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The Hamptons Cafe

The Hamptons Cafe
Having just booked a flight to New York in October, my subsequent booking is a convertible for the mandatory drive to the Hamptons. After enjoying Barefoot Contessa’s cookbooks and philosophy of simple yet comforting food inspired by the Hamptons, the drive is well overdue. Alas, as October is a handful of months away, I make do with a short drive to Jumeirah for the newly opened Hamptons Café. The first attempt is shot down by a fully booked space and an impatiently empty stomach. On the second attempt, a reservation is made prior and a table secured for myself and 5 friends. Walking in we’re welcomed by beige tones, anchors here and there, sea shells and that beachfront feel. We all swipe away, on our Ipad menus, a personal pet peeve of mine, and make our selections. The menu ranges from breakfast including eggs and pastry, lunch, soups and salads. Sipping on our tea, the eggs in tomato arrive, a close cousin to the shakshuka. The dish suffers from a heavy dose of under seasoning and makes me long to be in Baker and Spice. And next, buttermilk fried chicken, oh yes with a side of coleslaw, oh yes. The batter slightly over seasoned, but the chicken so juicy. After experiencing a seesaw of seasoning we decide on dessert, a carrot cake and rose croissant. Biting into the rose croissant an air of rose mist is released something that makes me smile. We finish our meal with beautiful conversation that lasts for hours, the highlight of the experience. I say goodbye to the Hamptons and wonder if I’ll see her again, I think yes, but only in October in my rented convertible.
LOCATION Jumeirah 1 OPENING HRS. 8 pm - 9 pm CUISINE American PRICE PER COUPLE AED 220 TELEPHONE # 04 331 5118
Have some Fried Chicken

Strawberries and the Beach

I enjoy the experience of creating, whether it’s creating a blog post, pictures, an almond tart or even dinner experiences. If I have created something, then it is a day well spent. Idleness is my biggest pet peeve, and I’m strictly stubborn about being un-idle.  I don’t go to the movies, I don’t watch TV and I don’t just do nothing. But there’s something about spending the whole day lying on the beach that’s so satisfying. At sunset with my hair curled from the sea water and my shoulders rosé from the sun, I always have a feeling of contentment. Is it being close to nature? Or maybe it’s being close to a body that is full of power and energy, two things I’m constantly attracted to. Rather than a spot to get away, the beach is a place that reenergizes me. With my book in hand, I always find myself drifting off to the sea. Staring at its endless horizon, it’s crashing waves and admiring the unknown of what it holds in its deepest blue. So it’s not surprising that every Friday, regardless of weather, you’ll find me on the beach! Leaning into my fridge, I see beautiful strawberries my mother purchased a few days ago and remember Jamie. Opening my drawer full of One of These Days Recipes I find Jamie’s Charred Eggy Bread With Strawberries and Honey and think this is the perfect pre beach breakfast, fresh yet filling. Getting my mise en place in order, I take out a must have in everyone’s kitchen, a cast iron stove top grill. Living 60 something floors up, I may not have the luxury of a barbeque but I have something that comes close. Cooking on a cast iron grill makes everything crispier rather than soggier which I get from everyday pans. Dipping my bread into the organic egg and milk mixture, I dust it with sugar and place it on the bottom half of the hot grill and it welcomes it with a sizzle. I then throw my sliced and sugar dusted strawberries on the top half. Waiting for everything to caramelized, I have a sip of coffee and flip through my summer plans. A few minutes later I plate my toast, top it with a spoonful of ricotta, grilled strawberries then honey and finally lemon zest. The warm bread forms a crispy crust from the caramelized sugar while the ricotta cools the almost soft strawberries with a sprinkle of lemon zest for freshness. Casually enjoying my last slice of strawberry and smudge of honey, I never rush food, I put on my swimming suit, kaftan, hat, sunglass, and towel in hand, off I go. And yes, I did ‘borrow’ the towel from Jumeirah Beach Hotel, but with the amount I pay for a single day entrance, on the rare occasion I don’t go to a public beach, I should be taking home the beach chair as well. A beautiful day at the beach makes everything colorful again! For the link to the full recipe, click here. Love, Tala  

Im Back to Dubai!

