January FIOD Tuesdays Line Up

Hello 2013!

January is a beautiful month filled with new beginnings.

We have all been blessed with an additional year to enjoy.

Tell everyone you love them, live your days like their your last and most importantly, Dine Well!

Check out the below restaurants I will be visiting each Tuesday of this month.

Join me and we’ll kick start this year with a bang!!

I haven’t dined at any of the above restaurants, so it will be a new experience that I will share with your beautiful company.

If you’re not a fan of any of the above restaurants no worries, there is an endless amount of Tuesdays and FIOD Dinners to come.

If your in, post a comment or send me a direct email so I can manage the reservation.



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    1. Angus

      Hello! How was RossoVivo? It’s near my building and I hear the pizzas are excellent. Also very keen to try their ricotta-stuffed deep-fried courgette flowers. Only AED9 each – bargain! Think I may cheat and order a few of those next time I am having a dinner.

    2. hala walla

      im down for 15th jan if i am not in saudi that week. pls put me in at tentative with a slight lean towards acceptance.
      i will confirm by tomorrow. peace in the middle east