Fork It Over Dubai Business Cards

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a fetish for business cards. Business cards are the initial means of transferring information, therefore I believe they should make an impact on what you or your company represent.

And so, I’m really excited to announce that my business cards have finally been printed!

Over the past couple of months my designer / brand creative and I have been working hard to come up with something that represents Fork It Over Dubai and Tala Soubra.

Big shout out to Lewis Adams, my designer, who has been exceptionally patient with my endless demands regarding my business cards.

And here they are:

The Front:

I will never underestimate the importance of pictures to Fork It Over Dubai. My readers respond to and love photography, so that’s exactly what I’m going to give them. I can even say my blog is 50% content and 50% pictures, therefore naturally, so are my business cards.

The pictures that I chose represent not only food but the experience of dining. I only printed 350 cards so every couple of months I can select new photos to be featured.

I debosed a boarder on the photos to frame the pictures and again emphasize the importance of photos.

The Back:

Because the front of my business cards are quite detailed, I wanted keep the back simple.

I give you the official new branding of Fork It Over Dubai:

I know Fork It Over Dubai is quite a mouthful, but Lewis was able to transform it into something elegant and simple.

The beautiful quote is an ode to one of the greatest female writers of the twentieth century, Virginia Wolf, which I couldn’t agree more with.


If you look close enough you can see the tweeded texture in the thick paper I chose. Holding one of my cards I want you to feel its character.


My cards are the exact same size and shape as a credit card so they fit perfectly in your wallet, and you can take them everywhere you go. : )




It was a long process but it was worth it because I will only accept the best for my Fork It Over Dubai readers.

I hope you like them!



If  you ever need any creative work done, Mr. Lewis Adams is your man. You can contact him on

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    1. These are absolutely gorgeous!

    2. Bushra

      Pretty awesome business cards, love the quote.

    3. oh wow those are gorgeous!