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Best Burgers Forever

Best Burgers Forever
One of the most important initiatives Fork It Over Dubai has taken on is supporting home grown concepts in Dubai. As the majority of franchised restaurants in Dubai not only have international brand backing but also support from local heavy weight F&B companies, it is my responsibility to give local concepts a platform to demonstrate exactly what they are made of. My ultimate wish for the Dubai restaurant scene is a change from a predominantly international brand landscape to a home grown concept landscape. I want our restaurants to represent us, Dubai, rather than brands simply imported from abroad. That being said, I still hold local concepts up to the same standards as I do international brands. Why? Because I know we are that good! Is that fair? Yes its fair! Any concept that has the backing of true passion can in an instant trump an international brand that has a multi million-dollar backing. My favorite category for February’s Burger month is Home Grown Concepts which Best Burgers Forever was chosen for. After the confusion of which Marina Walk to go to and finally finding the infamous blue bridge at the end of the Marina, we land at Best Burger Forever's doorstep. Entering the restaurant, the first thought that comes to mind is how white the area is. Floor to ceiling white with bursts of red and an acid inspired B, which I have to admit, I love. To take advantage of the lovely weather and ‘water front views’ we take our seats outside on the terrace. As we settle into our chairs the waiter brings over a plate of onion rings. Is this complimentary I ask. The waiter responds with, “No this is your order Mss.”  Looking around the nearly empty restaurant, I explain that it’s probably the next table's order since we haven’t ordered yet. Menus in hand we make our order of hamburgers, making sure to include a camel burger, fries, onion rings which were teasingly brought to our table and apple pies. Our orders arrive and my burger bun cleverly has a B engraved into it. Taking a bite of my burger, I notice the sweet flavors of my brioche inspired bun. The toppings are classic and stay true to an original burger. The patty is cooked to well done as expected, although it does not fall apart as easily as I want it to. The beef may have been packed a touch too tightly before it was cooked.  Purely my opinion, I prefer a thinner meat patty. Taking a bite of my dinner guest’s camel burger, I was pleasantly surprised to taste a lean cut of meat. Could I have a whole camel burger? I’m not so sure, but it did prove to be lighter then the beef patty. An interesting take on localizing the burger. Our onion rings are the quintessential freezer bought rings, but still, who can ever resist those? Taking a bite of my fries, my favorite part of a burger meal, the textures I feel are warm, yet hard, yet a touch soggy. The creamy, crispy textures that I look for in fries are not present. We finish off our meal with a classic apple pie pocket and it is what it is. It’s a smart choice opening a burger concept in Dubai because everyone loves their burger. I would recommend that they work on their beef patty and fries and in the meantime Best Burger Forever will hit the spot as a neighborhood burger joint.
LOCATION Marina First Tower OPENING HRS. Sat - Wed 11am - 12am Thu Fri 11am - 5 am CUISINE Burger PRICE PER COUPLE AED 100 TELEPHONE # 04 458 1564
A Neighborhood Burger Joint


5 Worldly beers offered at LOCA
  1. Almaza - Lebanon
  2. Asahi - Japan
  3. Bitburger - Germany
  4. Hobgoblin - UK
  5. Murphy’s - Ireland
LOCA They had me at Hello... here’s your guacamole. The waiter approaches our table with a guacamole “work station” and my eyes widen, the menu mentioned guacamole on the go but this was another level! The waiter proceeded by pitting the avocadoes, pureeing the emerald mass into a rich creamy texture, squeezing  in some lime, tossing in some jalapeños and finally adding in a special tomato and herb mixture. Accompanying our guacamole are warm, home made tortilla chips. Crunching a portion of my guacamole filled tortilla chip I taste the velvet avocado, the power of the jalapeños, the calming tomatoes and an overpowering taste of freshness. I am sold, even if they give me rocks as my main meal I would be back just for the guacamole, golden tortillas and beer. Our tuna ceviche arrives next, having heard good things about this dish I have high expectations; but sadly they were not met. On the menu, the ingredients have an excellent appeal, although on my plate all I can focus on is the underlying fishy taste. It was a soggy mush of fresh fruits, avocado and fishiness.   Billowing with steam I hear my fajita approaching at full speed similar to a steam engine train rushing towards me ready to take me on a journey across the Mexican country side. The plate is beautifully presented and my eyes give an energetic go ahead signal to my brain.  I start with my tortilla wraps, generously spreading sour cream, guacamole, French fries and finally adding in the tender chicken. It disappears in an instant; the cool sour cream and guacamole envelopes the warm lovely seasoned chicken to produce put simply, Mexico in my mouth. My friend’s enchilads de pollo arrives and we are worried.  The cream dribbled over the wraps looks like a recipe for the discomforting heavy-stomach-can’t- walk-to-my-car syndrome; but it was anything but. The cream was as light as could be and complemented the seasoned chicken well. The result was a deliciously well prepared, well presented and well devoured Mexican experience. Next times order: Ribs + Tacos! NB:  LOCA has an excellent bar area and the restaurant caters for events. I’d say: “Fork It Over; quiero mi guacamol”
LOCATION: DXB Marine Beach Resort OPENING HRS: 12:00 - 12:00 am CUISINE: Mexican PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 250 - 300 TELEPHONE #: 04 346 11 11  
A Craving Quencher Restaurant