Cafe Rider

Construction, sand, trucks, fumes, industrial – Al Quoz.


Minimal, serene, cool, that jazz type of cool – Café Rider.

The espresso. The kind of bitter that’s sweet. The kind of brown that’s rich. And the kind of aroma that makes you smile and nod.

Do I have a croissant? No. I don’t want to. Keeping it just motor bikes and coffee is fine by me.

The clientele, not your typical bearded and patched up jeans that you would think, but more of a sophisticated rider. The one that loves beautiful lines and curves and nothing more than the freedom of a ride.

A handful of bikes, mistresses, on display down the middle of the space, posing. I know nothing about bikes, but I can always appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Custom your own starting at a cool 90 grand.

Will I make my own bike? No. Will I buy a helmet? No. Will I return?


On trend with the rise of independent concepts, Café Rider, is a creative space that aims to bring people together who share the same passion – lovely.

The owner, a banker who craves to share and express his passion, how can I not relate to that.




OPENING HRS. 8am – 7pm



TELEPHONE # 04 321 4411

WEBSITE Cafe Rider

Craving Bikes and Coffee

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    1. Fantastic pics. Really makes me want to visit (I was slightly nervous before!)

    2. My compliments on a great post and outstanding photos of Cafe Rider. I am honored our bikes are displayed there and to partner with the incredibly passionate and driven owners. Thank you for perfectly describing the environment. Thanks for loving the bikes… even though you won’t buy one. ha ha. Please do return and enjoy many of the wonderful coffees, lattes, and specialty drinks Dmittry is brewing up.

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey Dar,

        Thanks for your comment. Even though I’m not a biker chick I can say that you have beautiful bikes! I know I will be returning soon!

    3. i have driven by this place many times while lost in al quoz and have always been so curious! beautiful photos and post x

    4. Anwar Hussain

      Love the write up. Amazing pics. Thank you so much.

    5. Love your minimalist photography and writing styles.

    6. Wow! Amazing pics. Plus seems like a deal for my biker husband:)