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A Modern Day Fairytale – The Princess and Her Burgers

This is no ordinary fairytale.  No, it’s my kind of fairytale, where the protagonist is a princess and the one that needs saving is the helpless prince. It’s a Tuesday not long ago when princess Yasmine begins to suit up for battle, one that would define her future. It’s a quest to discover and save her prince, the At.mosphere Lounge Burger, who is locked up in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Dressed in her long flowing white dress, a green bejeweled necklace and Jimmy Choos she’s all suited up and ready to go. Approaching the Burj, the clashes with the foot soldiers begin, “Do you have a reservation?” Pulling out her white Sword 5, Yasmine retrieves her booking reference and banishes the foot soldiers. Hopping onto her rocket, she presses the ignition and the engine roars signaling its ready. Floor 123, full throttle on the gas, seatbelt (safety first) and she takes off. First climbing the Burj at a steady speed, and suddenly the rockets warps up into the sky crossing the sound barrier with a Kaboom! Reaching 442 meeters up, Yamine hovers next to the Burj, opens the emergency exit of the rocket and dives into the bulding through an open window. Entering her battleground, the At.moshphere Lounge is buzzing with energy. Approaching the hostess, Yasmine asks if her table is ready. “No, it would have to be a fifteen minute wait,” responds the hostess. Yasmine perches herself onto the bar and enjoys a cool whisky drink and beautiful music played by one of the most beautiful DJs she’s ever seen. Alas her table is ready, running towards it, she drives her white Sword 5 through the table and claims it to be Yasmine land, for the next two hours at least. As the new ruler of the table, she orders the prince’s release who has been held captive in the kitchen. And there he is, immaculately dressed and presented, one, two, three. His hand [burger] fits perfectly in her hands, it must be ment to be. Leaning in for a kiss, the ultimate test, a taste of what she has been chasing. It happens, Yasmine’s eyes widen with confusion as she takes a step back. Inquiring further, “Tell me your story,” she says. With the most perfect English and distinguished vocabulary, the prince tells Yasmine his cookie cutter prince story. Bland is the first thing she thinks. Where are your sharp flavors, thoughts and ideas? I feel no mustard or courage in your story. You may have the perfect base [patty] and clothes [bun] but I need a prince with character [inspiring and creative toppings] to spend a lifetime [AED 250] with. Heart broken, her prince promised her the world but gave her nothing. Tricked by the flashy lights, shiny buildings and expensive views she took one last sip of her perfect whisky bid adieu to her bland, helpless prince and jumped into her rocket. This time, not up into the clouds, but down to the ground. Jumping off the rocket and onto the ground she slips off her Choos and breaks off her necklace and starts running. Across Defense Roundabout, along Shikh Zayed Road, towards Safa Park until finally she reaches his doorstep, Al Reef Lebanese Bakery. Her beautiful white dress torn and stained with tar, her delicate feet bruised by the cement, but she doesn’t mind, because she has reached. One zatar manousheh with tomato please. Grabbing his hand, it's quite large, but she holds on never the less. A prince? No. Nothing is immaculate about the way he is dressed, there is no shiny skyscraper, no music, no lights, jus him, a humble, sweet soul. “Tell me your story,” she says. He responds with a story of great suffering but also great ambition and triumph. Exciting and unique, her heart flutters. Your humble yet strong character [manoushe dough] and ambitious plans [juicy tomato toppings] make me want to spend a lifetime [AED 7] with you. He promised her nothing but gave her the world as simple as that. Wait for it....... . . . And they lived happily ever after. At.Mosphere lounge is a surprisingly buzzing place to enjoy excellent drinks at some of the highest points in Dubai. The lounge offers gourmet twists on all your classic favorites such as hamburgers, tacos, corn on the cob, ceviches and more. I would go for all of them except the hamburger. For AED 250 a plate you will definitely find more exciting flavors to satisfy your pallet.
LOCATION Burj Khalifa CUISINE International PRICE PER COUPLE AED 800 TELEPHONE # 04 888 3444  
A Spot for Great Drinks

At.Mosphere at the Burj Khalifa

With a catch phrase like “The highest restaurant in the world” who could resist the gravitational pull of a dinner reservation at At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa. I deliberately am not and will not going to include a picture of the view from At.mosphere 122 floors above the city of Dubai. Why? Because A) a picture will not in any way do the view justice and B) the first reaction surprise of the view is priceless and I want everyone to experience it firsthand. We climb into what can only be described as the most silent rocket in the world. 50 seconds and several ear pops later we are not only at the top of the Burj Kalifa but also on top of the world. Walking into the reception of the restaurant, the marvelous view catches my eye. Being 26 to this exact date I am reduced to a 6 year old, gone are my stilettos and in their place pigtails. I grab on to the railing and excitedly start pointing out different areas of Dubai. In the process of taking our orders I become please by the knowledgeable and passionate staff. Enquiring about the lobster our waiter explains “You won’t believe how fresh and large it is!” said with such pride and delight akin to a man describing the size of his manhood. I start admiring the interior of the restaurant and have to commend At.mosphere on their daring choice of wood paneling. Though I feel the carpet is a bit dark, with the view they have in their possession I’d be satisfied sitting on a concrete slab in a bare-walled room. Our bread and starters arrive. With healthy pieces of artichoke embedded in the warm bread it proves to be a difficult task letting go of the golden mold. The walnut and pheasant soup steals the show in terms of starts. Its flavors can be described as deep, warm and extremely rich. Foie gras based (irrespective of liking foie grass or not you would enjoy this dish) with a cone of ricotta cheese at the center of the plate. The wagyu bresaola topped with artichoke is a stark contrast to the soup, fresh and light but still exceptional. The warm goat cheese salad is just that cheese and lettuce – so I’d skip this choice while ordering. My steak arrives and is cooked as prescribed – medium with no blood on the plate. As I am enjoying the tender meat, plethora of sides (spicy baby corn, onion rings and asparagus) and mushroom and truffle sauce, I start to get a strange feeling while looking at my friend’s catch of the day fish dish. Much to the initial content (although deep down discontent) of the few men I’ve dated, I’m usually not a girl that fosters feelings of jealousy.  Although looking at the tender white fish, surrounded by ravioli that has been cooked for a ridiculous amount of time, with a dark sauce artistically dripped on to the plate I can’t help but admit that though my steak is prefect I am jealous that the dish isn’t mine to devour. The desserts are a work of art. A scoop of ice cream dropped in chocolate placed on a brownie and drizzled with chocolate. A caramelized pair sprinkled with sesame and slice of creme caramel based frech toast. I don’t doubt their freshness, quality of ingredients or intricate creation, though I feel they are more on the art side than the hitting your core scrumptious desserts. My food and experience at At.mosphere is exceptional. I would recommend it as a WOW factor restaurant. Want to sweep a girl off her feet? With the two seater tables cleverly located against the windows she wouldn’t stand a chance but to fall for you.
LOCATION: Burj Khalifa OPENING HRS: Dinner 7:30 - 11:30 CUISINE: European PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 1,000    
A Love At First Site Restaurant