A photo journal of Ravi and then some…

Walking around the lively streets of Satwa is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is perfect in Dubai. We began with a glorious meal at Ravis, continued with Chai Karak and ended with Knefeh. In terms of ordering, I would recommend telling the waiting exactly what you enjoy and he can work around that.



OPENING HRS. 5 am to 3 am

CUISINE Pakistani


TELEPHONE # 04 331 5353


Ur Satwa  Experience

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    1. I love Asian food. specially pakistani food. all food is very nice in the pictures. i want to be there right now. Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of information. And let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. Thanks a ton once again

    2. Fatima J

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    3. Samer

      Looks delicious Tala. Def m trying this one.
      Waiting for your April lineup to start joining you guys on FIOD Tuesdays.
      Keep it up.

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey Samer!

        Thanks for your comment.

        I would love for your to join my FIODTuesdays dinners!! I’m always looking for more people to join!

        I should be posting the line up by the end of March.

        Hope to see you then!


    4. OB

      Haven’t been to either Ravi or Firas in ages. I was overfed so much Knafeh as a child that I have grown to reject it as an adult. I still eat it at gatherings but I always sit there wondering why everyone else is enjoying it so much :-) I was told by the supposedly REAL Firas Sweets in Sharjah that the one in Dubai is totally unrelated and that the former establishment believes that the latter actually “borrowed” their name so that they can draw the crowds. I have tried the one in Sharjah (off King Faisal Street on a parallel side road; on your right hand-side if you are going towards the “Islamic” souk) and must say that last I tried it so long ago, it had great Knafeh na3meh – their khishneh was not as good (at least not in my opinion).

      I liked that this post had so many pics – I would rather look at photos than burden my brain with reading, at least at this late hour…

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Haha, I laughed when you said that you were overfed Knefeh when you were growing up. That is such an Arab thing. I think we were all overfed everything. Regarding Knefehs the only ones that I really enjoy are the homemade ones. They seem lighter and are such a joy to eat. I have heard that the one in Shajah is better but I have never been…

        I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I always try to include lots of photos in all of my posts. I would consider that Fork It Over Dubai is 50% photos and 50% writing. I know that my readers sometimes want to just lay back and enjoy some quality food photography!

        Why don’t you join one of my Tuesday Dinners? Would be nice to have you!


        • OB

          Thank you for your kind offer. I shall consider it. Dining out generally tends to be an on the spur of the moment thing with me, so adhering to a schedule might be tricky but I shall try me best.

    5. Jinan

      my FAV meal so far!!!!