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Pappa Roti

Dubai Mall is my neighbor and my companion. My feelings for the Mall run deep… even deeper then the Down Town Dubai Fountain. With all the love I have for the Mall, there are certain areas that, I admit, I tend to steer clear of - aka the Ice Rink Area.  It’s cold and noisy and it’s cold and noisy! I usually enjoy roaming around the Upper East side of the mall – ie Kinokuniya knee deep in cookbooks. Unfortunately though fortunately, I have recently discovered something so pleasant in the Brooklyn of Dubai Mall, that it makes me overlook any grudge I have and makes it an utter MUST to visit. What is the pleasant magnet that pulls me towards that area nose first? It’s the essence of maple syrup, coffee, pancakes, caramel and waffles all fuse together. More specifically it is the essence of Pappa Roti – the “Father of all Buns”. Walking towards Pappa Roti I notice a very interesting phenomenon which may have evolved right here in the UAE. I call it the 2 Stripe Zebra Phenomenon a la Fauchon and Armani Café Style. On one is side men decked in freshly pressed white Kadoras and on the other perfectly coiffed women in their black Abayas. I am guessing the 2 Stripe Zebra Phenomenon arose from a notion of respect, which I do respect. Dressed in my favorite rainbow tie die shirt I pick up my father of all buns and approach the seating area and think “W hala2 la Wein”. Right, no left, no right eeek I’ll settle for the middle. In front of me, a perfectly shaped bun wafting its unmatched aroma around me, forming a sanctuary to shield me from the cold and the noise. If my post could transfer an aroma I would end this post at just that. I tap the bronze bun and hear a crispy crack. I grab the bun and slowly pull it apart to reveal the white pillowy center. I bite down and it melts in my mouth – sweet but not too sweet caramel and coffee infused flavors. In the center melted butter to make the bun even more sinful. In 10 seconds the bun is no more, my sanctuary is no more and I am no more in that area. We all vanish at once, without a trace but with a smile.
LOCATION The Dubai Mall OPENING HRS. Dubai Mall Timing CUISINE Sweet Buns PRICE PER COUPLE AED 24 TELEPHONE # 04 330 8377 WEBSITE http://papparoti.ae/
A Craving Quencher Restaurant

Pot Belly

The Post Potbelly Scene Friend: Guess what, Potbelly opened in Dubai Mall! Me: Blank stare on my face. Friend: Potbelly, Potbelly…. POTBELLY… from Chicago. Me: Ok, calm down, I haven’t heard of it, what is it? Friend: It’s a sandwich concept… Me: (Cutting in) Not interested… This guy at work orders Subway EVERYDAY and I can’t stand the sight of sandwiches any more. Friend: Subway sandwiches are here (putting her hand next to the floor) and Potbelly sandwiches are all the way there (pointing to the ceiling). Me: How can I resist an oh-so appetizing name like Potbelly – I’ll do it. The Potbelly Scene Walking up to the counter, super excited for my sandwiches, I grab the menu and start reading it from left to right (No idea why). I read soups, shakes and salads… huh, this is blasphemy I exclaim, where are my sandwiches?! Look on the other side my friend responds. Oh, sorry I got overly excited for a second – I get that way when I’m hungry. We take our order of a wreck, chicken salad sandwich, pizza sandwich and tuna salad sandwich all on multigrain bread. The bread is cut, run through a toasting oven and ready for the fillings. Scooting over down the counter we are asked what toppings we want. I respond by everything but tomatoes and lettuce. I think the only use for lettuce in this world is to eat tabouleh and nothing more; its place in sandwiches should be banned for eternity.  As for tomatoes they just make things soggy. And no mayo only mustard. We slide into our booths and wait for our 4 sandwiches, each to be halved, so we can both have a taste. The Wreck We start with the Wreck, the restaurants most famous sandwich. Beef salami, roast beef, turkey breast, smoked turkey and Swiss cheese. I take a bite and think what a wreck, but in a good way, action packed and so unlike Subway. I think to myself – it is so to the ceiling. With my second bite I crunch into a hell of a jalapeño. I knew I ordered them in my sandwich but DAYM their hot. As my lips start to catch fire I spend the rest of the meal with my cool Perrier bottle pressed against my lips between bites. Tuna Salad Sandwich Tuna salad mix and Swiss cheese. I feel bad that the tuna salad sandwich followed the Wreck. It’s like an opening act following the main attraction. They may be great on their own but a very minor nose dive from the excitement of the Wreck. The Pizza Sandwich Mushrooms, pepperoni, provolone cheese and marinara sauce. There is something about a marinara sauce that equates warm, cozy comfort food to my tummy – and I absolutely love it. Carbs + marinara sauce – come on how can you resist and it surprisingly really does taste like a pizza. It’s like taking a classic pizza rolling it up into a log, turning it round and going at it. Mark this one down as my favorite. Note: By this time we are both on our second bottles of Perrier – and lips are still burning. Chicken Salad Sandwich Chicken salad mix and provolone cheese.  I’m really, really not a fan of chicken in a sandwich unless it’s a shawerma. Other than that it just doesn’t sit well with me, and after taking a bite of my sandwich my mind is still made up – it’s a no go for me. THE VERDICT I would categorize Potbelly as a restaurant I would go to if I was in Dubai Mall and in the mood of a sandwich. Though this may be a tad bit occasional, if it was the case, I would know EXACTLY where to go and that would be Potbelly. I would order the Wreck and the pizza sub as a given and two other experimental ones. Remember, easy on the jalapeños.
A Since Your in the Mall Restaurant

