A photo journal of dinner at Roberto’s with my FIODTuesdays dinner guests:

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There’s no doubt the the Roberto’s commands one of the best atmospheres and settings in Dubai. Mind you they don’t serve the city’s best food yet they are fully booked on a daily basis. Does that say something about the demands of the restaurant crowd in Dubai.  A great place to eat and be seen rather than focus on food. Guilty I am for falling into that category, whenever Roberto’s is proposed for drinks or dinner I always get excited and respond with I’m in! Would they be as successful in Beirut, Paris or New York? Either way kudos to them, I know their doing something right!

For a full Fork It Over Dubai review of Roberto’s check out the link.



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    1. OB

      I see your photographs are improving in leaps and bounds – one wonders where you get all that inspiration! I really like the 4th shot from the top with both the Burj Khalifa and The Index Tower in the background – very dramatic. Is their pizza any good? I visited a couple of months back – the pasta I ordered was really good but all else was so so.

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Thanks for your comment!

        I guest it is true practice does make perfect. Though my pictures are far from perfect I know my readers love photos so I constantly try to imporve them every chance I get!

        At Roberto’s I enjoy the steak, prawns and pasta :)