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Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire

In life, in work and in everything it’s always essential to have a Joker in your back pocket. Something you can play at any second and in a flash you’d have the upper hand. After a string of ‘3 fork’ restaurant ratings on Fork It Over Dubai, I began to miss professing my undying and unconditional love for a restaurant. I needed something electrifying to review, I needed a fix and I needed it fast! In a second I played my Joker card, Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, booked my table and got my fix. Not a new restaurant on the Dubai scene, but one I always kept in mind to be reviewed at the perfect moment. Just as a one-liner background, Pierre Gagnaire is a world renowned French Chef with multiple Michelin starts awarded to his restaurants. When someone proposes a dinner and a show it usually means having dinner then seeing a show or having dinner while seeing a show. In Reflets’ case the dinner is the show. We enter the royal purple infused theater and are swiftly ushered to our table, a booth like you’ve never seen before - elegant and fully mirror draped. Opening my three page menu, the first thing I notice is the absence of prices. Looking over at my male companions menu the first thing I notice is the presence of prices. I wonder who would get the price filled menu if two women decided to dine together – the more butch one? Jokes aside, I raise my hand up in the air and say chivalry is making a comeback baby! In order to get an all encompassing feel for Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, I choose the Grand Menu, a six course meal which represents the restaurant and the seasonal tastes of September. I’m going to be quiet now, the lights have dimmed and the curtains are parting, I’ll let you enjoy the show… I may provide a monolog here and there just cause I can’t resist. Act I Amuse Bouche Globes of surprises ranging from dates, foie gras and pistachio with wands of parmisan bread swirls dropped in a wasabi sauce. Did I mention the Riedel glasses. Act II Big Gillardeau oysters, cucumber and apricots with wasabi. Endive stuffed with oyster shreds and walnuts. Sorbet chicory/sake and wurth of seawater. I have to admit, this is the first time I try an oyster. I’m not the biggest seafood fan and I’ve been tormented with stories of the ultimate fishy and slimy nature of oysters. Contrary to what I have been told the chef managed to somehow cast out any proof of those rumors. Act III Tart of gambas, tuna belly Torro and wild herbs. Purple ravioli of the bisque and Thai garlic. Act IV Pumpkin, foie gras, fresh almonds and poached Monk fish. Act V Milk Fed veal tenderloin, cram of potatoes and Guernica chili. The veal is presented to us whole, sliced in front of us, drizzled with sauce and plated. Act VI Cooked camembert cheese on roasted potato ice cream. A disk of cheese, jelly and olive oil. The melted cheese is brought to our table in a foil enwrapped dish. An incision at the center of the foil is made. A spoon is pressed on the side of the foil so the cheese can ooze out of the incision piping hot and is directly spooned onto our plates. Act VII Pre Dessert Act VIII Le Grand Dessert Grand is the word. We are then presented with a sugar tipped digestive to top off the dinner. After 3 and a half hours, yes you read that correctly, I can officially say I am completely and utterly drunk off divine food. One of the best dining experiences I have ever had and one that I would recommend to everyone who craves a culinary journey. But before I leave, I have to make a quick stop at the infamous bathroom of all bathroom. With mirrors from head to toe, front back and center, who can resist a mini photo shoot? Not Me! I guess this is what makes Reflets, Reflets.
LOCATION: Inercon Festival OPENING HRS:  7 pm - 11:30 pm CUISINE: French PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 680 TELEPHONE #: 04 701 1111  
A Love At First Site Restaurant