About Fork It Over Dubai


Welcome to Fork It Over Dubai, a blog dedicated to finding the best food experiences in Dubai.

What is the best food experience?

1.  It’s a Restaurant that delivers on quality of food and taste, value for money, ambiance, service and happiness.

2.  It’s a Recipe that delivers on taste, respect of ingredients, ease of creating and happiness.


Each of my restaurant reviews are stories recounting everything I taste, I hear, I see, I smell and I touch.  In addition to recounting my food experience, I provide pictures of the restaurant and of every dish I have.

After reading/viewing a review on Fork It Over Dubai, you would have, on some level, experienced the restaurant yourself.

The equalizing factor that can make me give top marks to both Al Reef Lebanese Bakery and Reflets par Pier Gagnaire is value for money. Did I get my money’s worth during my food experience? Is a question I always ask myself after a meal.

I have organized Fork It Over Dubai based on the most frequently asked questions by my friends… “Where should I go for breakfast/lunch/dinner?” Or “What is the best XYZ in Dubai?”

My friends inspired the birth of 4 categories Breakfast of Champions, Love Ur Lunch, Dinner Escapes and The Best of the Best.

The Fork It Over Dubai Dictionary

Break·fast of Cham·pi·ons [Noun]: The first meal of the day. May even be the last meal of the day (3:30 am). A well deserved meal to get you through the hustle and bustle of DXB. The reason to pull yourself out of bed.

Love Ur Lunch [Verb]: Its mid-day, celebrate, have lunch – and love it. A casual dining experience. May be during your work lunch break. May be the cause of enjoying day light on a weekend. But surely is your mid day hug.

Din·ner Es·cape [Noun]: Dressed to the nine’s and ready to go. The romance of restaurants. A guilty pleasure. A vacation that requires no traveling.

The Best of the Best [Noun]: Simply the best of the best in Dubai.

Some restaurants do fit into all the categories, but I categories each restaurant as the most suited for either Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or The Best.

At the end of each review, my trusted Fork-O-Meter will deliver the final restaurant type rating.

Want me to review a specific restaurant? Go to U Fork It Over and give me the details!


I Fork It Over is my own portal to the world to share my food which you can experience. My recipes are based on Lebanese flavors because that’s what I know best, it comes straight from the heart and is always tremendously healthy.


I always love hearing from you!

Comments put a smile on my face. Whether you agree with me or whether you think I am way off, let me know.

There’s no discussion quite like a heated food discussion.

And finally, Thank You – I love that you have taken the time to stop by!


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    1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog by chance through twitter! Look forward to reading about some exciting food places in Dubai.

    2. love your blog! and the FIOD dictionary and fork-a-meter are such a nice touch! look forward to meeting you at Restronaut’s Taqado lunch :)

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    4. I’m in love with this website.
      Instagram: @arkhilji

    5. Fatima J

      Since you like eating out, I suggest you start using Forkly (https://forkly.com/).

      Forkly is a social network for rating restaurant dishes & posting photos of dishes. It’s like twitter/instagram for foodies!
      It’s an easy simple way to check out photos of what dishes people are eating around you & to easily recommend the dishes you love & discover new dishes/restaurant.

      It’s really fun! It is worth checking out. It is becoming really popular in Middle East, especially Dubai.
      And they have tools for bloggers like you: https://forkly.com/bloggers

      Here is their iPhone app to get started: http://itun.es/iSr4YS

      And keep up the great work with your blog!
      I hope to see you soon on forkly so I can follow you & see you tastes & ratings =)