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Spill The Bean

Spill the Bean
Those tiles. How they take me back. To the beautiful and grunge, the opportunity and excitement. Traditional, Lebanese, that adorned the floors of Hamra, a university city in my beloved Lebanon. Many a days I spent walking along those tiles, experiencing new ideas, new loves and the new found freedom of being me. By default how can I not be nostalgic, again stepping on them, more then a handful of years later, in Dubai, older, more experienced, and somewhat subdued by the ‘have to’s’ of the grown up world. My finger browsing along the colorful bookshelf. And stop. It rests on a title “The Road Less Traveled, A new phycology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth.” A subconscious yearning for what I felt when younger? Slipping out the book I rest on a stool, sunglasses off and phone to the side.  "Pancakes and coffee, Mexican single origin please.”  I request from the waiter. Friends soon follow with their choice of literature. I close “The Road Less Traveled.” A treasure, that necessitates my undivided attention. My pancakes arrive, fluffy and honey stripped in tune with the healthy mindset of the space. I finish the cakes and mop up all traces of honey as I sip my single blend. Once you go single, you can never go back.  The complications and baggage don’t exist, shining through only something pure. As the hours pass and the chit chat flows while the literature read we order the egg. A touch under seasons, but a dish you feel an old friend has created. Eggs with fresh vegetables on toast, a classic. At the helm of Spill the Bean is the space and the coffee. I find myself returning, alone even, grabbing my corner, coffee and book, loosing myself in my thoughts and feeling at home.  
Coffee and Book Spot

La Serre Boulangerie

La Serre Boulangerie
Waking up, still cozied up in my beloved quilt cover, I think a reward is justified for pulling myself out of bed. And for me, a reward equates to a lovely meal in a lovely space. Walking into La Serre Boulangerie at 11 am, I worry if a table for two is available. With someone paying the check at that moment, I patiently wait, indicator turn on to the left and swiftly slide myself into the table as they pull out. In true French style, breakfast offerings include croissants, variations of eggs, fruits and more. Keeping with my reason to get out of bed, I begin with an order of truffle-topped scrambled eggs. My breakfast date arches his brow and comments, I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying AED 125 for a plate of eggs, regardless of the truffles. I respond by saying I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying X amount for Business class, regardless of the extra legroom. We all have our guilty pleasures and its no secret that food is mine. Making my way through the fluffy scrambled eggs, truffle shavings and beautiful bread, some of the best in Dubai, is a lovely experience. An extra crack of fresh pepper would do wonders. If waffles are not on the menu then I’m afraid its not breakfast. Piercing my fork into the sugar doused waffle, I feel its’ crispy crust. Immersing the bite into the berry compote and cream I prepare myself for delight. And rather unexpectedly, I get the flavor of orange zest in both the sauce and the waffle batter. A purely personal opinion, I don’t enjoy orange in ANY of my desserts because of its over powering flavor. To remedy the situation, I ask for honey, which gracefully expunges any trace of orange in my waffle, much better. And to end our breakfast on a healthy note, a can’t-go-wrong bowl of fruit salad. Apart from the bread, there is nothing that La Serre Boulangerie offers, which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in Dubai. Although with the floor to ceiling windows and almost revolutionary street front positioning, stepping into its beautiful morning hustle and bustle is almost hard to match.
LOCATION Vida Hotel OPENING HRS. 6:30 am - 10:30pm CUISINE French PRICE PER COUPLE AED 220 TELEPHONE # 04 428 6969  
Ur French Breakfast Spot

MAKE Business Hub

Make Business Hub
Walking into MAKE at 10:00 am one morning, Monty, my favorite person working at MAKE, approaches me with a bewildered look and says,  “Seeing you made me think it was already evening time, its unusual to see you here in the morning.” I laugh and think to myself, hmm that’s actually quite true. MAKE is an urban café designed with the entrepreneur in mind, beautiful workstations, an environment that fosters strategic connections and hub for everything Start Up. Pushing down on the period key for the sentence I just wrote above, I couldn’t have described MAKE any better, Dubai’s Silicone Valley in JBR. Countless businesses have already started out of MAKE’s young walls. But… and yes there is a but, that’s not My Make. #MyMAKE.

My Saturday from Heaven

Saturday from Heaven
As I promised you in my previous post, Getting Started in Paris, after getting myself settled in, the first plan of action was going to be exploring Food! Lucky for me, I had a group of beautiful and very gracious locals to gear me in the right direction during the weekend. I can't wait until they come to Dubai so I can happily return the favor. This post could not be more rightfully named because I truly had a Saturday sent down from Heaven. All I did was please my taste buds from morning until evening. Lets Start With Breakfast For my first official breakfast in Paris, nothing would suffice other than a Bakery. And what bakery would be more poignant that one recommended by Chef Alain Ducasse? That's correct, none.  Therefore, off we went to Le Moulin De La Vierge. We selected a chocolate croissant, a mille-feuille, a baguette and strawberry jam. We parked ourselves on a bench and had our way with all the desserts. Ripping off a pice of the baguette and dunking it straight into the jam jar and biting into a mille-feuille like it was a sandwich is an experience I wish upon everyone. With a Couple of Kilometers Under Our Belt - Its Lunch Time As an institution in the Saint-Germain area and as the beautiful sun was out Bar De La Croix Rouge cafe was the lunchtime pick. Menus were not opened and choices were not made, as per strict instructions, what was to be ordered was the famous Saint-Germain dish with a plate of cheese. For once I was grateful for not making my menu selection because the Saint-Germain dish deliver on all aspects. Toasted brown baguette with a spread of buttery mustard under moist and tender roast beef , laid over a bed of mixed greens and sharp pickles. Pairing each bit with a slice of french cheese was key. To top up the meal, a decadent chocolate cake and a shot of espresso. From One to the Next In true Parisienne nature, after polishing off our meal we proceeded from one cafe (Bar de la Croix Rouge) to the next (La Palette). La Palette is chic, people watching cafe where I had my 6pm Rose wine while enjoying the sunshine. And Finally to Dinner  The Beef Club - a trendy new hotspot on the Paris scene where reservations are hard to come by. Our reservation was accepted by the manager only after agreeing that we would provide him with a written blow-by-blow rundown of the France Vs Spain game since he wouldn't be able to watch it. Props to my local friends who seem to have all the keys to the city. As the name stipulates, the main ingredient on the menu is Beef. We ordered a filet mignon steak with sides of mac and cheese, mushrooms and wedges and a hamburger. The Beef Club symbolizes a quintessential restaurant and exactly what is absent from the Dubai restaurant scene. A semi casual restaurant, with competitive pricing that deliveries creative and extraordinary food offerings. To End How did I sleep that night? If you must know, like a baby. Before I left to Paris, my mother worriedly advised me that I should eat well when I'm in Paris because of all the walking I would be doing. Mama - Don't worry, I'm eating more than well :) Love, Tala

