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Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair
By virtue of coincidence and by my obsessive compulsiveness towards daylight, my friends and I experienced a seamless Bu Qtair evening. It’s 3:58 pm on a sunny Friday afternoon on the shores of Dubai. My eyes closed, I lie on my towel with my toes in the sand and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore. Sublime, nothing could be more relaxing. The clock strikes 4:00 pm and my beach bum persona washes away with the earlier wave as the general in me kicks in. “Alright everyone up… to Bu Qtair we go!” With two hours left till sundown, I hastily herd my friends over to their cars in order to capture our Bu Qtair experience in daylight. Upon our arrival at 4:10 pm, the fishermen are weaving their nets, the cats are taking a snooze but no one is in site. Inquiring with someone in the cabin, we are informed to return at 6 pm when the first order is made at 6:30 pm and no exceptions are made… not even if you say please… not even if you explain that you want to take photos… not even…. Anything. After a leisurely stroll around Jumeirah, we return at sunset and already notice a queue starting in the cabin. As customer number 5, our male friend (hero) selflessly volunteers himself to stand in the ordering queue as we graciously and happily accept while we wait outside. Fatigued from the beach and the walk around Jumeirah, my friend and I pop a squat on plastics stools. “Serene… I need to put my camera down somewhere, lets just grab that table over there…” As we move our stools over and make ourselves comfortable on the table, we notice in that short laps of time, the queue extending out the cabin and onto the road, with not a free stool or table in sight.  Phew… good timing! After enjoying the outdoor breeze and watching people from all walks of life join in, Arab, French, Pilipino, English and more our fish and shrimp arrive along with our side orders of rice, salad, sauce and bread. Breaking into the dark crusted fish which reveals the ever so white and juicy meat is beautiful. As juicy as possible and yet not as fishy as anticipated each bite, though on plastic chairs and tables, is as luxurious as can be. I adore fried everything, fried squash flowers to fried potatoes and fried dumplings, but I believe, one ingredient that should never touch the fryer is shrimp. Their meat is too delicate for harsh oils.  And so, my attention is subsequently set on the fish. The bread is extra fresh and warm. My bite, enclosing the juicy fish with the warm bread and drizzling the spicy tomato sauce on top… and repeat. Though I prefer a fresh tomato sauce to the cooked version… this version will do just fine. By the end of the evening my friends and I can easily count around 250 people, which is incredible. Bu Qtair symbolizes something I love, if you offer quality food consistently, everyone will come. Is it the best combination of flavors I have tasted? I’m not sure, I’ve had delicious fish at an Abu Dhabi fish market that I dream of, but I know that Bu Qtair delivers on one of the best food experiences in Dubai. Eating along side the beach, in open air, a stone throw away from the fishermen themselves, on a sand pit mind you, makes it surreally on some level and an experience I wouldn’t mind frequenting when ever possible. Oh and they’re happy to wrap up anything you haven’t finished, so don’t be shy and order as you please. The Plan of Action:
  1. Arrive at 6 pm sharp.
  2. Ordering starts at 6:30 pm although you should start queuing at 6:00 pm.
  3. Have one person order and the others wait outside wile securing a spot to eat.
  4. Order your choice of fish and shrimp.
  5. Pop a squat on some stools even before the tables are set up.
  6. Once the tables are out, grab your stool and claim a table.
  7. When you’re seated and have ordered your fish, a waiter will approach your table to make the order of sides being salad, bread and rice.
  8. Have fun, get your hands dirty and enjoy the fresh air and sunset.
LOCATION Jumeirah OPENING HRS. 10:30-3 6:30-12 CUISINE Indian Seafood PRICE PER COUPLE AED 100 TELEPHONE # 055 7052130
An Experience to Remember