I actually got back 2 weeks ago but that was just the physical part of me. But now, two weeks in, I can officially say that I’m back physically, mentally and I’m ready to go! Words cannot describe my experience in Paris. I was living my dream. By day I would be baking and by night I would be exploring restaurants – what more can a girl ask for. Paris is a stunning city that opened its heart to me and made me feel at home, as if I had lived there for as long as I could remember. Contrary to what people say the French were actually very kind and welcoming… at least they were to me. One of my favorite memories of my trip was walking back home from Le Cordon Bleu with my baked goodies between my hands. Everyone who would pass me by on the street would smile at me and sometime lend a beautiful bonjour to me. It’s the best affirmation that I’m getting myself into exactly what I want. Pastries and sweets put a smile one everyone’s face and I want to put a smile on all of Dubai’s faces! Traveling to Paris and knowing not a soul, did I feel alone during my trip? On the contrary, I made so many beautiful friendships in and out of my class that I know will last for years to come. I made it a point not to purchase a local line and strictly not to activate my data roaming services so I wouldn’t be distracted while out and about in the streets of Paris. The only place I had access to Internet was in my house. Every evening when I would return home and before my key had fully turned the lock on my door my phone would start beeping with all of your msgs, comments, emails, Whats apps, twitter mentions and instagram likes. It was the most beautiful thing to experience. It was similar to coming home to a house full of family and friends asking how my day went and encouraging me to keep going. I know I couldn’t have done Paris with out all of your support. What’s Next? That’s the biggest question right now – a lot! Because it took me so long to plan my trip to Paris I don’t want it to become just a fading memory or vacation that I enjoyed. I want it to be something great that changed my life – which it did. Inspiration The biggest takeaway from my trip to Paris, in a word, is Inspiration – something I wish I could have captured in a bottle and brought back with me. The closest way I could capture the inspiration I felt during my stay in Paris was to compile all my food photography into a book. Whenever I need a kick of food inspiration I can leaf through the book and hopefully get my fix. Fork It Over Dubai The food offerings were on another level in Paris. In part due to the high quality of produce in France and mostly due to the creativity and heart of the restaurant brands. My love for restaurants is leaning more towards boutique, home-grown, one off restaurants that truly make their creativity shine through. I am going to make it  point to do best in supporting such restaurants in Dubai. My admiration for chefs and everyone who works in the kitchen has grown exponentially. In Europe working in a kitchen is something honorable and is something I don’t see in Dubai. I want to bring awareness to how important and how difficult working in a successful kitchen is. I have decided to start a new series of posts called The Chefs corner on Fork It Over Dubai. It will be focused on chef interviews of your favorite restaurants in Dubai. And I’m not talking about celebrity chefs that come for a restaurant opening and leave; I’m talking about the chefs that are serving us day in and day out! Bringing the chefs out of the kitchen and into our hearts. And Finally Baking There’s definitely something baking in the oven… stay tuned for details. Love, Tala