The Best Breakfast in Dubai

Coined as the most important meal of the day, Breakfast, contrary to its coinage, gets as much attention as the “Terms and Conditions” on any new BB application people download. Fork It Over Dubai is taking on a new initiative to Brining Breakfast Back to Dubai! Go beyond the hum drum coffee shops that are the default Breakfast settings and into the breakfasts that make you want to sing It’s a Beautiful Day. All About the Bagel – Circle on Jumeira Beach Road One of my fondest memories of New York City is having a perfectly toasted, poppy seed, Philly cream filled bagel early in the morning while watching the city come alive. With a bit of research I discover that Circle on Jumeirah Beach Road offers Dubai’s first H&H bagels (Famous New York Bagels).
  • The Must Have:  A toasted bagel and cream cheese of your choice. You can order a more complicated bagel i.e. with salmon, but to me something as perfect as a cream cheese bagel need not be messed with.
  • The Do Not Have: Half way through my scrambled eggs, I think to myself, why am I paying for this? It is an under spiced, not worth my 27 Drihams, I can make eggs at home ten times better than this type of dish.
  • Nice Surprise: My brown/whole grain waffle is delicious and even bordering on healthy – sans the maple syrup that is.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
Girls Moring Out – Forty Carrots in Dubai Mall I was a little standoffish about recommending a breakfast place in a mall, why? Cause there is something about malls in the morning that doesn’t sit well with me. Don’t get me wrong I am a big mall person, MOE was my second home when I lived in Barsha and DXB Mall is now my second home as I live in Old Town. But, for a girls morning out occasion I will make an exception for Forty Carrots. It’s a joyful (the pick says it all) outlet in Dubai Mall that has a light and healthy selection of offerings. And to top it all off, the tipping point for which to accept a mall in the morning, the one and only Bloomingdales is opened/part owner/ stuck to the café. Part breakfast, part retail therapy and part girls morning out.
  • The Must Have: One of the best yogurt offerings in Dubai. Yes I have tasted all the rest, trust me this is one of the leaders.
  • Nice Surprise: Interesting omelet offerings such as the Greek omelet bursting with flavors such as olives, feta cheese, mushrooms and more.
  • Timings: All day breakfast.
The Splurge – Olivio in The Royal Mirage Everyone and I mean EVERYONE deserves a splurge every once in a while. It’s actually scientifically proven to increase a person’s health – where I get my health facts is beyond the scope of this blog, but it’s all true stuff. Why would I pick The Royal Mirage out of all the hotels in Dubai? Because I don’t want to have breakfast in a lobby or a hall on the X millionth floor of a hotel – there is no added value in that. I want a place that I can escape to, something resort-like where I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh beach breeze.
  • The Must Have:  There are two breakfast halls in the Royal Mirage, you must east at Olivio because it has the open outside seating. As for the menu, pancakes, fresh fruits, tailored omelets, sausages and many more are all fair game.
  • Nice Surprise:  A peacock may stroll by your table.
  • Timings: 7:30 am t0 11:00 am.
The Business Breakfast – Florian in DIFC Need a place to impress your clients/boss/have a business meeting/ go to breakfast before work? Florian is the perfect place that offers exceptional breakfasts choices. It was the breakfast the pleasantly surprised me the most.
  • The Must Have: The oh so fluffy pancakes with straw berries on the side. Tip: ask for extra maple syrup there’s nothing more beautiful than plunging a fork full of packages into a bowl full of maple syrup. The poached eggs and turkey dish is also a must have. Though the hollandaise sauce could use some minor tweaking the eggs and sautéed turkey cold cuts put a smile on my face.
  • Nice Surprise: The Chocolate Croissant. Easily one of the best chocolate croissants I have tasted in Dubai. The menu it stated freshly made which was doubted by my mind until my mouth tasted the incredibly light, crispy feather puff pastry countered by the warm, creamy dark chocolate on the inside.
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday 7:30 am to 11:00 am
When in the Middle East – Al Reef Lebanese Bakery on Al Wasel Road There’s nothing like a zatar manousheh on the go. Refer to my Al Reef blog post for more details about the experience.
  • The Must Have: Zatar manousheh with tomoatoes.
  • Timing: 24/7.
My Readers Suggestions “Try Eric Kayser in Dubai mall! Apart from being health-conscious, it actually tastes good. And for the bread…soooo très Bon!” Johanna