The First Semi Annual Best Restaurant Business Card Award in Dubai

Business Card
I recently began working on my Business Card for Fork It Over Dubai, two years overdue, but better late than never I say. While researching business card ideas online, I start to develop an acute obsession with them. My eyes light up going through websites like “The Top 100 Business Cards” or “50 Most Creative Business Cards”. During social events, the passing over of business cards is no longer a means of transferring contact details, but an opportunity to get inspired. Do I like the look and feel of the card? Does it get me excited about the company or individual? Does it make me smile or think or is it just contact details? Will I remember it after I slide it into my back pocket? Knee deep in the world of business cards, I remember the infinite number of Restaurant cards that I have collected over the years. As I am pouring my heart out into the development of my card, I would expect the same from a restaurant brand. Therefore this post is dedicated to celebrating restaurant business cards that inspire in Dubai. I’m going to start by dividing the cards I have collected into two groups, The Mundane and The Creative. The Mundane The Mundane bunch are restaurants opened by a hotels or large F&B companies.  These restaurants don’t have their own business cards and are forced to use their parent company cards. I understand that this may be a marketing strategy that ties in the larger company to the individual restaurants, but I vehemently (beautiful word) oppose of it. If you go through the trouble of creating a whole restaurant brand, give it wings and let it shine independently. Alas, on one level I strongly oppose these types of business cards, but on another I say Thank You. Because without you, what would I practice my secret passion for Origami with? The frogs even jump! I also add some leaves so they would feel at home in their makeshift forest. The Creative As the name stipulates The Creative bunch are well thought out business cards that are a true extension of the restaurant brand.  Some more than others but here they are. In nominating the first Semi Annual Best Restaurant Business Card in Dubai, I will be looking for several characteristics namely, creativity, thoughtfulness, texture, paper quality, ink quality, brand association, colors and over all feel. I have narrowed The Creative Bunch to five potential nominees. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, La Petite Maison, Table 9, Afie's and Cocktail Manifesto. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse Like Most: The card is bold and has character. Like Least: The information on the card is cluttered. La Petite Maison Like Most: It has a whimsical and romantic touch to it similar to the restaurant itself. Like Least: The square shape, I find it slightly childish. Alfie's: Like Most: Elegant. Like Least: Their phone number is 800 Alfie's. It reminds me of 800 Pizza. Table 9 Like Most: One of my favorite restaurant logos. Like Least: The smoothness of the card, give me more texture. Cocktail Manifesto Like Most: I'm drawn to the beautiful colors. Its an image I can remember well after putting the card down. Like Least: Unfortunately it's more of a cocktail card than a restaurant card. The Verdict And finally my pick for the Best of the Best * * * * * * * * Alfie's! Not only is the card elegant but also full of texture. When the card is turned over, you can run your finer along the most beautifully textured design that makes all the difference. As a prize for wining the best Restaurant Business Card 2012, I give you dear Alfie's, a restaurant review straight from my heart: Alfie's Review by Fork It Over Dubai. And as a consolation prize for the rest, no one goes home empty handed during my awards ceremonies, you have won a special place in my restaurant business card booklet. Going back to my business card, it should be completed shortly and I'll let you know when it is.

Have you seen any inspiring restaurant business cards that should be entered in the next awards ceremony? Let me know which ones!

Did you agree or disagree with my winner?

I would really enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Love, Tala

Chez Charles

Chez Charles
Most women want, or more appropriately need a spare closet for their treasured shoes. A closet that would resemble a safe, some thing that's always at the back of their mind, opens only for them and magically makes a smile appear on their faces. I too have one of those 'safes' in my room although instead of shoes - cookbooks. All types, cuisines, chefs and styles. For all of you with the same cookbook fetish as I, I'm sure you would agree that finding the prefect recipe for the perfect occasion is like having all the stars line up - a beautiful feeling. Unfortunately its a beautiful feeling that can be ruined by the all too common run, stop, tap move.                        Running your index finger down the ingredient list only to stop at that one ingredient, tapping on it and thinking "Where am I supposed to get this from?" I may not be able to solve the World's economic problems, offer a solution to provide healthcare for everyone or end the unhealthy power struggles in the world - but I can or MUST do everything in my power to offer you all of your food solutions in Dubai.                              Pertaining to your ingredient sourcing problem, for your solution, I give you Chez Charles. - Check out the link. Chez Charles's mission is to source Dubai with the highest quality ingredients straight from their suppliers in Europe and Australia.                             Their current products include catches of the week, meat & poultry, seasonal veggies herbs & fruits, oils vinegars salts & spices, cheese & dairy, rice pasta & dry store, fresh juices and gifts & hampers. Their offerings include ingredients available mostly to the restaurant industry rather than retail outlets and they delivery within 48 hours. The website just lunched 2 months ago is already racking up 8 deliveries a day with 100% customer satisfaction. They receive their A grade products by air twice a week straight from the supplier in Scotland, the village in France or the Town in Italy.                                   If you don't find what your looking for on the sight contact them directly and they can work something out. Chez Charles is a Sight for Now and Later: They are currently offering 40% of their planned products with new products added every week. In the future they will offer recipes with each ingredient, the opportunity to buy a recipe set - everything you need to make the recipe, live demonstrations at your home and even more.                                  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Best Pizza in Dubai

