Dubai Gourmet Food Trail

I was recently contacted by the Dubai Food Festival to help dredge out a trail that I would be more then willing to get my hands dirty for, a gourmet trail actually.

The Dubai Gourmet Trail is a trail that winds you through Dubai, the old the new the swanky and the not to swanky restaurants that it has to offer.

Forget the tour bus, if you want to explore Dubai through a differing angle, I’d suggest this trail.

Why I personally love this initiative is because it was created by some of Dubai’s best food blogger. It wasn’t a company that paid to get on the trial or that one business man that exerted his influence, restaurants on the trail are there because of there merits and nothing more.

The lovely ladies involved in the making of include Foodiva, The Hedonista, WhenShaikhaCooks, Saba Wahid, and Secretsquirrelfood.

We each recommended 5 restaurants under Arabian Inspirations, Around the World, Best Cheap Eats, Best-Kept Secrets and Ultimate Dining Experiences for a total of 25 of the top restaurants.

Have a look at all our recommendations and I hope you enjoy the trail!



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