I’m currently in a four-hour layover in Barcelona, Blibao bound (The basque country, North of Spain) and I thought it would be the perfect time to update you on what’s coming up in the next 12 days.

Before I begin, a side note about Barcelona Airport, I like it. As I type these words, I’m sitting outside (yes they have an out door area within the airport) enjoying the breeze, an espresso, free wifi and tall/dark/handsome men that seem to be everywhere I look.

Back to the itinerary, a couple of months ago I was accepted into a dream come true kind of work shop with one of the best food bloggers/photographers I know of, Aran Goyoaga from the award winning blog Cannelle et Vanille.

The lifestyle and food photography workshop will be held in Aran’s home town in the North of Spain and over the course of 5 days SHE will be teaching ME, along with 8 other women, the ins and outs of photography.

In a nutshell, its like having one of your inspirations or idols teaching you your passion – wow.

After Bilbao I will be taking a car, road trip, to San Sebastian a must visit for any soul who proclaims themselves a foodie, with the highest per capita of Michelin stars of any city in the world.

A reservation is already secured at Mugaritz #4 on the worlds Top 50 Restaurants. A disclaimer was clearly mentioned on my confirmation email from Mugaritz informing me to set aside around 3 hours for the tasting experience, hell yea!

And finally, a train back down to Barcelona for another three days to experience the beaches, tapas and aged cuts of ham and meat.

Updates and photos to follow soon!

One more thing, wherever I have traveled or whenever people try to guess my nationality, I always get Spanish, so on some level, I feel like I’m somewhere close to home.


I’ll leave you with a glimpse of Aran’s amazing work:

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    1. Shaima Al Tamimi

      amazeballlsss….. so jealous… enjoy your trip dear :)

    2. Proud of you Tala good work and experience ……………..Bravo.