As a flat out lover/slut for anything carb based, it’s only natural that pizza is one of my favorite eats. Finding the best Pizza in Dubai is complicated because not all pizzas are created equally and not all pizzas can be compared. It makes no sense comparing an Al Reef Bakery to a La Petite Maison (my take on apples and oranges). This led me to create a framework of an all encompassing three Classes and Qualities ofThe Best Pizzas in Dubai. THE C Q BREAKDOWN The Classes
  1. The Gourmet Pizza
  2. The In-Betweener
  3. The Down n Dirty Pizza
Just as a side note – whether it’s a gourmet or a down n dirty pizza its gotta be eaten with your hands.  Whenever people break out their forks and knives for a pizza my eyes can’t help but roll. The Qualities
  1. The Crust
  2. The Sauce
  3. The Toppings
As a second side note – I really, really, really, can’t comprehend chicken on a pizza – there’s a time and place for everything people – chicken on a pizza ain’t one of them.


Drum Roll Plzzz


It’s the type of pizza that’s light and goes really well with a salad and dinner parties.
Crust The crust is exceptionally thin but still soft. One slice takes approximately 0.5 seconds to consume – I like it – ease of consuming is key.
Sauce Is light and pure – the chef held a tomato in his hand, crushed it over the pizza and spread it around to make it look nice. (that’s the picture I have in my mind)
Toppings The freshest of the fresh, chunky and generous. As a mushroom lover my favorite pizza is the Funghi Pizza.
Yes, I have tasted 1-800 pizza and I used to live off of it until I met Marzano’s Pizza. Delivery: The Old Town area   Location: Old Town, Manzil Souk.  Price per Couple: AED 100. Opening Time: 12:00pm to 11:45 pm.  Unlicensed.


Table Tap Plzzz

N_K_D Pizza

It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Crust Healthy yet scrumptious. The dough is seriously fluffy without a hint of oil.
Sauce I’ve tried the red sauce and it was rich and homey. They do have options of white and bbq sauce, though I may probably never order them, it’s always good to have the option.
Toppings All the toppings and combinations you can wish for. The Fork It Over Dubai Pizza goes something like this: basil, artichoke, mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese – that’s perfection in a box.
I really enjoy restaurants with a strong concept which is what NKD Pizza has. To me it’s a healthy, tasty, Pizza delivered fast. Delivery: The Marina side and expanding   Location: Dubai Marina.  Price per Couple: AED 100. Opening Time: Sat – Wed 10:30 am – Mid Night, Thurs to Fri 10:30 to 1:00 am.  Unlicensed.  


Belly Slap Plzzz

Pizza Hut

It’s the type of oil entrenched pizza that makes you say “Lets geterrrr duuunnnn” – I love saying that. Roll up your sleeves and dive in there.
Crust Thick, fluffy yet crispy around the edges. I love picking up a slice and seeing the oil imprint on the box – an “I was there” mark. A thin Pizza Hut pizza is just not a Pizza Hut pizza to me.
Sauce Heavy and blood red. I always make a special request for extra sauce on my Pizza Hut pizza.
Toppings Plentiful, sometimes quite random and serves the purpose.
I know you may be thinking how unappetizing the picture is, but it’s something I’m proud of – finished off a medium pizza all by myself!! Delivery: Every where
LOCATION: Manzil Souk OPENING HRS: 11 am - 12 am CUISINE: Italian PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 60 TELEPHONE #: 04 4201136  
A Love At First Site Restaurant