The Ivy Dubai

Walking into the IVY the first thought that comes to mind is “Thank God this looks NOTHING like Scarletts”. Sorry Scarletts but you wuz Uglayy. The second thing I notice is that I am the ONLY non British customer within a 10 meter radius of the restaurant. This clearly demonstrates the pull power of the IVY brand – an export from the UK. If I step in the IVY Dubai a couple of months from now and see that it’s still brimming with return British customers, its success would be proven by its domination of its British inspired menu rather than by its brand name. Can the IVY London be compared to the IVY Dubai? The IVY London is known as the place to eat for the who’s who of celebrities. Other than the Dubai residents who act like celebrities (but aren’t) celebrity sightings would be like finding a parking in the Marina – next to never. With that being said rather than being a sister of the IVY London, I’d say, the Ivy Dubai is going to be its distant cousin. I’ve said this a million times and I’m going to say it again, I like… wait Love, short menus. I’d rather a restaurant do a select number of things perfectly than a never ending list of everything half assed. The Ivy’s menu is well fitted, to the nines and concise – just like a beyond your budget designer suit. Iced Tomato Soup As a lover of soup, and a less than lover (my life is too short to hate, hence the less than lover) of the hot/sticky/humid did I say hot... summers of Dubai, the Iced Tomato Soup is a pleasant remedy to my catch-22. Basil, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheerfully bathing in a fresh iced tomato pulp/juice. If you love your Bloody Marys you will love this soup. If tomato juice is too much for you I’d recommend something else. Warm Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce Asparagus is such an earthy, fresh veggie that I feel the more than ample dollop of thick, full bodied hollandaise sauce is too much for me. Though cooked to perfection, I find myself scraping off the excess Hollandaise to reach my beautiful green Asparagi (is that the plural of Asparagus just like cacti or is asparagus already plural?) Fillet of Cod I’m usually not the biggest fish fan. For example when I have quality fish my reaction would be “If fish were my thing I would enjoy this dish”. Taking a bite of my fillet of cod my reaction surprises me. I like! But how can I like? I don’t like fish – but I like this dish… There is something about the smoky, woody, caramelized undertone of a cod that, to me, makes it an un fish and actually delightful. A splash of lemon is all you need. Shepherd’s Pie                                                                                                        I have to admit – I’m a Shepherd’s Pie virgin. While ordering my pie I start to imagine pastry dough stuffed with minced meat. When my pie arrives I have a mini paradigm shift “This is what it looks liiiiikkkee” No dough rather mashed potatoes on top of minced meat placed in a shallow pool of sauce. To me, a Lebanese who has nothing to do with this dish, the secret that brings everything together is the sauce; deep, rich and fruity. Taking a bite constitutes of sliding my fork through the pie and swirling it around the plate to soak up as much sauce as possible and then enjoying. Crème Brulee Is that even British? After a quick Google search on my phone I realize that the question I just posed is actually a hot and heavy debate dating back 100s of years ago. Supposedly the British, French and Spanish are all laying claim to the crème brulee. Either way it’s a delight. Iced Berries The picture says it all. Iced berries topped with warm white chocolate. I know it’s a tradition that the chocolate be white, but deep down inside, while enjoying the amalgamation of hot and cold in my mouth, I secretly wish the chocolate is dark chocolate. The Result The Ivy is the new life line for the ghost town that used to be the Emirates Tower’s restaurant scene.    My personal cooking likes tend to diverge more to French inspirations rather than British – but that’s just me. Do I crave British food – not too often – maybe because of my lack of exposure to it – but I know more than half of Dubai craves/wants/needs it. Do I think the IVY will be a success in Dubai? No… I think it will be a Huge success. Quality food with quality service all at a price your credit card would love.
LOCATION: Emirates Towers CUISINE: British PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 600 TELEPHONE # type 04 319 8767  
A Craving Quencher Restaurant

The Best Macarons in Dubai

Seeing that I'm not an expert in macarons I enlisted the help of an undercover macaron connoisseur. His identity will remain anonymous to protect his life and hence most importantly the knowledge of macarons he holds. What is a Macaron A macaron is composed of 2 meringue based cookies filled with ganache or jam. What Makes a Divine Macaron -        The meringue based cookie should be smooth, effortlessly easy to bite into and instantly dissolves in your mouth. -        The filling should be smooth and firm. When you bite into the macaron nothing should shoot out. -        And obviously the taste The Competition W e have shortlisted the potential bests to Laduree and Fauchon. 4 basic and to 2 wild card flavors were selected from each shop and evaluated. Key -        Divine Macaron: One is never enough -        Meh: It’s good but you’ll just finish it cause you bit into it -        Obscene: Can’t even finish the one Fauchon
Chocolate Meh Pleasant
Vanilla Divine Oh my
Raspberry Divine Oh my
Pistachio Meh Pistachio flavor was too light
Orange Meh Orange is just not my thing
Lemon Obscene The lemon flavor was too strong
Fauchon makes all its macarons in Dubai and currently has 6 flavors on hand. Laduree
Chocolate Meh It was tasty but it was a border line brownie
Vanilla Divine Oh my
Raspberry Obscene It was too sweet – I couldn’t finish my bite let alone the macaron
Pistachio Divine Oh my
Orange Blossom Divine Oh my
Caramel Divine Oh my
Laduree flies all its macarons in from France and has a multitude of flavors on hand. Result With four divines for Laduree vs two divines for Fauchon, Laduree turns out to be the winner of the Best Macarons in Dubai!
A Craving Quencher Restaurant

