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U Fork It Over With Serene Touma

My Favorite Memory of Serene Way back when, approximately 4 years ago which is a lifetime in Dubai, Serene was the only friend I knew who had a blog. A first mover in all respects. When it came time for me to start Fork It Over Dubai, I knew exactly who to turn to. I still remember that evening like it was yesterday. Sitting in Caribou, sipping our coffee and tea, Serene explains the ins and outs of blogging to me. Half way through our drinks we decide to create my blog through Wordpress, a popular blogging platform. And right then and there, Fork It Over Dubai was born. I the mother and Serene the midwife. A delivery I wouldn't have been able to complete without her. Looking at my new baby, Serene commented "Its not an easy thing to raise a blog you know, they need lots of dedication, attention and most importantly love." Smiling, I responded with "I already feel the love." And the rest is history.

U Fork It Over with Hiba Zarour

Over the past two years I have received endless support from you concerning Fork It Over Dubai and for that I am thankful for. But now, I want to turn the spotlight on you! I know there is a foodie in each of you. Everyone has that One thing they do best or are known for in the Kitchen, a dish, a dessert or even a drink. Teach me your one thing, lets enjoy it together and I’ll feature you on Fork It Over Dubai. Show me what you got Dubai – I know I’m going to be impressed. This series will naturally be called You Fork It Over and will focus on REAL people showing REAL recipes that we can all enjoy. You Fork It Over will not only focus on your one thing but will be a portal showcasing the beautiful YOU. Hiba Zarour For my first You Fork It Over post, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect then the gorgeous Hiba Zarour, my cousin, my sister and my biggest supporter. This is my heartfelt, public thank you to you Hiba! I don’t know how many times you have heard me explain Fork It Over Dubai or chronicle my Paris journey to friends and family. Regardless of the amount, pushing over 100 probably, you always smile and listen intently as if it was the first time you hear it. Thank you. Throughout all our dining experiences, you patiently wait until I get that perfect shot until you have a bite of your food.  Thank you. Whenever I am featured in a magazine you always call me with the most excited voice to congratulate me (which I love). Thank you. When you tell me how proud you are of me it means so much coming from a strong and intelligent woman like you. Thank you. <3 A Bit About My Cuz Hiba is the head interior designer at H&H Investment and Development and is the most talented designer I know. I have already locked her in to design my future bakery and house! Check out some of Hiba's work from her recent interview with Commercial Interior Design Magazine. Commercial Interior Design Article copy The above plan is a floor to ceiling shelving unit Hiba designed for my new room - it's currently being built! A Window into Hiba Zarour and Her Thing Thank you Hiba for cooking me a spectacular dinner and for all the laughs the whole way through. For the full recipe check out the printable version below. LAMB CHOPS I hope you enjoyed the first installment of You Fork It Over - there is plenty more to come and can't wait for all of them! Love, Tala