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Fork It Over Dubai Business Cards

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a fetish for business cards. Business cards are the initial means of transferring information, therefore I believe they should make an impact on what you or your company represent. And so, I'm really excited to announce that my business cards have finally been printed! Over the past couple of months my designer / brand creative and I have been working hard to come up with something that represents Fork It Over Dubai and Tala Soubra. Big shout out to Lewis Adams, my designer, who has been exceptionally patient with my endless demands regarding my business cards. And here they are: The Front: I will never underestimate the importance of pictures to Fork It Over Dubai. My readers respond to and love photography, so that's exactly what I'm going to give them. I can even say my blog is 50% content and 50% pictures, therefore naturally, so are my business cards. The pictures that I chose represent not only food but the experience of dining. I only printed 350 cards so every couple of months I can select new photos to be featured. I debosed a boarder on the photos to frame the pictures and again emphasize the importance of photos. The Back: Because the front of my business cards are quite detailed, I wanted keep the back simple. I give you the official new branding of Fork It Over Dubai: I know Fork It Over Dubai is quite a mouthful, but Lewis was able to transform it into something elegant and simple. The beautiful quote is an ode to one of the greatest female writers of the twentieth century, Virginia Wolf, which I couldn't agree more with. Paper: If you look close enough you can see the tweeded texture in the thick paper I chose. Holding one of my cards I want you to feel its character. Shape: My cards are the exact same size and shape as a credit card so they fit perfectly in your wallet, and you can take them everywhere you go. : ) * * * It was a long process but it was worth it because I will only accept the best for my Fork It Over Dubai readers. I hope you like them! Love, Tala If  you ever need any creative work done, Mr. Lewis Adams is your man. You can contact him on la@lewisadams.co.

The First Semi Annual Best Restaurant Business Card Award in Dubai

Business Card
I recently began working on my Business Card for Fork It Over Dubai, two years overdue, but better late than never I say. While researching business card ideas online, I start to develop an acute obsession with them. My eyes light up going through websites like “The Top 100 Business Cards” or “50 Most Creative Business Cards”. During social events, the passing over of business cards is no longer a means of transferring contact details, but an opportunity to get inspired. Do I like the look and feel of the card? Does it get me excited about the company or individual? Does it make me smile or think or is it just contact details? Will I remember it after I slide it into my back pocket? Knee deep in the world of business cards, I remember the infinite number of Restaurant cards that I have collected over the years. As I am pouring my heart out into the development of my card, I would expect the same from a restaurant brand. Therefore this post is dedicated to celebrating restaurant business cards that inspire in Dubai. I’m going to start by dividing the cards I have collected into two groups, The Mundane and The Creative. The Mundane The Mundane bunch are restaurants opened by a hotels or large F&B companies.  These restaurants don’t have their own business cards and are forced to use their parent company cards. I understand that this may be a marketing strategy that ties in the larger company to the individual restaurants, but I vehemently (beautiful word) oppose of it. If you go through the trouble of creating a whole restaurant brand, give it wings and let it shine independently. Alas, on one level I strongly oppose these types of business cards, but on another I say Thank You. Because without you, what would I practice my secret passion for Origami with? The frogs even jump! I also add some leaves so they would feel at home in their makeshift forest. The Creative As the name stipulates The Creative bunch are well thought out business cards that are a true extension of the restaurant brand.  Some more than others but here they are. In nominating the first Semi Annual Best Restaurant Business Card in Dubai, I will be looking for several characteristics namely, creativity, thoughtfulness, texture, paper quality, ink quality, brand association, colors and over all feel. I have narrowed The Creative Bunch to five potential nominees. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, La Petite Maison, Table 9, Afie's and Cocktail Manifesto. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Like Most: The card is bold and has character. Like Least: The information on the card is cluttered. La Petite Maison Like Most: It has a whimsical and romantic touch to it similar to the restaurant itself. Like Least: The square shape, I find it slightly childish. Alfie's: Like Most: Elegant. Like Least: Their phone number is 800 Alfie's. It reminds me of 800 Pizza. Table 9 Like Most: One of my favorite restaurant logos. Like Least: The smoothness of the card, give me more texture. Cocktail Manifesto Like Most: I'm drawn to the beautiful colors. Its an image I can remember well after putting the card down. Like Least: Unfortunately it's more of a cocktail card than a restaurant card. The Verdict And finally my pick for the Best of the Best * * * * * * * * Alfie's! Not only is the card elegant but also full of texture. When the card is turned over, you can run your finer along the most beautifully textured design that makes all the difference. As a prize for wining the best Restaurant Business Card 2012, I give you dear Alfie's, a restaurant review straight from my heart: Alfie's Review by Fork It Over Dubai. And as a consolation prize for the rest, no one goes home empty handed during my awards ceremonies, you have won a special place in my restaurant business card booklet. Going back to my business card, it should be completed shortly and I'll let you know when it is.

Have you seen any inspiring restaurant business cards that should be entered in the next awards ceremony? Let me know which ones!

Did you agree or disagree with my winner?

I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Love, Tala