Forrey & Galland Chocolateir

The 5 Senses of the Ultimate Chocolate Truffle in Dubai Sight: The first sense that makes contact with my chocolate truffle. Far from a perfect sphere, the chocolate mound reminds me of the moon with its deep craters. Its perceived texture screams handmade which makes me want it even more. It has a matt dark brown finish which is the result of being immersed in cocoa powder before serving. Touch: The surface is rugged. Its outer chocolate layer reminds me of an egg shell which has a certain hardness, but if you press too hard you know it will break. When my fingers clutch truffle on either side the cocoa powder rubs off on my fingers as if to leave evidence that I have touched it. Smell: I bring it up to my nose a smell. My nose tingles as soon as it smells the strong smell of pure, rich cocoa. There is an underlying musky, smoky smell that should definitely be bottled in to a seductive perfume. Hear: I bring it to my mouth and bite in. I hear a crumbling sound of the outer layer first then silence when I reach the ganache. Taste: I first taste the sharp bitterness of the cocoa powder on the surface of the truffle. Then I feel the full, creamy ganache center unraveling in my mouth that takes exactly 5 seconds to completely melt. The creamy center which has a slightly sweeter taste and a hint of almond balances the bitterness of the cocoa powered. The outer layer takes 7 more seconds to melt and then it’s ALL gone. The only remainder is my coco powdered fingers. Two licks later - even those are gone! And the Result: “A box of truffles to go please sir.” “Would you like an assortment of chocolates?” “Nope - I only want the best.” The inside of the store is another pleasure; easily one of the most uniquely designed chocolate shops I have encountered. I would say “Fork It Over; all five senses say yes!”
A Love At First Site Restaurant

Gourmet Lafayette

Finally!! A restaurant I can enjoy at the Dubai Mall. There is something about the plethora of Lebanese grills, heavy fast food and indifferent restaurants that put me off of dining at the Dubai Mall. Don’t get me wrong, I have to give them credit for their large selection of restaurants, surpassed by none in Dubai, that tailor to a wide spectrum of restaurant goers. Although to this date, I still didn’t feel that they were tailoring to me. I was yet to find a dining experience that I didn’t have to be convinced or too-hungry-to-reach-my-car-to-go-home-and-eat, to dine at. That is until I stumbled upon Gourmet Lafayette; a market style gourmet outlet that offers a wide range of cuisines. Cuisines include Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic and European. Exceptional for pleasing a large group of friends. Rather than rabbiting on (Is that actually a real word? Rabbiting? I got that from my British colleague - aka blabbering on) about my experience at Gourmet Lafayette, I’m going to fall back on the oh-so-true saying that pictures are worth a thousand words and let your eyes make the verdict rather than your patience to read my words… The only danger about the multitude of choices available to customers at Gourmet Lafayette can be seen through my dinner selection. Fresh salad, spaghetti Bolognese, falafel sandwich (not pictured spinach triangle and a selection of cheeses) and finally some beautiful chocolate truffles. True it is a mish mash of worldly cuisines but it’s a selection of everything my tummy desires at this moment. It’s the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of Gourmet food. Everything I’m eating can be characterized as fresh, Quality (with a capital Q) food. My spaghetti Bolognese is made of fresh pasta, my salad was selected and mixed on the spot and my falafel sandwich was cooked and prepared before my eyes. What I like about Gourmet Lafayette is that it delivers on what it stands for. Is it a Michelin starred, show stopping gastronomic experience? No, but it is a solid, quality driven, great tasting, healthy and fresh dining experience that the Dubai Mall was lacking.  And to top it all off my bill was AED 100 – unheard of. They also have an excellent retail section in terms of fruits, veggies, seafood, meats, cheeses and packaged goods.
LOCATION: Dubai Mall OPENING HRS: Mall Timings CUISINE: International PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 200    
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