La Fragola – Gelateria

With the start of July and the realization that more than 50% of my friends are off traveling, it hits me, Summer has officially begun in Dubai! I have done my fair share of traveling in the past couple of months and my bank account has done its faire share of crying – therefore, I’ll be spending my entire summer in Dubai. Does the above apply to you? If no – you lucky bastards (Said with love). This is my current view from my balcony - Humidity + Dust Galore!! If yes, we may not be seeing much of our friends, but I promise you we’ll be eating like Shieks and Sheikhas cause Fork It Over Dubai is kicking off its Summer Posts Series! Woho! What better way to start my summer posts than with a Gelato Joint? You may be thinking Gelato? That’s so old school. True, but there’s only so many frozen yogurts you can have before your taste buds start wondering and wanting something different. Interesting how taste buds somehow resemble men. The 411 About Gelato
  • It has less butterfat than ice cream
  • It has more sugar than ice cream which may be in the form of fruits
  • It has less air in it than ice cream so flavors are stronger
How Healthy Is Gelato? I wouldn’t know… but check out comparisons for Gelato vs. Ice cream and Gelato vs. Frozen Yogurt (click the links). La Fragola – Gelateria       Walking up to the fridge, looking at the mounds of colorful gelato flavors, a smile is automatically pasted on my face. Scanning the options in front of me, my heart singles out 3 flavors it could potentially love. Pomegranate, vanilla and ferero rocher (yes it's actually a flavor). Pomegranate I dip my pink spoon into the pomegranate and wait for birds to chirp in my mouth. Unfortunately, no birds, only a nose cringe. Rather than tasting pomegranate, the gelato has a bitterness with no particular flavor. Stabbing the spoon back into the pomegranate gelato I say “No more of you, my life is too short for subprime gelatos.” Vanilla I dip my green spoon into the vanilla and get a good vanilla. People always complain that vanilla is a lackluster flavor, but I always have a soft spot for it. I’m not ashamed to admit it – I do like simple things, after all I am just a simple girl living a simple life in a not so simple Dubai. Ferero Rocher My final dip is for the ferero rocher gelato. The golden rocher balls have magically been transformed into a cool, icy, cream plump on my spoon – and I like it – yes I do.
LOCATION: Souk Al Bahar OPENING HRS: 10 am to 12 am CUISINE: Gelato PRICE PER COUPLE: AED 24  
If Ur Craving Ferero Rocher Gelato
What screams summer to you?

The Best Macarons in Dubai

Seeing that I'm not an expert in macarons I enlisted the help of an undercover macaron connoisseur. His identity will remain anonymous to protect his life and hence most importantly the knowledge of macarons he holds. What is a Macaron A macaron is composed of 2 meringue based cookies filled with ganache or jam. What Makes a Divine Macaron -        The meringue based cookie should be smooth, effortlessly easy to bite into and instantly dissolves in your mouth. -        The filling should be smooth and firm. When you bite into the macaron nothing should shoot out. -        And obviously the taste The Competition W e have shortlisted the potential bests to Laduree and Fauchon. 4 basic and to 2 wild card flavors were selected from each shop and evaluated. Key -        Divine Macaron: One is never enough -        Meh: It’s good but you’ll just finish it cause you bit into it -        Obscene: Can’t even finish the one Fauchon
Chocolate Meh Pleasant
Vanilla Divine Oh my
Raspberry Divine Oh my
Pistachio Meh Pistachio flavor was too light
Orange Meh Orange is just not my thing
Lemon Obscene The lemon flavor was too strong
Fauchon makes all its macarons in Dubai and currently has 6 flavors on hand. Laduree
Chocolate Meh It was tasty but it was a border line brownie
Vanilla Divine Oh my
Raspberry Obscene It was too sweet – I couldn’t finish my bite let alone the macaron
Pistachio Divine Oh my
Orange Blossom Divine Oh my
Caramel Divine Oh my
Laduree flies all its macarons in from France and has a multitude of flavors on hand. Result With four divines for Laduree vs two divines for Fauchon, Laduree turns out to be the winner of the Best Macarons in Dubai!
A Craving Quencher Restaurant

