Announcing Fork It Over Dubai Tuesdays Starting at Teatro

Thank Goodness Its Tuesday! #TGIT

I have a really special announcement about Tuesdays in Dubai from this day onwards.

No longer simply a midweek milestone, now Tuesdays will officially be called Fork It Over Dubai Tuesdays, a midweek Getaway! #FIODTuesdays

At the start of each month I will share 4 restaurants that I will be reviewing and dining at each Tuesday of the week.

If your free, interested and in the area join me for a review and tell me what you think of the restaurant.

Fork It Over Dubai Tuesdays will ultimately help me reach my goal of one review per week, keep me connected to you, my gorgeous readers, who make Fork It Over Dubai and introduce a third dimension to my reviews.

There’s only one rule to the game – no one’s allowed a bite of a dish until I get a shot of it! : )

I decide to have the first first FOIDTuesday at Teatro restaurant in Towers Rotana, a true  staple in the Dubai restaurant scene.

After a quick email to a few close friends explaining FIODTuesdays, I get a total of 14 confirmations. A phone call to book the biggest table in the house and were ready to go!

I respect Teatro because it has stayed relevant throughout the introduction of big international brands to the Dubai restaurant scene. On any given night, tables are usually fully booked and your bound to bump into someone you know.

Walking into Teatro, I always encounter the same warm and friendly welcome. “Welcome back to Teatro Mss. Tala” And no, I don’t dine there every week for them to know my name, but that staff goes to great lengths to remember loyal customers. Its a place where everybody knows your name – a Cheers to that.

Crossing through the beautiful glass wine cellar I reach my 14 seater table, take a seat at the head and wait for FIODTuesdays to officially begin upon the arrival of all my guests.

Considering most of my guests have lived in Dubai for quite a while, there is a 15 to 20 minute wait for their customary tardiness.

All hands on deck, while nibbling on the necessary edamame, I open the menu and let loose on all the starters, ordering some of the Teatro greats.

My recommendation for Teatro is an over indulgence in starters, sushi and dessert. This killer combination will leave you satisfied and inspired.

I’m particularly fond of dinners focused on shared plates because it elevates the connection between each dinner guest.

Our starters arrive one by one and our table is nothing short of beautiful. The signature must haves are, black dhal, assorted naan basket, wasabi prawn tempura, peking duck rolls, seared scallops and the burrata.

Even though our starters are an international selection, they do work well together. One bite of black dhal followed by a wasabi prawn tempura.

As the ever so wise Pitbull once sung “One life, two worlds English, Spanish, one night, two girls English, Spanish.”

I respond by saying “One life, two cuisines Indian, Japanese one night, two bites Indian, Japanese.”

To top it all off, some of the best sushi offered in Dubai. The Teatro sushi counter is the most efficient and well oiled machine I have seen.  It dishes out hundreds of rolls and slices of sushi a night.

The star of the show, to me, is the spicy tuna maki roll. A cool tuna slice wrapped in soft rice, lace with scallions and topped with a secret mayonnaise sauce.

And for dessert, a warm, rich chocolate brownie swimming in a oozing, bubbling chocolate caramel sauce.

Excitedly I taking a bite of the brownie, sauce and all and I burn my tongue. Does that stop me from the next bit? Not at all because it’s sure as hell worth it.

As I lay my head down this evening, a smile appears on my face. The night ended with 14 friends reconnecting and enjoying a beautiful Tuesday night dinner.

I am proud that the first FIODTuesday put a smile on 14 friend’s faces, I am proud that Fork It Over Dubai is evolving to become more connected with you and I am proud that I have lovely friends that support all my efforts.

And with that my eyes close to dream about the next FIODTuesday.


LOCATION Towers Rotana

OPENING HRS. 6 pm – 11:30 pm

CUISINE International


TELEPHONE # 04 343 800



A Craving Quencher Restaurant





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    1. P

      still no luck with the pictures? :)

    2. P

      love the review. however the images are too large & make it hard to read it.

      • Fork It Over Dubai

        Hey P,

        Thanks for the comment I will try and work around making my images not too large that it distracts from the writing :)

    3. Audrey

      Thanks for a wonderful evening Tala!!! Already looking forward to the next one :))

    4. Complete Foodie

      What a great idea!