied with local produce from the UAE and runs from 9 am to 4 pm every Friday until mid May. As a true veteran of the Farmer’s Market, my dad explains to me that we have to be there at 10 am Max to get first pick on all the organic goodies. Camera in one hand, tweed bags in other and off we go. The fresh produce lined up against the backdrop of the Fountain and the Burj Khalifa is a stunning sight. Natural organic vs. man made perfection. Strong colors and strong smells are my favorite characteristics of good fruits and vegetables. If I can’t smell it, it’s not coming home with me! Walking around the market it feels as though the cool breeze is laced with a type of energy closely resembling happiness. The breeze brushes against the freshly picked vegetables and swirls around everyone – no one can stand a chance but smile. Strangers who normally pass each other by on the street are now greeting one another with a hello nod as if to say “I’ve seen you here last Friday”, are sharing vegetable tips and even a few laughs as they all dive in for the same vegetables. I leave you with some snapshots of the beautiful produce and more importantly the beautiful people from my Friday.   Have you been to the Farmer's Market? How was your experience there?