Pappa Roti

Dubai Mall is my neighbor and my companion. My feelings for the Mall run deep… even deeper then the Down Town Dubai Fountain. With all the love I have for the Mall, there are certain areas that, I admit, I tend to steer clear of – aka the Ice Rink Area.  It’s cold and noisy and it’s cold and noisy! I usually enjoy roaming around the Upper East side of the mall – ie Kinokuniya knee deep in cookbooks.

Unfortunately though fortunately, I have recently discovered something so pleasant in the Brooklyn of Dubai Mall, that it makes me overlook any grudge I have and makes it an utter MUST to visit.

What is the pleasant magnet that pulls me towards that area nose first?

It’s the essence of maple syrup, coffee, pancakes, caramel and waffles all fuse together.

More specifically it is the essence of Pappa Roti – the “Father of all Buns”.

Walking towards Pappa Roti I notice a very interesting phenomenon which may have evolved right here in the UAE. I call it the 2 Stripe Zebra Phenomenon a la Fauchon and Armani Café Style.

On one is side men decked in freshly pressed white Kadoras and on the other perfectly coiffed women in their black Abayas. I am guessing the 2 Stripe Zebra Phenomenon arose from a notion of respect, which I do respect.

Dressed in my favorite rainbow tie die shirt I pick up my father of all buns and approach the seating area and think “W hala2 la Wein”. Right, no left, no right eeek I’ll settle for the middle.

In front of me, a perfectly shaped bun wafting its unmatched aroma around me, forming a sanctuary to shield me from the cold and the noise.

If my post could transfer an aroma I would end this post at just that.

I tap the bronze bun and hear a crispy crack.

I grab the bun and slowly pull it apart to reveal the white pillowy center.

I bite down and it melts in my mouth – sweet but not too sweet caramel and coffee infused flavors.

In the center melted butter to make the bun even more sinful.

In 10 seconds the bun is no more, my sanctuary is no more and I am no more in that area.

We all vanish at once, without a trace but with a smile.


LOCATION The Dubai Mall

OPENING HRS. Dubai Mall Timing

CUISINE Sweet Buns


TELEPHONE # 04 330 8377


A Craving Quencher Restaurant





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    1. Totally can’t resist them fluffy buns (as Arva would say)

    2. My absolute favorite place in Dubai Mall. I love your nomenclature– the Brooklyn of DM, the zebra stripe… very true, and well described. Can’t wait for them to open up the PappaRoti cafe near the baby shop section (what would you name that area?)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        First off I would like to say thank you for teaching me a new word!

        Nomenclature: The devising or choosing of names for things.

        I’m always on the lookout for new relevant words to learn! Nomenclature makes writing fun and light hearted which I always try to do.

        …The baby shops section, well considering I don’t have a baby – I would call it The Uncharted Area of Dubai Mall.


    3. Complete Foodie

      Love the Papa Rotiiiiii bun + chai and your pics are really wow – uou’ve captured the bun so well :) Was just there an hour ago and looking at this and want to go back and have another!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Its interesting how I have got several responses telling me I was just there today, yesterday, a week ago it seems everyone is enjoying the Buns – and rightfully so!

        I tried my best with the pictures :)