Bits and Pieces of Me

This is post is more of a Hey There kind of post. If you’re at work enjoying a quick break, having your morning coffee or just perusing through, Hi!

Thanks for stopping by, how have you been? Anything new on your front, I would love to hear about it.

I thought I’d share some updates with you.

Over the past 6 months, and since I’ve returned from my trip to Spain, my fascination with photography has grown day by day, both for food and for spaces.

My weekends, much to the dismay of my close friends, have transformed into photographer weekends. Meaning very early to bed for the very early to rise combination in pursuit of good lighting.

My evening social activities have dwindled, but my time spent clicking away has increased, oh how I love the inescapable tradeoff rule.

What’s all this for? An attempt to reach the wholly trinity of My Job = My Career = My Calling.

Currently I’m at the Should I? No wait could I? phase of getting there, also known as Phase 1. Well at least I started.

Also part of Phase 1 is a complete redesign of my baby Fork It Over Dubai to better showcase my photos. This will allow you to instantly get an idea of the look and feel of a Restaurant I review.

In terms of nourishing my soul, let’s talk travel. Other then the sprinkling of weddings throughout summer, I’ll be staying put in Dubai. My big travel plans will come in October and I can’t wait to share them with you closer to the date. What are your plans?

I leave you with some shots I took over the weekend in Al Quoz, one of my favored spots in Dubai.

Housed in the linear, beige and blue warehouses are some of the most fluid and creative ideas bursting to get out. As if the bareness of Al Quoz fosters creativity. I wonder, does a creative space make you more or less creative?

Speak soon!



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    1. All the best with the pursuit. I love your photos Tala – you always manage to make the ordinary look edgy.

    2. massive grammatical mistakes – eeks!

    3. I super enjoy your photography Tala and look forward to your posts very much. Busy, super busy… summers to be spent back home in Kolkata. Tried to click less after my desktop and laptop – both of them crashing together simultaneously!

    4. Irini savva

      You are a very talented photographer, go for it!

    5. just gorgeous! love your photos. I am also at that nerve wrecking phase 1, should I or could i? Frustrating but exciting nonetheless :)

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        hey my love thanks :) and yes it is…

        i just saw your mail sorry for the delay! go for it!! i replied

        enjoy your weekend!