Getting Started in Paris

Bonjour All,

I made it to Paris!

First things first, getting myself aquatinted with the street and the apartment I’m going to be calling home for the next month.

My street, Cherche Midi (Looking for Noon) is in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.

Two critical things must be located before I proceed to exploring my apartment.  A produce shop, that will be used to constantly replenish my snacking material,  and a flower shop, that will be used to make my space more homey, fresh and lovely.

The Produce shop is no bigger than a three meter corridor, although what the shop lacks in size it makes up in aromas, particularly strawberries. A sinfully sweet and irresistible summer smell that will, without a doubt, lead to a purchase no matter how strong willed you think you are.

With a weakness for flowers, I leave the flower shop with 4 new friends, Loulou, Buba, Twilight and Cherry (Yes, I name my plants), that have a sole purpose of making me smile each morning.

And now up two flights of stairs to my apartment to reach my ever so blue door which we push open to reveal Home.

Large windows to let in the crisp Parisienne air and the sounds of the city.

My dining table all ready to go.

My spot where I’ll have my tea each morning.

(Loulou – yellow roses on the far window sill, Buba on the dining table and Twiligh and Cherry on the breakfast window sill)

My mircro kitchen jam packed with all the essentials.

My Bathroom with random faces.

And my bedroom.

With that, I have officially settled in.

Next, you guessed it, FOOD!



PS: Its 9 pm and the sun still has not set – wow!

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    2. Lou

      I LOVE that you are doing this!

      Well done. I am sure you are living many peoples dreams (that’s me included).

      Enjoy every minute of the ride!


      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Thanks Lou!

        Im going to do my best to souk up every second of my trip.

        Let me know if you want me to bring you back anything from here!


    3. Yayyy so so love this post and also really glad you have officially made it to Paris! The 6th is great and also the street you are on and the apartment look absolutely fantastic. When you have time, do head over to the 13th for Paris China Town and especially for the Vietnamese places and some Pho or Banh Mi (sandwiches)! You won’t be disappointed.. naturally that’s after you have gotten over your initial excitement of eating everything and anything in sight, which is natural. Oh and also Hugo & Victor is a MUST for pastries especially the Mille-feuille or Poilane for their apple tarts!

      Also please lot more posts like this inc after you start your course obviously!!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Ooooo thanks for the great recommendations. Im really looking forward to heading over to Paris China Town – Pics to follow soon!!!

        Big love to you and your support