Valentine’s Day Guide in Dubai

valentines day
When love is not madness, it is not love.  ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca I give you one of my favorite love quotes. It’s the madness that love justifies that makes it all the more exhilarating. What could that madness be? I have heard time and time again from my male friends how restaurant prices on Valentine’s Day are simply utter madness. Though it may be true, I always respond with the above quote. Below are my top picks for Dates on Valentines. I picked the restaurants based on quality of food and dare I say that “Je ne sais quoi” type of romantic atmosphere.
Restaurant Location Cuisine #
Traiteur Park Hayatt French 043172222
Raflets Par Pierre Gagnaire Intercontinental Festival City French 047011111
Rhodes Mezzanine Grosvenor House European 043998888
At.mosphere The Burj Khalifa Grill 048883828
The Exchange Grill Fairmount Steak 043118316
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Monarch Hotel Steak 045018666
Eau Zone Royal Mirage Fusion 043999999
Pai Thai Al Qasr Hotel Thai 043666730
Pierchic Madinat Jumeirah Seafood 043666730
NOTE: The 14th is going to be a dry night. Get your reservation down ASAP; restaurants are filling up fast. Not in a financial position to splurge? I give you my second favorite love quote. Who, being loved, is poor?  ~Oscar Wilde I propose, and contrary to a restaurant lover, prefer a romantic one on one homemade dinner – with lots of candles and fun in the kitchen. By checking off the below 3 pillars of successfully loving a woman, no dinner reservation or gift could possibly compare.
  1. Make her feel like she is number one
  2. Declare your love for her to the world
  3. Maker her laugh
As for my V-Day plans, I’m expecting a date with my MBA books. Romantic - not so much, but they do make me feel like number one and occasionaly get a laugh out of me. I wish everyone a beautiful V-Day whatever your plans are.

The Best French Fries in Dubai

I consider myself a pretty strong willed person. There are only a handful of people/things that I have a hard time resisting and one of them is French Fries! I know it’s the start of a New Year, and everyone is focusing on healthy food, but at the end of the day, I just wanna make you smile. And yes, French fries make me smile, so I’m guessing / hopping that they do the same for you. If you’re going to indulge in something naughty, I want you to indulge in the best type of naughty there is out there. Characteristic to most of my Best of the Best Posts, such as the Best Pizza in Dubai, one category can never suffice. Squeezing the different types of fries into one mold is like saying there is only one type of a beautiful woman or a gorgeous man out – which couldn’t be further from the truth.


KFC Fries

I want to start off with the category that may cause the most out roar / controversy - Finger Liking Good Fries. They are fries you get from the big four; McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Hardees. (Not to be confused with the financial big four – I couldn’t resist that joke – sorry) After completing my mini market research i.e. harassing my friends, I got several votes for Burger King and a handful for McDonalds. I find Burger Kings fries too crispy and lack certain creaminess. As for McDonalds fries, they were (past tense) my favorite, but lately I taste an old, need to change the deep fryer taste in their fries. This leads me to my top pick, KFC Fries.  Crispy on the outside, oh so creamy on the inside, no Ketchup needed and leaves you with a sweet after – I don’t know how or why. And coincidently, as per Colonel Sanders, are officially Finger Liking Good! Price: AED 5.


New York Fries

All I have to say is Woah Nelly! According to the ever accurate Urban Dictionary, Woah Nelly is loosely defined by the following: “In modern English it's used to refer to anything or a person, who has become out of control…” I think those fires are out of control and constitute a meal and a half! Just as an interesting note, the ball of cream you see in the picture is actually Labneh (a Lebanese cream), not sour cream. Excellent choice and excellent adaptation to the culture – extra French Fry points to you NY Fries. Price: AED 15 Small. AED 18 Large.



Hardees’ signature spiced, crunchy mix coating every inch of their fluffy fries make them a clear winner. My favorite part is finding a fry tightly coiled up as if it were scared to be found for fear of being devoured. Sympathetically, I place the coil around my ring finger while channeling The Police and say contrary to reality, you (the fry) in fact have me Wrapped Around Your Finger. Price: AED  6.


Shake Shack

The picture says it all. If you go the extra mile and cut your fires in a creative way I will take notice! Price: AED 12.


Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Initially, I had set out to have two categories, the Best Gourmet Fries and the Best Chunky Monkey (Thick) fries. Although after having Ruth’s Chris’s steak fries which coincidently were chunky, I thought ah ha! In this current market, with the gloomy 2012 outlook and the declining Euro, any form of consolidation is welcomed in my books! Therefore, the two categories have now become one grand category of the Best Chunky Gourmet Fries. What brings the dish to a completely different level is the introduction of sundried tomatoes – which I absolutely adore. The sundried tomatoes add a depth and surge of sweet and rustic flavors to the salty chunky fries. Price: AED 29.