Valentine’s Day Guide in Dubai

valentines day
When love is not madness, it is not love.  ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca I give you one of my favorite love quotes. It’s the madness that love justifies that makes it all the more exhilarating. What could that madness be? I have heard time and time again from my male friends how restaurant prices on Valentine’s Day are simply utter madness. Though it may be true, I always respond with the above quote. Below are my top picks for Dates on Valentines. I picked the restaurants based on quality of food and dare I say that “Je ne sais quoi” type of romantic atmosphere.
Restaurant Location Cuisine #
Traiteur Park Hayatt French 043172222
Raflets Par Pierre Gagnaire Intercontinental Festival City French 047011111
Rhodes Mezzanine Grosvenor House European 043998888
At.mosphere The Burj Khalifa Grill 048883828
The Exchange Grill Fairmount Steak 043118316
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Monarch Hotel Steak 045018666
Eau Zone Royal Mirage Fusion 043999999
Pai Thai Al Qasr Hotel Thai 043666730
Pierchic Madinat Jumeirah Seafood 043666730
NOTE: The 14th is going to be a dry night. Get your reservation down ASAP; restaurants are filling up fast. Not in a financial position to splurge? I give you my second favorite love quote. Who, being loved, is poor?  ~Oscar Wilde I propose, and contrary to a restaurant lover, prefer a romantic one on one homemade dinner – with lots of candles and fun in the kitchen. By checking off the below 3 pillars of successfully loving a woman, no dinner reservation or gift could possibly compare.
  1. Make her feel like she is number one
  2. Declare your love for her to the world
  3. Maker her laugh
As for my V-Day plans, I’m expecting a date with my MBA books. Romantic - not so much, but they do make me feel like number one and occasionaly get a laugh out of me. I wish everyone a beautiful V-Day whatever your plans are.

The Best Breakfast in Dubai

Coined as the most important meal of the day, Breakfast, contrary to its coinage, gets as much attention as the “Terms and Conditions” on any new BB application people download. Fork It Over Dubai is taking on a new initiative to Brining Breakfast Back to Dubai! Go beyond the hum drum coffee shops that are the default Breakfast settings and into the breakfasts that make you want to sing It’s a Beautiful Day. All About the Bagel – Circle on Jumeira Beach Road One of my fondest memories of New York City is having a perfectly toasted, poppy seed, Philly cream filled bagel early in the morning while watching the city come alive. With a bit of research I discover that Circle on Jumeirah Beach Road offers Dubai’s first H&H bagels (Famous New York Bagels).
  • The Must Have:  A toasted bagel and cream cheese of your choice. You can order a more complicated bagel i.e. with salmon, but to me something as perfect as a cream cheese bagel need not be messed with.
  • The Do Not Have: Half way through my scrambled eggs, I think to myself, why am I paying for this? It is an under spiced, not worth my 27 Drihams, I can make eggs at home ten times better than this type of dish.
  • Nice Surprise: My brown/whole grain waffle is delicious and even bordering on healthy – sans the maple syrup that is.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
Girls Moring Out – Forty Carrots in Dubai Mall I was a little standoffish about recommending a breakfast place in a mall, why? Cause there is something about malls in the morning that doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get me wrong I am a big mall person, MOE was my second home when I lived in Barsha and DXB Mall is now my second home as I live in Old Town. But, for a girls morning out occasion I will make an exception for Forty Carrots. It’s a joyful (the pick says it all) outlet in Dubai Mall that has a light and healthy selection of offerings. And to top it all off, the tipping point for which to accept a mall in the morning, the one and only Bloomingdales is opened/part owner/ stuck to the café. Part breakfast, part retail therapy and part girls morning out.
  • The Must Have: One of the best yogurt offerings in Dubai. Yes I have tasted all the rest, trust me this is one of the leaders.
  • Nice Surprise: Interesting omelet offerings such as the Greek omelet bursting with flavors such as olives, feta cheese, mushrooms and more.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
The Splurge – Olivio in The Royal Mirage Everyone and I mean EVERYONE deserves a splurge every once in a while. It’s actually scientifically proven to increase a person’s health – where I get my health facts is beyond the scope of this blog, but it’s all true stuff. Why would I pick The Royal Mirage out of all the hotels in Dubai? Because I don’t want to have breakfast in a lobby or a hall on the X millionth floor of a hotel – there is no added value in that. I want a place that I can escape to, something resort-like where I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh beach breeze.
  • The Must Have:  There are two breakfast halls in the Royal Mirage, you must east at Olivio because it has the open outside seating. As for the menu, pancakes, fresh fruits, tailored omelets, sausages and many more are all fair game.
  • Nice Surprise:  A peacock may stroll by your table.
  • Timings: 7:30 am t0 11:00 am.
The Business Breakfast – Florian in DIFC Need a place to impress your clients/boss/have a business meeting/ go to breakfast before work? Florian is the perfect place that offers exceptional breakfasts choices. It was the breakfast the pleasantly surprised me the most.
  • The Must Have: The oh so fluffy pancakes with straw berries on the side. Tip: ask for extra maple syrup there’s nothing more beautiful than plunging a fork full of packages into a bowl full of maple syrup. The poached eggs and turkey dish is also a must have. Though the hollandaise sauce could use some minor tweaking the eggs and sautéed turkey cold cuts put a smile on my face.
  • Nice Surprise: The Chocolate Croissant. Easily one of the best chocolate croissants I have tasted in Dubai. The menu it stated freshly made which was doubted by my mind until my mouth tasted the incredibly light, crispy feather puff pastry countered by the warm, creamy dark chocolate on the inside.
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday 7:30 am to 11:00 am
When in the Middle East – Al Reef Lebanese Bakery on Al Wasel Road There’s nothing like a zatar manousheh on the go. Refer to my Al Reef blog post for more details about the experience.
  • The Must Have: Zatar manousheh with tomoatoes.
  • Timing: 24/7.
My Readers Suggestions “Try Eric Kayser in Dubai mall! Apart from being health-conscious, it actually tastes good. And for the bread…soooo très Bon!” Johanna

