Welcome to Fork It Over Dubai!

I’m very excited to introduce the new Fork It Over Dubai to you.

Have a look around, make yourself comfortable, my home is your home.

To make you feel more at home, browse through what could easily be yours just by subscribing.

The Gramercy:  A total of 5 complimentary meals for 2!

The MAKE Business Hub: Brunch at the MAKE Business Hub with 20 of Fork It Over Dubai’s readers.  It’s a great chance to get to know the MAKE, the fresh flavors of their menu and some new faces!

Leila: 3 AED 200 vouchers to experience a taste of Lebanon!

Kitsch: A goodie bag sent down from heaven of a French vanilla cupcake, 6 mini peanut butter choco cookies and a famous fudge brownie!

Wild Peeta: 5 AED 50 vouchers to experience shawermas with a twist!

Aprons and Hammers: An AED 250 voucher to experience a full crab shack meal on a dhow!

NKD Pizza: You and 5 of your friends can win a total NKD Pizza experience. Get a chance to go to NKD Pizza with your friends and make and devour your own pizzas!

Big shout out to the above restaurant brands for supporting the food blogging world!

I hope you like the new site, stay as long as you want and most importantly always drop by – I do enjoy your company!



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    1. Congrats on the new look! Will explore and poke around it now :)

      Btw I clicked on subscribe but the feed I got said “Fork it On Dubai” and didn’t have the latest “hello” post, so I unsubscribed and resubscribed just put sticking in your blog URL on my Reader! Still, got there in the end :)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Thanks for putting all the effort in subscribing. I will make sure to fix that issue and thank you for your continued support!

        Please do poke around and make ur self at home!



    2. The blog looks great Tala, and I totally enjoyed browsing through. Will be looking forward for your posts :))

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hi Dima!

        It was great getting to know you last night and thanks so much for the comment!

        Looking forward to our next meeting :)

    3. Complete foodie

      Yayyy Welcome back! Great new look and a great new url,. Looking forward to a lot more Fork it Over Dubai updates now that you have moved in to your new home :)

    4. jinan

      Looks great Tala!! So proud mwah

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