My Firsts with Le Cordon Bleu

And finally, my first day of class at Le Cordon Bleu!

Back track 30 minutes: Passion Over Fashion

Ready to cook now.

My Firsts

Frist things first, admissions, a tour of the premises and the distribution of equipment.




The mother of all equipment both in terms of quality and variety – my new love.


Classes are broken down into either demonstrations or practicals.

In demonstrations, the chef explains a certain topic and demonstrates how to bake several receipts concerning the topic.

In practicals, we have to bake one recipe which was explained in the demonstration lesson.

Demonstation 1

Our first lesson was specifically designed to ease us into the course program and orient us with the kitchen space.

In our first demonstration, the subject was Sables or Shortbread Biscuits. We learned how to make Nantais shortbreads, glasses (shortbread with jam), chocolate shortbreads, Britanny shortbread biscuits and diamonds (shortbread with a sugar coat).

The chef would demonstrate how to bake each of the above receipts and it is the students responsibility to write down the instructions of how to complete the receipt. So you have to listen, observe and write everything down so you could replicate it in the future.

The above is my demonstration class. The chef has a work station equipped with a mirror over it so every step he does can be seen by the students.

Not my usual fancy footwear – but super comfy I have to admit.

After the chef demonstrates how to make the recipes, it is MANDATORY that we taste everything to insure we know the correct taste and texture of each recipe.

Mmmm my favorite part :)

Practical 1

I have to admit, I was a little nervous for my first practical lesson. I would be baking Diamond Cookies which are shortbread cookies with sugar around the edges.

The night before my practical I rewrote the recipe, went through the ingredients and perfected the procedure.

When the chef instructed us to begin our practical, everything changed, my nervousness melted away and my love for baking took over.

I was going through the recipe as though I had baked it a million times before and everything just fell into place.

I was no longer in a practical test but at home in my own kitchen enjoying baking.

Right then and there I knew at this point in my life, I am EXACLY where I should be. 

During our practical the chef was nice enough to bake us some fresh croissants which we nibbled on as we worked!

My Diamonds.

Me in Uniform. :)

Evening Of

What ever we bake we can take home.

So if you are ever in the area, know that I will always have some tasty delights for you to munch on!



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    1. These posts are really awesome Tala!! Makes me want to take a sabbatical to cook as well :)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Thank you!

        I would recommend something like this to everyone!

        Its an eye opening experience that makes you prioritize your passion in life :)


    2. J’aime beaucoup votre post sur a` Paris et Le Cordon Bleu, Tala!

      What a brilliant idea to have a mirror over the work station. Thank you for sharing your day at the college, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. All the best for the rest of the course.