Elevation Burger

Seeing the eye catching blue and white branding on Sheik Zayed Road to and from work is how I got introduced to Elevation Burger.

Your typical branding colors for a burger concept are red, white and yellow, so when I saw the complete opposite of blue and white, I knew I had to do some research.

Elevation Burger tries to set itself apart from other burger chains by focusing on quality ingredients. Their beef patties are 100% USDA-certified organic, grass-fed, free-range beef that is ground on site. The French fries are also cut on site and cooked in olive oil.

All this is music to my ears, but to put it to the real test of success, will it be music to my tummy?

I know how important burgers are to you, so for my first burger dinner, I brought along my possy of 11 FIODTuesdays burger-fanatic guests to help with the verdict.

Arriving early, I instantly decide that we’ll be dining outside. After poaching everyone’s free chairs and inching 5 tables together, my communal table is ready. Satisfied and proud of the work I have just completed, I sit back and relax and for a whisper of a second, I feel like I’m in New York.


My dinner guests arrive and in bulks of 5, we approach the counter to make our orders. I first select a cheeseburger, then begin with my toppings: ketchup, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, onions and mushroom. All the toppings are complimentary except for an extra slice of cheese and mushrooms.

Why didn’t I choose the Elevation Burger or the Elevation Sauce? Because it includes a Thousand Island inspired sauce and I’m not a fan of anything mayonnaise based.

I finish my order with fries and a coke.  I am then given an empty cup for my drink and a blue Pyramid with my number on it.

Is it just me, or are self-service drink dispensers one of the most enjoyable things in the world. Ice, coke, cap, straw and we’re good to go.

After 10 minutes of schmoozing and talk of what makes the perfect burger, my tailored burger arrives all carefully wrapped up with my fries lying beside it.

Picking up my burger, it passes the first test. Nothing falls out and a one handed bicep curl for a bite is more than doable. A workout and dinner in one, lovely. Taking the first bite of my burger, I am able to reach all of its levels, another important factor.

The bun is soft, pillow-y, gummy and Shake Shack-esk. The toppings are cool and fresh and provide an ever so slight crunch to the burger. I know there’s cheese on my burger because I ordered it and because I see it, but unfortunately I fail to taste it. A sharper cheese may be in order.

The patty is prepared well as it still falls apart even after it has been cooked. Cooked to well done, although not dry, thin and well seasoned, I enjoy it. You have the option of staking up to 10 patties in your burger, but my preference will always be 1 patty.

By the time I reach my last couple of bites, my bottom bun starts to fail on me. My recommendation, eat with a touch of haste.

The fries cause the biggest controversy on the FIODTuesdays table, its either a yes I love them or no I don’t like them.  Personally I think they are a nice change from the yellow, hard and starchy fries served in most burger joints.

I finish my meal with a mango and vanilla ice cream shake. Diluted is the most concise way to describe it.

Not to confuse anyone, I still put Elevation Burger in the fast food category, but I believe that they follow the philosophy that fast food can be good food served fast.

In a nutshell most of us agree that Elevation Burger is Shake Shack without the grease and without the hassle of a mall.

Speaking to a friend from the States, he mentioned that Elevation Burger is modeled after the all famous In and Out burger where the focus is on fresh ingredients.

Will it do well in Dubai? Yes. Whenever I pass by Elevation burger it’s filled with both locals and expats just enjoying a burger.

And one more thing, it’s open 24/7. I can already foresee the damage it will cause on everyone’s late night after clubbing diets.

Check out the Elevation Burger checklist for all of my FIODTuesdays guest comments.






WEBSITE  www.elevationburger.com

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    1. Hungry motherfucker

      You get paid for this shit or something? Burgers are literally 25 grams motherfucker…

    2. Angus

      Not a mad fan of this place. Hugely overpriced, pretending to be organic and the french fries are gross. Also, deep frying in olive oil is extremely unhealthy. Olive Oil has a low smoking point and denatures into an unhealthy fat at high temperatures. If I’m looking for an amazing burger, I still go to Jones the Grocer (avoid’s a mall too) or Social House in Dubai Mall for their wagyu options.

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Honestly the fires are a love it or hate it. I was the love it category because they were different then your usual frozen fries.
        Initially i was attracted to the concept because it was organic but its not a pull factor to get me back there, it is a sort of gimmick they use.
        I really like it because its 24 7 and i can custom make my own burger. When I have the ability to custom make something it always turns out exactly to my taste which make sense.
        Its my perfect late night, after party fix ;)

    3. So, I found myself in the area today with half an hour to kill between meetings, and inspiration from having read your post, so decided to give it another go.
      I don’t do cheese on burgers, so can’t concur or disagree, but I do have to admit the that “fresh fries” were much better this time round (I had previously gone during their opening weekend, so maybe they were still working on getting things right?)
      I still don’t think the burger or the flavors are memorable enough, so for me it’s still “if you’re in the area” and definitely the superior choice to McD’s next door ;)

    4. I really wanted to join your gang for the Elevation Burger date but sadly couldn’t make it. Anyhow through your post I have relived it – thank you. The lettuce burger caught my eye…anything for wheat-free! – would love to try it out. Did any of your crew order the burgers rare or medium-rare? Would be interested to know if they were able to accommodate given municipality restrictions. x

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey U!

        I wish you did join us, we had a great time!

        I wasn’t given an option to choose my bread, I never asked, so their may be one. When you go, please do try the normal bread bun because I do believe it’s one of the most important parts of the burger. People who had the lettuce burger said it was good but they would prefer the bread bun.

        Regarding the way the meat was cooked, again I wasn’t given an option. Although from what I know in the States, such outlets are required by law to cook their patties to well done. Maybe the same law is imposed here.


    5. I have been there and i think their fries were just wrong…..their veggie burger was good though….However, I think hard rock cafe has the best veggie burger!

      yes i am vegetarian!

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        I’m glad you tried the veggie burger since I didn’t, and the verdict is good.

        The fries are either a love it or hate it kind of thing! :)

        Would love to hear your recommendations for veggie restaurants.