Power of Creation

Everyone has their guilty…. not so much pleasures… or aspirations… but maybe satisfactions, like fame or fortune.

I’m not one to care for either of the two, but I will confess a satisfaction towards power or the ability to control a desired outcome.

I’m a self taught photographer. In certain circumstances I’m conformable enough to say I do have a good eye for setting up a frame, although nothing beyond that.

My photos are usually a product of my environment rather than the art of photography.

Day one, the holy trinity of camera basics, aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Three concepts I knew of and that were dangling around in my head but were never thoroughly understood or put into practice.

Two hours later post explanation, post aha moment and watching Aran at work, I approach my cool metallic sardines.

I look Bob and Fred (the sardines) in the eyes, and say “I can sum you up in three numbers… I know you… I think… I hope…”

Pushing a button here changing a dial there my trinity is set and I’m ready for the click.


Holly…. wow!

Though far from perfection, for the first time, I feel power, I feel the ability to manipulate my camera to generate the outcome I want and most importantly I feel in control of creation and the art of photography.



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    1. Beautiful pictures Tala! Keep them coming! I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful work… Sending you lots of love.

    2. Great Pics Tala. Have to admit I am a tad jealous. Last time Aran was in Canada, the class was over booked and I had no chance to meet her. You are learning from the best. ;)

    3. Irini Savva

      What a wonderful experience Tala! Looking forward to reading more. All the best…Irini