The Gramercy

My love for Plain Jane fries resembles my love for a friend that’s always there and goes beyond the basic satisfying my taste buds level. To me, Plain Jane fries:
  • Make a lousy date worth while
  • Make an extremely late friend more forgivable
  • Make an orally fixated, whether it be a serial kisser or biter, more at ease
  • Make a never ending conversation possibly interesting
  • Are the perfect dessert to a peer pressured 5th round of shots
  • Are sunshine to me
The Gramercy’s Plain Jane fries are one of the best in Dubai. Extra crispy and extra creamy! Price: AED 24. ____________________________________________

Did I miss a category?

Do you agree with my top picks?

Let me know what you think!

The Best Street Shawerma in Dubai

The Purpose To end the age old feud of who has the best Shawerma in town Break Down of the CCC The Conditions:
  1. Has to be under AED 10
  2. Proper restaurants are not included
  3. Easy and quick service
The Contenders:
  1. Al Ijaza – AED 4
  2. Al Farooj – AED 6
  3. Al Mallah – AED 6
  4. Al Safadeh – AED 7
The Criterion:
  1. Fillings
  2. Chicken
  3. Other
Al Ijaza -2/5 That’s minus 2 out of 5. Fillings included hot lettuce, tomato, tahina and others. It was a vegetarian bonanza + chicken. Completely unlike a traditional chicken Shawerma. No. No. No.
Al Farooj 3/5 Good garlic content but there were no fries.
Al Mallah 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Safadeh 5/5 Garlic, pickles and fries. Check, check, check.
Al Ijaza 1/5 I couldn’t taste the chicken from mess that was inside the Shawerma.
Al Farooj 5/5 The best taste and quality chicken.
Al Mallah 3/5 Average.
Al Safadeh 3/5 Average.
Al Ijaza 3/5 Great size and service. With just a honk of my horn the Shawerma was delivered to mar car step.
Al Farooj 2/5 It was too clean and lacked the street Shawerma spunk. It reminded me of Hardees with an Arabic twist.
Al Mallah 5/5 Epitome of a street Shawerma, grunge, car exhaust and all.
Al Safadeh 1/5 Size of the Shawerma was too big. Street Shawermas should fit in the palm of your hand. I would rather have two small ones then one big one.
  The Results
  1. Al Mallah with 13 points
  2. Al Farooj with 10 points
  3. Al Safedeh with 9 points
  4. Al Ijaza with 0 points
Further Breakdown
Fillings + Chicken Others Total
Al Mallah 8 points 2 13
Al Farooj 8 points 5 10
I am trying to demonstrate that Al Mallah won because it was characteristic of a true street Shawerma. If you’re going for the cleanest out of the four go for Al Farooj. What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? I already know two people that would disagree. Bring on the comments.

Forrey & Galland Chocolateir

The 5 Senses of the Ultimate Chocolate Truffle in Dubai Sight: The first sense that makes contact with my chocolate truffle. Far from a perfect sphere, the chocolate mound reminds me of the moon with its deep craters. Its perceived texture screams handmade which makes me want it even more. It has a matt dark brown finish which is the result of being immersed in cocoa powder before serving. Touch: The surface is rugged. Its outer chocolate layer reminds me of an egg shell which has a certain hardness, but if you press too hard you know it will break. When my fingers clutch truffle on either side the cocoa powder rubs off on my fingers as if to leave evidence that I have touched it. Smell: I bring it up to my nose a smell. My nose tingles as soon as it smells the strong smell of pure, rich cocoa. There is an underlying musky, smoky smell that should definitely be bottled in to a seductive perfume. Hear: I bring it to my mouth and bite in. I hear a crumbling sound of the outer layer first then silence when I reach the ganache. Taste: I first taste the sharp bitterness of the cocoa powder on the surface of the truffle. Then I feel the full, creamy ganache center unraveling in my mouth that takes exactly 5 seconds to completely melt. The creamy center which has a slightly sweeter taste and a hint of almond balances the bitterness of the cocoa powered. The outer layer takes 7 more seconds to melt and then it’s ALL gone. The only remainder is my coco powdered fingers. Two licks later - even those are gone! And the Result: “A box of truffles to go please sir.” “Would you like an assortment of chocolates?” “Nope - I only want the best.” The inside of the store is another pleasure; easily one of the most uniquely designed chocolate shops I have encountered. I would say “Fork It Over; all five senses say yes!”
A Love At First Site Restaurant