The Best French Fries in Dubai

I consider myself a pretty strong willed person. There are only a handful of people/things that I have a hard time resisting and one of them is French Fries! I know it’s the start of a New Year, and everyone is focusing on healthy food, but at the end of the day, I just wanna make you smile. And yes, French fries make me smile, so I’m guessing / hopping that they do the same for you. If you’re going to indulge in something naughty, I want you to indulge in the best type of naughty there is out there. Characteristic to most of my Best of the Best Posts, such as the Best Pizza in Dubai, one category can never suffice. Squeezing the different types of fries into one mold is like saying there is only one type of a beautiful woman or a gorgeous man out – which couldn’t be further from the truth.


KFC Fries

I want to start off with the category that may cause the most out roar / controversy - Finger Liking Good Fries. They are fries you get from the big four; McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Hardees. (Not to be confused with the financial big four – I couldn’t resist that joke – sorry) After completing my mini market research i.e. harassing my friends, I got several votes for Burger King and a handful for McDonalds. I find Burger Kings fries too crispy and lack certain creaminess. As for McDonalds fries, they were (past tense) my favorite, but lately I taste an old, need to change the deep fryer taste in their fries. This leads me to my top pick, KFC Fries.  Crispy on the outside, oh so creamy on the inside, no Ketchup needed and leaves you with a sweet after – I don’t know how or why. And coincidently, as per Colonel Sanders, are officially Finger Liking Good! Price: AED 5.


New York Fries

All I have to say is Woah Nelly! According to the ever accurate Urban Dictionary, Woah Nelly is loosely defined by the following: “In modern English it's used to refer to anything or a person, who has become out of control…” I think those fires are out of control and constitute a meal and a half! Just as an interesting note, the ball of cream you see in the picture is actually Labneh (a Lebanese cream), not sour cream. Excellent choice and excellent adaptation to the culture – extra French Fry points to you NY Fries. Price: AED 15 Small. AED 18 Large.



Hardees’ signature spiced, crunchy mix coating every inch of their fluffy fries make them a clear winner. My favorite part is finding a fry tightly coiled up as if it were scared to be found for fear of being devoured. Sympathetically, I place the coil around my ring finger while channeling The Police and say contrary to reality, you (the fry) in fact have me Wrapped Around Your Finger. Price: AED  6.


Shake Shack

The picture says it all. If you go the extra mile and cut your fires in a creative way I will take notice! Price: AED 12.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Initially, I had set out to have two categories, the Best Gourmet Fries and the Best Chunky Monkey (Thick) fries. Although after having Ruth’s Chris’s steak fries which coincidently were chunky, I thought ah ha! In this current market, with the gloomy 2012 outlook and the declining Euro, any form of consolidation is welcomed in my books! Therefore, the two categories have now become one grand category of the Best Chunky Gourmet Fries. What brings the dish to a completely different level is the introduction of sundried tomatoes – which I absolutely adore. The sundried tomatoes add a depth and surge of sweet and rustic flavors to the salty chunky fries. Price: AED 29.


