Ghaz Forks it Over

It’s no secret that I adore creative people.

It may have stemmed from being around the mathematical kind for the better part of my life. My classmates while completing a degree in Economics or my MBA program and finally my colleagues in my full time banking job. All brilliant no doubt, but I could always understand and even predict their trail of thought, linear.

On the contrary, watching a creative mind think, getting from point A to point B, is a wonderful process that fascinates me.

A creative mind that I can’t speak highly enough of is Ghazwan. Founder of Maek Design, a design house that has worked with Mercedes, Nokia, Make, Ferrari World and many more.

Among many other things, Ghazwan is the creative direction behind the look and feel of Restronaut, a social dining concept we both are co-founders of. Working together over the past year has been a delight and experiencing his obsession for beautiful design is lovely.

After discovering his cooking skills and after countless emails harassing asking him to create something delicious to share on my blog, I receive an invite to his kitchen one Friday morning.  ”Yes, I’m most definitely free!” I say. Camera in hand and off I go, the rest is below.

How was the cheesecake? It was as delicious as it was beautiful. Creamy and velvety,  and instead of tasting sweet, it tastes of whispers of vanilla topped with fresh fruits and crunchy caramel.

Thank you Ghaz for welcoming me into your home. It’s been lovely working with you this past year and wish for many more years to come.




If your looking for a trail of discovery, check out my food trail set to uncover Dubai’s best.

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    1. Lovely Tala. My favourite has to be him running away from the camera (or seems like it). Can always relate to that :)