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Walking into MAKE at 10:00 am one morning, Monty, my favorite person working at MAKE, approaches me with a bewildered look and says,  “Seeing you made me think it was already evening time, its unusual to see you here in the morning.”

I laugh and think to myself, hmm that’s actually quite true.

MAKE is an urban café designed with the entrepreneur in mind, beautiful workstations, an environment that fosters strategic connections and hub for everything Start Up.

Pushing down on the period key for the sentence I just wrote above, I couldn’t have described MAKE any better, Dubai’s Silicone Valley in JBR. Countless businesses have already started out of MAKE’s young walls.

But… and yes there is a but, that’s not My Make. #MyMAKE.

As I work during the day my spare time is in the evenings. Therefore #MyMAKE, MAKE after dark lets say, is more of social events, getting to know new friends and most importantly, dinners – social dining at its best.

With a new menu recently released, more than 26 Fork IT Over Dubai Tuesday diners to seat and flaming refusal to have more than one table, MAKE is a perfect choice for dinner.

Stepping into MAKE in my conventional evening timing, before any of my dinner guests arrive, my legs go weak. Some women have the all too famous Weak Legs Syndrome at the sight of Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome or at a pair of stunning sky high Gianvito Rossi heals, but not me. For me, it is the sight of a monumental communal table, the biggest I have yet to come across. Running my fingers along the table I think of the boundless opportunities to share plates and socialize.

My guests arrive and slide themselves along the benches while enjoying the their fresh watermelon cocktails (nonalcoholic).  Summer in a cup, a cocktail I tend to crave especially on days that I long to spend endless hours sunbathing on the Dubai shores.

Our starters of smoked trout salad, chicken avocado flat bread and French Alps gnocchi arrive a la sharing style.

The smoked trout salad, the star of the show, plays on contrasting flavors as the deep smoky flavors of the trout undertone the fresh green and citrusy blood oranges.

The chicken avocado flat bread is laid on a mango salsa that gives it a certain throw back to Mexico. The creamy avocado is my favorite part. At the request of my delicate lips that like delicate things, I would ask that the flat bread be toasted a touch less for ease of consumption. Oh and more mango salsa please.

The French Alps Gnocchi, this is actually the first time I’ve tried this type of gnocchi, presses your tradition gnocchi down to mini pancakes and throws a crispy crust on each and drizzles a butter garlic dressing over them. Pan fried potatoes, garlic, butter…. a dish that can never disappoint.

I’m not one to order a vegetarian option as a main, after all I do have a very vocal cave woman within me, although there is something about the mushroom polenta dish that appeases her. The almost sweet and milky polenta serves as a crispy bed to my balsamic drenched wild mushrooms.

Strategically placing myself between people that have ordered different mains than I, I lean to my left and take a bite of the Lamb ragu. The tomato-based sauce is homey and comforting but I would ask for more lamb. I lean to my right and take bite of the gorgeously plated salmon, which is light and earthy.

As desserts are placed on the table, lemon mouse, chocolate rhubarb fool and sticky toffee pudding, my mathematical mind starts firing up and calculating the dessert portion for each person and I happily realize there are some extra dessert plates.

In the spirit of sharing a table, the bench, starters and bites of main courses, a bond is created between my dinner guests and I. Unfortunately, though fortunately for my tummy, no bond is strong enough to make me share my sticky toffee pudding. I inch the dish closer to me with my finger, form a make shift and unassuming barrier with my arm and happily enjoy it all to myself.

Just as a side note, over my dinners at MAKE I have found my future PR consultant, my app developer, my brand designer, potential future partners and loads of beautiful friends.

Need to inspire your mind? Step into MAKE and you’ll be exposed to a flutter of new and exciting ideas from everyone buzzing to start something new.

Need to inspire your taste buds? Grab a group of friends and head to MAKE for the best communal spot in the city.

I’m sure everyone has their own MAKE. I would love to hear what Your MAKE is like.



OPENING HRS. 8:00 am 10:00 pm



TELEPHONE # 04 3929216


A Place to Be Inspired





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    1. Schnalborz

      Make is awesome, I enjoyed this a lot, just like every Fork it Over Dubai Tuesday.
      #MyMake is my home.