The Gramercy

My love for Plain Jane fries resembles my love for a friend that’s always there and goes beyond the basic satisfying my taste buds level. To me, Plain Jane fries:
  • Make a lousy date worth while
  • Make an extremely late friend more forgivable
  • Make an orally fixated, whether it be a serial kisser or biter, more at ease
  • Make a never ending conversation possibly interesting
  • Are the perfect dessert to a peer pressured 5th round of shots
  • Are sunshine to me
The Gramercy’s Plain Jane fries are one of the best in Dubai. Extra crispy and extra creamy! Price: AED 24. ____________________________________________

Did I miss a category?

Do you agree with my top picks?

Let me know what you think!

The Best Street Shawerma in Dubai

The Purpose To end the age old feud of who has the best Shawerma in town Break Down of the CCC The Conditions:
  1. Has to be under AED 10
  2. Proper restaurants are not included
  3. Easy and quick service
The Contenders:
  1. Al Ijaza – AED 4
  2. Al Farooj – AED 6
  3. Al Mallah – AED 6
  4. Al Safadeh – AED 7
The Criterion:
  1. Fillings
  2. Chicken
  3. Other
Al Ijaza -2/5 That’s minus 2 out of 5. Fillings included hot lettuce, tomato, tahina and others. It was a vegetarian bonanza + chicken. Completely unlike a traditional chicken Shawerma. No. No. No.
Al Farooj 3/5 Good garlic content but there were no fries.
Al Mallah 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Safadeh 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Ijaza 1/5 I couldn’t taste the chicken from mess that was inside the Shawerma.
Al Farooj 5/5 The best taste and quality chicken.
Al Mallah 3/5 Average.
Al Safadeh 3/5 Average.
Al Ijaza 3/5 Great size and service. With just a honk of my horn the Shawerma was delivered to mar car step.
Al Farooj 2/5 It was too clean and lacked the street Shawerma spunk. It reminded me of Hardees with an Arabic twist.
Al Mallah 5/5 Epitome of a street Shawerma, grunge, car exhaust and all.
Al Safadeh 1/5 Size of the Shawerma was too big. Street Shawermas should fit in the palm of your hand. I would rather have two small ones then one big one.
  The Results
  1. Al Mallah with 13 points
  2. Al Farooj with 10 points
  3. Al Safedeh with 9 points
  4. Al Ijaza with 0 points
Further Breakdown
Fillings + Chicken Others Total
Al Mallah 8 points 2 13
Al Farooj 8 points 5 10
I am trying to demonstrate that Al Mallah won because it was characteristic of a true street Shawerma. If you’re going for the cleanest out of the four go for Al Farooj. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? I already know two people that would disagree. Bring on the comments.

Forrey & Galland Chocolateir

The 5 Senses of the Ultimate Chocolate Truffle in Dubai Sight: The first sense that makes contact with my chocolate truffle. Far from a perfect sphere, the chocolate mound reminds me of the moon with its deep craters. Its perceived texture screams handmade which makes me want it even more. It has a matt dark brown finish which is the result of being immersed in cocoa powder before serving. Touch: The surface is rugged. Its outer chocolate layer reminds me of an egg shell which has a certain hardness, but if you press too hard you know it will break. When my fingers clutch truffle on either side the cocoa powder rubs off on my fingers as if to leave evidence that I have touched it. Smell: I bring it up to my nose a smell. My nose tingles as soon as it smells the strong smell of pure, rich cocoa. There is an underlying musky, smoky smell that should definitely be bottled in to a seductive perfume. Hear: I bring it to my mouth and bite in. I hear a crumbling sound of the outer layer first then silence when I reach the ganache. Taste: I first taste the sharp bitterness of the cocoa powder on the surface of the truffle. Then I feel the full, creamy ganache center unraveling in my mouth that takes exactly 5 seconds to completely melt. The creamy center which has a slightly sweeter taste and a hint of almond balances the bitterness of the cocoa powered. The outer layer takes 7 more seconds to melt and then it’s ALL gone. The only remainder is my coco powdered fingers. Two licks later - even those are gone! And the Result: “A box of truffles to go please sir.” “Would you like an assortment of chocolates?” “Nope - I only want the best.” The inside of the store is another pleasure; easily one of the most uniquely designed chocolate shops I have encountered. I would say “Fork It Over; all five senses say yes!”
A Love At First Site Restaurant